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freedom-consciousness refers to the state of existence that the spirit exists within. In relation to the human experience, it is best understood as the freedom of consciousness that is experienced when you are not within a relationship with a repulsive or resistant force (such as fear). It is also commonly referred to as the state of enlightenment or, in religious terminology, Christ-Consciousness.

In terms of human perception, freedom-consciousness refers to the unpolarized perception. In polarized perception, what is perceived is compared against a scale (polarity) through which it is judged to be more one way than another (e.g. short as opposed to tall). Through this, things are perceived to be different to the point of being separate from All-That-Is not like them.

In unpolarized perception, what is perceived is seen as being like an individual facet of a single diamond. The difference between things is still perceived, but there is no charged, polarized scale through which to perceive that difference as a state of separation. Therefore, everything is always seen to be connected / unified at its root. This is to know that in our deepest heart we are all one. Unpolarized perception is the natural state of all beings that have not entered into a state of unconsciousness / individuality.

Through our elevation of rational thinking, we have come to see emotions as states of feeling that—despite arising in response to our experienceare not seen to contain any additional information about that experience. Just as my fears are both purposeful and meaningful, so too are my joys. Through the fusion of clear thinking and recognizing that your emotions are giving you valuable information, bring the advantages of both perspectives together in the knowing that your heart and mind do not need to be experienced as being separate.

The feeling of joy within you is the feeling of your spirit within your human form. By sharing this joy with others you will be sharing the gift of yourself with this world and you will come to live not only in a more joyous reality, but also within the meeting space where we can best experience the potential of the power of our cooperation.

The Impartiality of Freedom-Consciousness

The consensus view of reality can be so strong that it seems like fact—however, no meaning is implicit. Mass socialization is the dominant power when it comes to how we assign meaning to reality. Its pervasiveness creates a mass reality through a shared experience of meaning.

beyond the power of this intention to live within a shared world, your reality does not have a predetermined meaning. You can transform any aspect of your life by changing the meanings that you assign to your experience of it.

Because reality is a space-time mirror that reflects us to ourselves—directly and without distortion—it is inherently neutral. Reality does not have an agenda for us to have either a positive or negative experience. Its agenda only exists as a reflection of our own agenda to betterknow thyselfby experiencing what we are when directly reflected as a mortal self within a space-time mirror.

Because we live within not only the mental conception of meaning, but also within how that meaning feels, it is important to understand that the desire to know ourselves better is not rooted in some desire for difficult or intensely contrasting experiences. It comes from our love of life. In religious terms, the reflection of reality is ‘the love of God’, and its neutrality is not a reflection of indifference, but a reflection of our unified desire to be completely free within our experience.

For reality to have an agenda would be to live within a state of being controlled and that is not to live within either love or freedom. We designed the human experience to express the freedom of our mortal self—not to be controlling of it. Our desire to be free is an expression of our love for the knowing of self through infinite form.

When you feel like the universe is not supporting you in your endeavors, realize that in showing you yourselfin your totalityreality is offering you the deepest and most empowering level of support possible. Choose to meet reality as an enlightening encapsulation of the love of The-One-Self for your human self. Receive its message as coming from nothing but love.

Contemplating the Threshold Of Freedom-Consciousness

Are You Ready To Step Into The choice For freedom?

Contemplating The Threshold.

imagine a threshold before you that represents stepping into a new level of awakened consciousness — what may be thought of as the next circle of human consciousness. Imagine that we are all standing together in front of this threshold and — at the end of this text— you may, if you so choose after contemplation, step over the threshold. Therefore, picture this energetic scene, but understand that the purpose of this article isn’t about stepping over the threshold; instead, it is all about standing in front of this threshold and contemplating what it is and what it will mean to cross it.

The threshold reflects the choice to change.

In reflecting change, the threshold reflects our feeling for the journey into consciousness that lies ahead of each of us. This includes our hopes and fears — as well as our feeling of excitement and anticipation. This is why I do not want you to step forward yet, because to feel the energy that is radiating from the threshold is to feel the energy that we are — as explorers of consciousness— both personally and collectively projecting out before us.

