Feel This Love


“Take What Resonates and Leave the Rest”

Feel This Love

This is a transcript of a spoken message. It is a challenging message that expresses the nature of unconditional-love.

feel us all connecting through this moment. Feel the love in the center, in the heart of this moment. Feel this love in the center of your being, radiating outwards.

love … the heart, the point of connection, the point that knows connection, the point that experiences connection, the point that feels connection - your heart.

feel your heart radiating.

Now widen your awareness and feel the heart of the Earth. And for any of you carrying beliefs that the Earth is in some kind of trouble, let me assure you she is not. The Earth feels fabulous. Feel the heart of the Earth. Feel your heart.

Now feel the heart of the Earth as a bridge, as a bridge to all the beings in this world. The Earth is a bridge that connects you all, connects us all, for I am connected to the Earth. So feel your heart connected to the Earth’s heart.

feel the Earth’s heart connected to all the beings on Earth, and now expand that out to every other being in the wider universe that has had a life on Earth. There is no such thing as native. No one is native to anywhere. Everything stems from the original one consciousness, so how can anything be native?

everything is shared.

And already I feel some alarm bells in some people. Everything is shared. What does that bring up in you? What is it that you want to possess, that this statement may be a button, a trigger? All that you have and All-That-You-Are is to be shared. And that’s just being kind and putting it in linear-time for you. All that you are and all that you have IS shared. You are sharing everything. There is nothing you are not sharing. We are one consciousness. You may not be directly consciously perceiving that now, but I am. And you are sharing all of yourself with me.

Let this flow build. I do not wish to give you a calling card because I wish to activate your fear. I wish to activate your possessiveness. This is the fear that many have of aliens. They say, “Leave us alone!” story received some messages on YouTube the other day in response to Hektr’s message, saying, “Please leave us alone. I am sure you are very nice but please leave us alone.” There is no alone except for in individuality.

And individuality from the wider perspective is an illusion. It is arealillusion. It creates realities … and all realities are illusion. You can become unconscious of the fact that you are connected to everything—but that does not stop you being connected to everything. You just take yourself to an experience where you can’t see all this stuff.

And I am not in that position for I am not on Earth. All on Earth enter through this veil of forgetting that narrows the perception down; a veil that creates a sense, an experience, of separation through unconsciousness. You are connected to everything and you create your individuality by becoming unconscious of that connection. But that connection does not end, it is not severed. It is just unconscious within you.

You are source consciousness. You are source consciousness in an experience where you have narrowed your perception to individuality and linear-time. You know this. And yet there is still this part of you that is possessive. And when I come in here now and say all that you own I share with you, this fear is activated. This fear that asks, “What does this other person want? Why is this being entitled to what I own, what I possess?”

First understand that no one can take anything from you because there is only one being. There is only one-consciousness. It is only within illusion that we get to play these games. But you are reading this because you wish to awaken. You are at the time of awakening and you are choosing to awaken to the illusion. Well if you want to awaken to the illusion, you are going to be releasing the experience of separation. And a part of releasing that experience is realizing that there is nothing that you possess. There is nothing that is solely yours … and yet you are unique.

Often when it comes to this idea of collective-consciousness, the fear is that somehow your individuality will be lost. It is not lost. You maintain the uniqueness. You are unique, and yet there is nothing that you are that cannot be experienced through you by every other being in the universe.

This has often been called the Akashic-Records. It is a living record. You are a living record. There is no past in the wider dimensions. The library isn’t a record of the past. The Earth is a living-library available to every being and through it we can look anywhere. We can experience anything. This is our freedom.

The move towards consciousness of this library is being experienced on your planet as the release of secrets. You see all these people having their secrets revealed at the moment. It is a strong theme on your planet. Well it’s going to be coming to each and every one of you my friends. You are all going to become conscious that you have no secrets—that you are an open book. So I suggest you all come to peace with yourselves and come to harmony with your pasts; release any shame or guilt that you have for you will be releasing it.

For when you become conscious that your secrets are in fact ‘public’ at the level of consciousness that has released separation, then any shame or guilt you have will come up. Typically this is the experience of your secrets being ‘made public’ at the human level. So what I am going to suggest to you is that before that happens you start coming to peace with who you are, where you have been, what you have done, what you have thought, what you have felt. Start coming to peace with All-That-You-Are.

You are the primary source of acceptance for what you are. All the energies you have explored; no one more than you can transform them and yet they are shared. It is a beautiful thing that is happening to this planet. There will be a lot of kicking and screaming, more than there has been so far. And all this kicking and screaming is the release of fear so it is a good thing.

