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“I choose to fly through life by releasing my attachments.”

There are many wonderful experiences to be tasted in this world with which your heart may be resonant. Enjoy these experiences, knowing them all as vessels full of potential for your own unfolding experience of life. There is no limitation to their bountifulness, and the more you allow yourself to flow into your experience—without resisting it—the more you will come to know yourself. Allow yourself to flow with life. Allow yourself to know you are the flow.

enjoy the fruitful experiences of this world, but do not limit yourself by believing that your joy is dependent on maintaining any experience in particular. There is no source of experience without which you would be diminished by anything other than your own fear-based beliefs. Know that any feeling that says otherwise is a feeling of attachment / dependence. This is where you have given a part of the power of your consciousness to something you are perceiving to be external to you.

To be free of attachment is to realize there is no experience you cannot create for yourself. This is to know the blissful harmonyrather than frustration and dissatisfaction—that can exist between your wanting for reality and your experience of reality. The incredible flow within consciousness is the connection of all wanting and receiving. It is an ever-unfolding movement through ever-unfolding feelings of the fulfillment of self-exploration. It is the current of never-ending change that continually births from within all life.

Use this flow to throw off the shackles of limited thinking and fly into life through the knowing that you cannot be dependent on external things in a world you are creating. Know yourself as the creator of your experience to release yourself from the gravity of your fears. There is nothing that you lack. All experiences of lack are experiences of illusion you are choosing to create.

To know yourself as not-lacking is to know yourself as free. This is to realize that you contain infinite-potential through your ability to create your experience. Know this, and you will know your life as the feeling of effortlessly being in flight. Release the choice to be lacking, wounded, and attached, and you will feel the sky upon your feet. You are creation in flight. Know yourself as that which is flying.

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