“Take What Resonates and Leave the Rest”

Wise Voices, Both Ancient & Future, Speak To Me About The Nature Of Our Reality

Are you creative? Then you know what Gnosis is.

Wise voices, both ancient and future, speak to me about the nature of our reality. They aren’t sounds in my head, they are voices in my heart, and they speak to me through an emotion-based language of revelation that my brain instantly translates.

receiving this stream-of-consciousness information happens whether I like it or not. Many call this process channeling, but the more accurate term is Gnosis or claircognizance which is receiving information through a direct experience of knowing.

The Gnostic experience has dominated my life.

A Gnostic is someone who receives spiritual information intuitively through a form of direct inner knowing.

I experience information from the state of consciousness we exist in before birth and after death (before we re-enter individuation). Although I used to call it channeling, I have come to understand that rather than receiving messages (although that is still a helpful description), I am actually exploring the Library of All selves / consciousness that exists within each of us holographically.

This Library of All selves is often referred to as the Akashic Records, but I don’t tend to use that term as my experience of it does not completely align with how others describe it (although I believe we are still experiencing the same library of consciousness).

Most people write-off Gnosis / channeling as insane without even looking at the information it produces. This is unfortunate because the strength of the messages are where the clearest evidence lies. The information I receive is intelligent, articulate, and has remained coherent across more than six hundred hours of spontaneous spoken delivery, despite constantly evolving and expanding.

So, whether or not you believe my writing is information from beyond,” I believe it is impossible for a truly rational and open minded person (as opposed to someone afraid of receiving this kind of communication) to deny that the information is at least worthy of consideration. The whole thing may sound crazy on the surface, but if you study my writing you will soon conclude that…

My writing is the sanest insanity you’ve ever heard.

This is a comment a friend’s partner once said to me after we first met. From what his partner had told him he thought he was about to meet a total nut-job, but at the end of the evening he said, “You’re the sanest insane person I’ve ever met!” He couldn’t believe in what I do, but he couldn’t deny how the results of it made sense to him.

Although I still often use the term channeling, I experience it differently from most channelers. Traditional channeling can often seem like the channeler becomes a telephone to a non-physical teacher. Although I do experience a slight sensation of what I channel beingother’, I predominantly experience the wider state of consciousness as a reflection self.

This fits with the idea that all consciousness is unified outside of physical form.

My experience of self morphs as I enter this Library of All selves within me, and I become them in order to either write or speak. In this state I simply speak from a place of knowing inside of me. Usually I speak in my own language and terminology, but there is also some communication of personality.

Coming to understand the information in my writing is only the beginning of awakening to your wider self because awakening is not about knowledge of the wider reality, it is about coming to directly experience it for yourself. This is to understand that my writing is not about gaining knowledge or following an ideology — it is about learning to completely and unashamedly be yourself.

awakening is not about following any ideal; it is about the realization of ALL AS truth.

ELABORATION: “All As truth” is speaking of perspectives as opposed to facts. It means that every perspective on any situation contains value. Therefore, all contains value / truth. Each and every self is a perspective.

Unlike most spiritual teachers who generally seek to present themselves as ideals of peace and inner stillness, that “glorified selfis within me. When I answer people’s questions, it steps forward, and I can deliver an incredibly compassionate, wise answer; but that is not the person I experience in my daily life.

Even though I have access to the awakened state within me (just as you do), in this life I am saying, learn to follow yourself, not me. I’m just as messed up as everyone else, but I do have a gift for communicating with the wider state of consciousness from which humanity emerged. I am happy to share the fruits of my spiritual exploration, but if you really want true empowerment, then learn to access your own wider self. I don’t want you to believe the vision of reality I present on faith. I want you to directly experience it for yourself.”

You are a Gnostic because you are constantly channeling your own wider self.

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