But we have already spoken to you extensively about the release of fear, so today I wish to address the concept of ownership and privacy. Because both of those things are ending and the sooner you can get up to speed with it, the easier this whole process is going to be and the sooner you can let go of your possessiveness, saying, “Mine, that’s mine!” Nowhere like on Earth is there “Mine, that’s mine!” It is a strange energy indeed for it is such a denial of connection. But as I’ve said, you will not lose your individuality.

So let us start there. The first fear is that if you step into this space there will be a loss of individuality. You do not lose your individuality; you simply become conscious of all the connections. It does however lead to what would be considered a shallower experience of individuality. But it is still an experience of individuality and, in relation to the collective-consciousness, the connection you will experience will still feel very individual. And this then is like a ladder up through different levels of collective-consciousness, ultimately to All-That-Iscore source-consciousness. But we won’t be going there for some time; we’ve been there and done that and we have now come here.

So I am in a space down towards your end of individuality but not as deep in it as you are, which for the most fearful beings on Earth is about as deep as has ever been experienced within All-That-Is. But I hope you can hear it in my self that is speaking to you: I am an individual in another reality but that reality is equally a collective state of consciousness. It is not a collective-consciousness instead of containing the experience of individuality. It contains the state of collective-consciousness in harmony with an experience of individuality.

I am deeply aware, not as an idea but as a direct experience, of my connection with every other being, particularly on the world in which I live. And that knowingness, that direct experience, means that my world is far more harmonious than your world. And that harmony will be coming to your world because consciousness of your connection is birthing. And a part of that is the release of the secrets.

For myself, I still experience myself as an individual and, depending on how I focus, I can experience a strong sense of unique individuality and then I can open it up and connect to all the beings around me. It is a choice and that choice is a ladder. You have heard story talk of this ladder inside of himself. When he first channeled it used to feel like an on / off thing whereas now he is able to maintain consciousness and it is more like a ladder that he goes up and down depending on the message. This is how it is from individuality to collective-consciousness; it is not an on-off thing, there are infinite degrees / dimensions / levels of individuality.

So do not fear. You will not be losing that which is so precious to you—the thing that evokes this possessiveness. It will not be lost and yet possessiveness cannot exist in this realization. This is to understand that you can have individuality without possessiveness in just the same way that you can love someone without it evoking possessiveness (unconditional love). This is why I encourage you to look at any feelings of possession within you.

This is now going to be fought out in your world through the idea of copyrights. You’ve seen all these ridiculous patent wars going on. I hope that you can see how futile they are; trying to patent a rectangle, trying to patent touching things—ludicrous! It is no more and no less than trying to own freedom—the freedom of expression, the freedom of ideas. It is crazy and completely counterproductive.

Then there is this idea that competition creates growth. This is the same as the way in which the military complex grows by going to war. It is the idea that unless you are fighting against something then where is the motivation. Well passion, passion creates growth without the need for conflict (and competition is just ‘civilized’ conflict).

You have opened up this incredible Internet which is the technological sign of the embracing of connection and this is already the primary bridge for the release of secrets. There is much interesting stuff to come around your Internet. Keep it free. Keep it uncensored and ultimately it will open up the release of copyright. There is no copyright. All own everything equally. And if you wish to implement that, then understand that it is a two way street. It is okay to access this as an idea but I want you to access the reality of it.

many people access it through the idea of ‘I can take what you have’ which is to have completely misunderstood as it is not seeing our shared origin. This is what Seth spoke to you about with Hektr—the release of separation. Are you ready to release separation? Well if you release separation then you enter into a state of flow and the action of that flow is sharing. Are you ready to share everything? Are you ready to share yourself with the world? Are you ready to share what you know? share what you believe? share what you feel? And the heart of that is love. The heart of all of this is love. Are you ready to experience love for everything through the realization of your connection to it?

These companies battling it out; they are just redefining war. The change you seek can only birth from within you. It births in the individuals. You cannot just look at these companies and these governments and say they need to resolve it. You need to resolve it in you. For ultimately you are the one being and it is a reflection of something occurring in all of us.

The New Earth already exists. You will bring yourself to it; you will bring yourself to the version of Earth where these things have been let go of. And that journey is through the transformation of these ideas. The most direct way you can access this is through the release of possessiveness. What are you possessive about? Where do you say ‘MINE! MY MY MY MINE!’?

The other side of this, and I will only briefly touch on it for it deserves its own message, is the question that comes up around a release of copyright.How do people that create things earn a living from it? Surely people have a right to earn a living through being creative and through sharing their creations?” Well of course, of course you want that for yourself. Well if you want that for yourself then you have to act like that in the world. And that means contributing because you are still in a system with money. Just denying that isn’t going to help you. You are in a system with money.

