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Hallucinogenic Experiences

people often connect the idea of experiencing unity-consciousness with drug-related experiences. The experience ofunity with all existenceby those taking hallucinogens is not some quirk of human chemistry—it is the clarity of perception experienced when it is not being limited as a means of creating the experience of individuality / mortality.

The main reason these experiences of unity are often written-off is due to the ‘crazy’ dream-like—and scary for manyhallucinogenic experiences that may surround the beauty of unity-consciousness. We therefore feel we can’t fully accept our resonance with the beauty of feeling unity and discard the more idiosyncratic and quirky experiences as being drug-induced craziness.

What is seen across these altered experiences is that the serene beauty of the unified-state of consciousness is the experience most commonly shared, whereas the ‘nuttier’ experiences are those which are idiosyncratic and personal. This is because we all share the joy-based, infinite state of consciousnessbecause it is the level of our spirit—whereas our personal fears are what individualize and differentiate us.

Furthermore, to take a drug that causes many of your perceptual filters to be bypassed—such that you have a direct experience of the wider nature of your own consciousnesstriggers the fears that are the limiting mechanism of the filter (how it blinds). This is why, despite how beautiful the experience of unity-consciousness is, it can quickly become overwhelming. This is because it is often fearfully interpreted as a threatening invasion to your sense of individuality (which is based upon separation from the whole). What is being triggered here is a sense of death itself. This is feared as an ending when it is, in fact, just the point of transformation into your next experience of self.

It is this collision of the open-unified whole with the possessive mortal self within a state of unleashed perception, that then creates the ‘craziness’ of taking a hallucinogen (because of how the person’s fear acts in magnified and highly distorting ways). However, if you learn to recognize your fears while in the altered-state, you will be able to experience it in a more consciously guided, shamanic way.

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