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The Power of Feeling

“I choose to open myself to fully experience all that I feel.”

The ideological separation of the heart and mind represents our separation of our thoughts from our emotions. See the perspective where these are the same as to fully know anything is to feel it, and to fully feel something is to know it. Realize within your experience of self, the gift of knowing the unity of your heart and mind. This is to unify your perception of reality.

All your senses—those which are biologically-visible and those which are currently hiddencan be unified into one perceptive sense. To exercise your complete unified sense of perception is to be an empath. It is to experience whatever you perceive as itself. It is to experience the experience of beingness of whatever you focus your perception upon.

The mind does not need to be ruled by logic. Feel what you know. Logic is a tool within being—not a rule for being. It is thought without feeling and can only reinterpret—through extrapolation—what you already know. Logic is a powerful tool but, in using it, understand that without feeling, it is a vehicle without fuel.

The mind, once integrated with feeling, offers wisdom. To experience wisdom is to feel your knowing and to know your feeling. Let your feelings flow through you without inhibition or self judgment. If you will allow yourself to ask questions ‘of’ your feelings then they will teach and guide you.

Do not question the validity, value, or ‘rightness’ of your feelings—no feeling is wrong. To do so is an attempt to not feel them. Whenever you try to think your feelings—instead of feeling themyou are perceiving only a glimmer on the surface of their depth.

When you know what you feel, there are no questions you need to ask This is to mentally step back and allow whatever reality your feelings are steering you towards to manifest. When you know what you feel, your feelings will never lead you astray. Even if they lead you into difficulty, they did not create that difficulty—the difficulty being an outward representation of unresolved feelings within you that you are findingdifficult’. These feelings will be met through the process of resolving what has been manifested as an outward difficulty.

This is to say that if you will allow yourself to be a feeling person, you will always be led to your resistance and mental denials such that they may be resolved. So, even though it may be a difficult experience, it is the desired route (as you are then free of the feeling of difficulty). To come to feel without restriction is to step from the cage of your limited beliefs—even beliefs you wouldn’t have previously known were limiting.

The Fear of Feeling

Fear is the fear of feeling something. We do not fear external ‘things’—we fear what they may cause us to feel. To be a master of fear is to be a master of feeling as it is to know there is nothing that you are incapable of feeling. No feeling has the power to destroy you. Feelings only ever have the power to temporarily consume you while you integrate their message of change.

To open yourself to feel is to allow yourself to be vulnerable because you are open to meeting the aspects of yourself that most challenge you. It is then to meet these challenges at an emotional level—instead of shutting down your feelings and trying to process them purely on a mental level. This is to fully meet what you have feared. Through this process you will realize that the only ‘things’ you will ever meet in life are ever more reflections of yourself.

To allow your vulnerability is the choice to be proud of your ability to show your vulnerability and to model it as a strength. This is to redefine strength as the ability to be open, transparent, and to allow vulnerability. If you wish to flex this muscle, invite the changes in your life around which you feel the greatest combination of fear and excitement. Seek experiences where you feel vulnerable. And, when you feel that fear, relish exploring it—instead of perceiving it as a problem.

At the heart of your vulnerability is a freedoman unexpressed aspect of yourself—that you have been afraid of integrating. To feel and meet this freedom is to integrate that aspect of yourself. Approach your feeling of vulnerability with an open heart. Bask in its fiery energy as it flows through your body and destroys outdated fear-based patterns. Allow yourself to be changed by these feelings to meet a deeper experience of being embodied.

To awaken to your spirit is to know you are connected to everything and that means, if you wish to experience the reality of that connection, you are open to feeling everything. To limit and protect your feelings is to limit your ability to feel and be. A heart that is truly open has no fear of feeling. A heart that knows freedom is equally open to feeling devastation and loss, as it is to feeling love.

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