“An Empowering Exploration of Consciousness.”


To be in the motion of the unfolding is to let go of rigidity and enter into a fluid reality that faces you boldly, and with a grin says, “What do you wish to be?” This is the energy of the Now, to whatever you reply it says “Yes! Yes! Yes!” This is the direct experience of your own energy felt through a fully open relationship with your reality. This immediacy of experience is what you are. It is within you. It is reality without the brake.

To step into the unfolding inside of your being is to step into the unfolding of the world. Unfold inside yourself and the world will unfold with you. Let your heart lead you in where to focus your being. To focus on any aspect of your reality is to flow your energy into the unfolding of its potential. Where you put your energy is a choice. You feed yourself into whatever you focus upon, and it feeds into you; new experiences of beingness unfold from this state of co-creation. Life is the exploration of whatever you wish to experience unfolding.

Of all the events, symbols, ideas, and feelings that flow through your reality each day, you are the determinant of which ones you focus upon. One of the wonders of this age is the diverse potential that can be seen in all the events that are made visible through technology. If you focus on what excites and inspires you, it will begin to unfold its magic into your reality. If you focus on what scares you, then what you fear will unfold into your reality.

The wars and disasters of the world are fed by our fear of them. Our focus on them is the giving of our personal energy over to that fear. These events are ways in which large groups of people work through the expression of their fearful beliefs in an externalized form; some by being directly involved, and others through how their fear identifies them with the event and they become glued to watching it unfold. In this light it is seen that these events are their own solutions. Those people that are drawn to participate in them are on the perfect journey to face and clarify their fear and heal their wounds. The pain and violence that we are seeing at this time in our history is generally the manifestation of the mass release of shared wounds, rather than the creation of new ones.

Letting go of the need to fix other people’s suffering can be difficult. To awaken is a remarkable experience, and often one of the first responses is to want to save the world—“to make them see the light.” However, the deepest expression of love for another person is to respect and honor the validity of their personal experience. Healing is not a force that you do to someone. To aid another in their healing of themselves is the journey of your own healing. The only way you can help someone heal is to experience them with love and thereby reflect their sovereignty to them, such that a space is created in which they feel safe enough to heal themselves. Healing comes from within. Loving yourself comes from within. For healing to occur a person must stand in the acknowledgement that they are the catalyst for their own healing.

In traditional healing someone takes the role of healer in such a way that much of the power of the recipient is externalized in the idea of a doctor-patient polarity. This form of healing is appropriate for wounds that were created when a person was already separated from a particular aspect of their being; these could be seen as wounds on top of wounds, created through repeated patterns of resistance. These outer wounds can be healed with an external catalyst being seen as the source of that healing. The core woundwhere the person initially separated themselves from an aspect of their being—cannot be healed in this way. This can only come from within, because the healing involves reconnecting with that aspect of their infinite-self.

Though a person may work with the love of a healer, they must see themselves as the origin of their own healing to completely heal such a wound. If you attempt to heal someone who is not ready to participate in their own healing you simply plug the hole created by their wound with your own energy. In this state the person gives away their power in a dependence on the continued presence of your energy. You enter a form of co-dependence through identifying yourself with your need to heal them, which is the same as trying to ‘savethem.

With the amazing window that our technology gives us, our ability to discern where we want to focus has become ever more significant. In this world of free-will there will always be unfolding fear dramas and people asking you to fill the emptiness that comes from their wounds. To feed someone else’s emptiness with your energy is to help maintain their wounds. It is to be co-dependant, rather than compassionate. To give your energy to any unfolding fear is to fuel that fear. Terrorism is the mass reflection of our terror. The more we fear terrorism the more it will manifest. We feed whatever we give our emotion and focus to. You will never help a drama heal by becoming involved in its belief in jeopardy.

Those who you can aid in their healing, because they wish to heal themselves, will naturally find their way to you; through your heart you will feel what to do. Similarly your heart will tell you when a person just wants to feed from your energy, rather than heal themselves in its love. Know that to say “no” in this situation is to love them. Do not dishonor them by trying to fix them, unless you have your own co-dependent drama to resolve. See that they are in their own unfolding just as you are; trust in it as you have learnt to trust in your heart. Speak from your heart with love, and move on.

Through listening to your heart, learn to discern between the manifestations of your personal reality, that represent the energy of your own unfolding, and the manifestations of the mass fear and belief in separation. No longer focusing upon elements of the world that represent mass fear is a part of the unfolding clarity of awakening. Initially you will go into some fears that are no longer representative of you personally, but in doing so you will learn to distinguish between the fear in your being and the fear in the world. To see this distinction is to heal that part of the mass fear that you once participated in. Any mass fear that you focus upon has a message for you; that is how you came to focus on it. However, that message may simply be to clarify that you are in the process of releasing your identification with it.

There will also be times when you may try to deny your own fear by seeing it as belonging to the world. It will then simply start re-appearing in ever more personal forms until you recognize it as your own. It is impossible to make a mistake in discernment. Either you will see with clarity whether a manifestation is of your energy or the energy of another, or through not seeing it you will come to an experience that will clarify it for you. Either way there is no mistake. See the perfection of this.

Billions of choices are manifest here; there is no end to the beingness that can be explored. You are free to give your energy to the exploration of love, joy, and freedom. You are free to give your energy to the manifestation of fear, suffering, and limitation. To discover discernment is to move from attempting to reject what you fear, and possess what you feel dependent on, to choosing from the heart what you wish to experience and attract it to you through the magnetism of your love. It is to not judge fear or suffering; to do so is to tie them to you. Honor their right to exist, for fear and suffering are as beautiful as love and joy. No direction is wrong. That is the freedom of your choice.

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