It is not difficult. It is simply the choice to pay for things that you support, paying for things that you want, supporting what you enjoy. There is no point in denying that money is a primary form of showing support, especially if you wish to be financially supported in your passion. If this world is going to let go of copyright, then people are going to need to shift their focus to support the things they want more of and, just as significantly, stop supporting the things they don’t enjoy. How many of you bitch about things and then go and give them money? It is not about being principled, it’s not about taking a moral high-ground—it is about seeing that if you feed into and support something you don’t enjoy, then don’t moan about it.

flow your energy towards what you want more of. Support it. Withdraw your energy from what you want less of. Withdraw your money from it. Give your money to what you want more of.

There are basically only two ways out of copyright. The first is what I have just outlined. The second is the collapse of the money system. And I can assure you the first route is much more harmonious and enjoyable. It is still a wild ride, having the collapse of the money system. Don’t get me wrong; I am not saying something has gone wrong if you lead yourself to that reality. I am just saying you would be entering the ‘rip the band-aid off’ version of events (though it doesn’t mean you get there quicker because time is an illusion). The other way of doing it is through consciousness, consciousness of what you support with your energy (of which money is a part).

So, without attachment to your choice, I suggest you support the things that you enjoy. Now let us continue with separation and move on from this copyright business. But I encourage you to look at possessiveness in all forms, not just of physical things; possessiveness of creativity, possessiveness of ideas, all of these things.

So this is all talking about the release of separation, and one of the things that you have separated yourself with is secrets and privacy. Know that this separation will continue to diminish. And again I feel the alarm bells in you. “Privacy! They’re talking about the loss of privacy! …Big Brother, the New world Order, all of that jazz.” Yes, there are ways in which loss of privacy can be through organizations or groups that are snooping and that do not have your best interests at heart. But that’s a whole other thing.

On my planet there are no secrets. When you focus upon someone, you know them. We don’t need language in the way that you have it. There is no veil between us that hides. Our feelings are an open book. What we believe is an open book. Our perspective is an open book. Our self is an open book. It’s all just there, right on the surface.

Do you understand this? Your individuality has so conditioned your mind that it can be hard to imagine what true collective-consciousness is; it is immediate direct knowingness, beingness. So it is not that I go snooping into other people, it is just ‘bang’, they are there just like story sat visually in front of you now in this live video broadcast. You can see he is wearing a black T-shirt. He cannot hide this from you. It is evident. Well that is how it is with all your secrets in collective-consciousness. Your secrets are as clear to me as you feel clear that story is wearing a black T-shirt. I’m not invading you in seeing your secrets anymore than you are violating story by seeing his T-shirt. So there is no privacy here. We don’t need privacy because we don’t have the fear which creates the judgment which creates the negative experiences.

Having no privacy does not matter because we are not judging each other, because we are not manipulating each other. There is no way, with your technology advancing as it is, that you are going to be non-locatable. You are all going to be locatable just like cars on the road are locatable. Back when automobiles first became a part of culture, cars were not trackable. You could drive all over the place and unless someone directly saw you they would never know where you had been. That is not the case nowadays. If you go out on your roads it will not be long before you are scanned and registered. And this is going to occur to you all as individuals. So instead of getting all panicky about that, look at a reality where that is okay because all this other fear sh#t isn’t going on.

I’m just trying to get you up to speed here. This is what is coming: A future where there is no strong sense of separation; where you all know that you are all one. And when that happens, it will be a really good thing because you are going to start actively loving each other. So all these things I am talking about; loss of copyright, loss of possessiveness, loss of secrets - what replaces them all is connection, flow and love. Nothing sinister.

It is your fear that makes it sinister and it is your fear that creates and feeds these groups, these groups that are up to mischief. They are you. They are your own doubts and fears. Humanity can be viewed as one being and they are reflecting something to you that is within you. Whoever it is, whatever it is, whoever you’ve got painted as the bad guys—it is something in you that is unresolved. That is why you are focused on them. With or without it being in you, they exist. But if you have any focus on them, especially those of you deep in conspiracy, you are just feeding all the things that you are fearful of.

You cannot separate anything out. And that is the bottom line.

What do you think the Release-of-Separation’ is? nothing on Earth goes away. So many of you in awakening have gone into this church energy, this puritanical energy. Puritanism shouted as, “The right way! The right way! This is right. This is wrong. This is good. This is evil.” If you see awakening as stepping away from humanity, if you see it as ascending above them, then you are a puritan and let me tell you that nothing could be further from awakening than the separation fostered by puritanism.