Before you cross the threshold, there is an opportunity to first become aware of this energy — to become aware of the feelings you are personally radiating. The threshold represents entering a more conscious state of being — a clearer view of your personal reality and that is a clearer view of yourself.

This is to be in a state of conscious creatorship (rather than unconscious creatorship).

clarity — once it is assimilated —feels wonderful; it feels freeing. To assimilate clarity is to end a state of self-denial — such as the end of victimhood, the end of being manipulative, the end of being controlling, the end of being competitive, or the end of being wounded.

clarity represents the end of a state of unconsciousness.

everything is true from a perspective, so there is truth in the saying that ignorance is bliss. Are you ready to take a journey

- where so much ends?
- where your self-identity is provocatively challenged to see itself?
- where there is no room for negative self-definition?
- where there is no room for victimhood or blame?
- where unconscious feelings will be brought to the surface and flushed out of you?

To become conscious can make it less enjoyable to be engaged with states of unconsciousness in other people; it could even be said that you will start to become repellent to each other. For many of us, this is the biggest challenge because it means you will have to change the relationships in your life because some of them will no longer work in a way you are able to tolerate. A part of stepping into a greater clarity of self is that some relationships in your life will get better and others will end.

All your relationships will change because you will have changed.

Are you willing to consciously — which means knowingly — walk into all these endings? Are you ready for so many new beginnings? To step into greater clarity is to step out of states of denial within yourself. Do you have the courage to let go of what you have identified as your knowing and enter into unknowing — a state where you may not initially recognize yourself?


spiritual awakening is to become aware of your spirit and that means to become conscious of yourself, of your energy, of your feelings, of what you are at a wider level. This is to understand that awakening is not to learn a particular body of knowledge or perfect a particular skill. What you are in essence — what you are in your heart — is free. Therefore, to become consciously aware of what you are, is to enter the consciousness of that state of freedom.

This can be called awakening into freedom-consciousness.

freedom-consciousness is about becoming consciously aware of your energy — that is it. There is not then another step. This is to let go of the idea that you must first become aware of your energy and then you must do something outwardly with that awareness (in order to alter yourself in such a way that you then attain freedom-consciousness).

If freedom-consciousness was something we had to outwardly “do” then it would be a definition, and anything that is defined is inherently limited (because all definitions are a reduction of All-That-Is into something particular). As soon as you define yourself as some “thing”, you are equally saying what “things” you are not.

All that defines also divides.

Therefore, freedom-consciousness cannot be a definition as there is nothing that is NOT freedom-consciousness. This is because freedom-consciousness is the state from which ALL other states are chosen.

freedom-consciousness unifies everything through being the source of all things. It is the bridge point within all choices.

freedom-consciousness encompasses the choice to be everything and the choice to be nothing. It encompasses the choice not to choose and the choice to enter the infinite illusions of limitation (the illusion you are not free). To say there is nothing that freedom-consciousness is not, is to say it is All-That-Is, which includes All-That-Isn’t.

freedom-consciousness is eternal-consciousness. It is to know the one as well as the many. It is the I am. It is that which connects all life, all experience, and all forms of beingness.

being pre-definition, it is that which transcends definition as well as that which embraces all definition. This embracing of definition is often overlooked in spiritual teachings as often they — by focusing purely on oneness— paradoxically make themselves dualistic by setting up that oneness against the many forms of definition (which is the non-physical against the physical / the reality of our spirit against the perceptual illusion of our human reality).

There is no division — as above so below.

This is why freedom-consciousness is best conceived of as a state of self-awareness of how you encompass ALL definition and cannot therefore be seen to be a subset of definition. Once you are “self-aware” THAT IS IT in terms of awakening; there is nothing you then need to do or “should” do with that awareness. This is because to be self-aware is to know yourself as freedom, and that is to be in a state of freedom. And, if you are truly free to act then there can be no list of actions you “should” take as that would inhibit your feeling of being free to act as you choose.

You cannot be aware of unconsciousness as to be aware of unconsciousness is for it to be conscious.

This means that any unconsciousness that enters into consciousness will automatically enter a process of untying its knots in order to clarify itself (as a part of becoming clear to you).

The flow of feeling / energy that underpins our lives when in human form — the great effortless unfolding that is eternal-consciousness— heals all that is wounded.

You must only have the courage to bring your wounding into the light of your consciousness for this experience of healing to take place.

The choice for this life.

We all entered the human experience — where definition dominates — from a spiritual experience where non-definition dominates. This is to say… we came from spirit into embodiment, or, as expressed through the famous words of Pierre Teilhard de Chardin:

We are not human beings having a spiritual experience; we are spiritual beings having a human experience.”

What this is saying is that we as spiritual beings chose— from the state of freedom-consciousness— to come into a state of definition (which is to say, a state of perceived limitation). We willingly and consciously came from a state of knowing we are everything to a state where we perceive we are a defined particular “thing” — as opposed to every “thing”.

Each one of us, with infinite wisdom, made the choice to come here freely because we wanted to have this experience.

What is more, when we chose to come here, we had a clear understanding of what the experience would be like — not its precise definition, but the overall feeling of what it would be like. You could imagine this as having fully researched a movie you are thinking of going to watch. You would have read several reviews as well as watched interviews with cast members and the director along with all the available promotional clips / trailers. Therefore, when you then go to see the movie, you do not know exactly what will happen, but you do have a clear idea for the feel of the movie you are going to see.

It can be shocking to us that we could choose a life with central themes such as war, child abuse, or violence. To be told, “this is a choicecan bring up great anger because of how the realization of the choice denies the existence of the victim and tells us that we are the ones who have chosen our most painful and difficult experiences.

clarification: To accept this understanding, it is important to realize that you are never being told that your emotional response to your most painful experiences is not valuable, not justified, or not right”. Just because victimhood is seen to be an illusion from the level of your spirit does not magically resolve our human emotional experience of it — those painful emotions remain with you to be faced and resolved as a part of the journey of being human.

understanding the meaning of suffering is beyond the scope of this article, so for now I will simply say that the reason we choose to suffer is the same reason why millions of people choose to go and see war movies, horror movies, or movies about sexual abuse or domestic violence.

It is a choice to experience / explore that energy.

For example, every week millions of people willingly pay money to feel the energy of people being tortured in horror movies. We do this because we are attracted to feel how those energies affect us in the safe environment of the illusion of the movie. This is comparable to your spirit choosing to experience the illusion of the human experience. Remember though — millions of people also choose to go and see people make them laugh, find success, and fall in love.

The core realization is that we have each chosen to be here, and that choice is never a mistake. It is also not possible for a life to start with one intention but then somehow “become a mistakeduring the lifetime. This is because if ever your spirit — the part of you that remains in a state of freedom-consciousness — no longer wanted this experience, then you would spontaneously experience physical death (spontaneously meaning you would not need to take any form of suicidal action). So, the bottom line is…

You are here because you want to be — no exceptions.

To deny this is to deny, and thereby separate yourself from, the state of freedom-consciousness that remains fully expressed in the heart of your being — your spirit — which is at the heart of All-That-You-Are.

The pain of Denial.

Our potential to deny that we are freely choosing this life is at the heart of suffering and this is why so much of the popular spiritual teachings focus upon the transcendence of definition rather than embracing it.

You are free to deny anything. People who are seeking to transcend this world are not making a mistake. They are not wrong. In the realization of freedom-consciousness there is no right or wrong. They are, however, living within a question / dilemma to which no answer feels good.

If you believe the definition of physicality is a cage and you are on a path to free yourself from that cage, then it begs the question who— or what force— put you in the cage to begin with? Why are you caged? Why are you where you do not want to be? This is the suffering within the feeling of seeking to escape your reality rather than finding peace within it. It is the belief that this life is a problem that must be solved or a mistake that must be rectified.

inherent to the human spiritual experience — no matter how twisted its definitions may become — is a feeling that there is an underlying order to the universe. This persists even when we perceive an underlying disorder — such as the devil, temptation, or evil. Therefore, if there is an order to the universe and you are somehow where you do not want to be, there is an inherent implication that you are being punished (as it is usually presumed you are here due to some negative deed or general state of unworthiness).

If “punished” feels to be too strong a word then the implication is that you are in this undesired place because it is the most appropriate place for “someone like you”, and if you can become a “better” person, then the underlying order to the universe will allow you to go somewhere more desirable.

Under the shadow of this question, the best possible answer is to accept that the order to the universe is right”, surrender to your sentence of a life on Earth, and practice love, forgiveness, and humility (such that you come to rectify — or do penance for — your condition). This is done in the hope that “the order to the universemay then judge you to be worthy of experiencing a better reality.

This is genuinely the best possible answer you can come up with if you simultaneously believe that your soul is eternal and that you also did not choose this life. Humanity has explored this feeling for eons — through concepts such as original sin — and if you are insistent on denying your choice for this life, it is probably the best mental resolution to the dilemma of being human (as it offers “a solution” to what you perceive as your predicament). The solution is at least felt to be a path under your control, and that feels much better than the hopelessness of having no control, no solution, no path, and no light at the end of the tunnel.

The western solutions to the dilemma of “why do we suffer?” are generally organized religion and science. Most religions say you carry the burden of some form of original sin and that you must seek to redeem yourself such that God judges you to be worthy of coming back to “the good place” that it cast you out of for being “sinful”.

As we have started to reawaken to our wider nature, many have rejected this notion of God. Many people have felt so betrayed by the church they have thrown out ALL notions of spirituality and have gone to the clarity of the logic and reason of science which, though it may offer a bleak view of humanity — that we are evolved beasts that are primitive, carnal, and in a fight to survive — at least it does not contain any notion we are here because we are being punished.

science thankfully also does not set up a list of rules which — if not obeyed — will cause you to burn in the fires of eternal damnation after death. Science does however embrace the feeling that life is hard, is likely to be unjust, and that hierarchy and the dominance of power is the natural order through which we have evolved.
releasing Your pain.

Thankfully these two solutions to the dilemma are not the only choices. The inherent choice in the message that I feel through my spirit and express outwardly is that there is no dilemma as to why we are here because when you fully open your eyes to see this world without conditioning, prejudice, or the notion of hierarchy (polarization), then you will see —reflected in the beauty and expansion of this reality— why you want to be here. When you know you are exactly where you want to be — and experiencing what you want to experience— then there is no dilemma, there is no problem, and there is no mistake.

This embracing — instead of dividing — of experience is the journey into consciousness before you. This is what lies across the threshold as you step into the realization of the freedom that you are.

The release of the pain and fear that separates you is what lies immediately across the threshold. This is where awakening begins. Do not step across the threshold unless you are willing to face the pain you are carrying as that is to meet your choice to be human (which includes — but is not limited to — your choice to suffer). Contemplate your feelings to contemplate this choice.

All that you seek is beyond your pain. This is equivalent to saying that all that you seek is in the feeling of your pain.

It is natural to fear feeling pain. To feel your fear is to allow yourself to be afraid. It is okay to be afraid. Being fearful does not need to stop you doing anything. Fear only presents the choice to turn back.

It is always your free choice as to how you respond to your fear.

feel your fear with all your being, and if you are willing to face it — such that it is transformed into freedom— step forward. The journey of awakening begins with the choice to walk forward and meet your pain. Walk forward when you are ready. Walk forward when you are willing. Walk forward if it is your clear intention to be in the unconstrained state of freedom-consciousness.

Walk forward when you are ready to be free.

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