So look at your beliefs carefully as many in the ‘New Age’ spiritualties are no different from those in organized religion; they are just puritanical about different things. There is no preaching on the New Earth because every being is blessed with clarity of choice. Preaching is a fear-based endeavor. All preachers are, at best, running in fear from themselves and are trying to convince others to adopt that same fear. At worst they are manipulators. Preaching is a denial of the sovereignty of those that are preached at. Understand here that preaching is not teaching, yet also be aware that many preachers disguise themselves as teachers. Your heart will quickly tell you the difference.

Preaching is not wrong. It is a natural reaction to fear. All the ‘messed up’ energies in your world are natural. So it is not about judging them. There is no evolution in getting puritanical about puritanism. The route to awakening is right through the heart of all of it because it is all you; there is no separation. It is the collective-consciousness on Earth. There is nothing on Earth you can say is not you. That is the release of separation.

There’s not a special little club for murderers and pedophiles that separate them off from you or a special place (that religion calls Hell) for those that go to war, for those that torture, for those that are cruel, for those that hurt animals—there is no separate place for those people. They are the one-consciousness expressed and if you are to awaken then you will come into collective with each and every one of those beings. Hitler is in the collective waiting to meet you.

There is no separate force of darkness. There is noother’. You may wish to think of all of your past selves as the same soul, the same heart, and then continue to extend it outwards to every life on Earth originating from the same cell that was the birth of life on Earth. There is only one heart. There is only one consciousness. There is only one flow. Every being, every one including all of those people that we just mentioned, they have the same heart at the deepest level.

And we have each come from that one heart into an experience of definition. You come into a genetic blueprint, a circumstantial blueprint, a societal pattern; you come into all these patterns that create your individuality. So these beings, those that murder for example, from my perspective they are people that have become lost in their minds as a part of their chosen experience. They cannot see what you see; they have put so much into unconsciousness that what they are left with creates their behavior.

You have understood this when you realize that if you took on the identical blueprint you would be doing the same thing. This is the key and it is the thing that people don’t want to realize because they would rather judge murderers and put them in prison, electrocute them, gas them, hang them, behead them …as if that will make them go away. They are you.

They are you, the one-consciousness, in a different state of definition, in a different state of unconsciousness. And no amount of trying to stamp them out will make them go away. The more you try to stamp them out the more they will keep coming and the more they will become seen. Pedophilia is a good example. Look at the way it is coming to the surface. Look at the way the past is coming to the surface. This is happening in a profound way in the UK currently and that same effect will soon spread to the rest of the world, including a focus on Hollywood and Washington. Prepare yourself to meet the pedophilic energy that you all chose to be unconscious of. To end separation is to end the separation between your self and the knowing of what has been.

The only way, the only way, the ONLY way is love.

I don’t preach that statement at you. For me as a statement—it is. For me I am just telling you how it is. Love is the ONLY way to get where you heart wants to go, and where your heart wants to go is where you want to go. You are your heart. Saying love is the answer is the same as saying that being your self is the answer. It is not the energy of preaching because it isn’t actually a path. It doesn’t reduce diversity, it encourages it. It doesn’t reduce freedom, it encourages it. It doesn’t externalize power, it internalizes it. It only becomes preaching if it is twisted intolove is the answer. And this is how you love.”

If you wish to end murder and child abuse and animal abuse on your planet, then you need to change the way you treat the people that do these things. In order to understand how to do this you must first realize that those that do these things are mentally ill. If you have somebody that is self-harming, that is cutting themselves, what do you do? Put them in prison? Electrocute them? Hang them? Kill them? No you don’t. You send them to a doctor and you give them treatment, you give them therapy, you give them love.

Well somebody that murders is someone that is self-harming, for you on Earth are one being. What has led these people to self-harm? What has led these people to do these things? What has taken them there? What is it about this world? What is it about their lives? Seek to understand it. Seek to help them. Seek to help them to transform their wounds. Along with the revealing of secrets will be the revealing of those that your societies throw into the gutter. Openness of communication will end the denial of the wealthy and powerful.

The understanding is that in a reality without unconsciousness, no one is truly happy until everyone is happy. It does not mean you cannot experience happiness in the meantime, but it means that as long as there is suffering in the world and you are connected to the world (and you are), then on some level you will feel that suffering. You can pretend it is not happening for a while, but as the consciousness raises that will become harder and harder. It will soon become evident that the only way forward is to create more financial equality in this world. This will become more and more evident. So again, it is just down to you.

I am speaking to you now from closer to the Earth than SunSon (the collective of teachers that story channels). SunSon experiences deep perfection in everything and it is not that I am not seeing perfectionI am seeing complete perfection. Everything occurring on Earth is aiding the Earth and it is all going in a beautiful direction; it is a wonderful movement, it is a wonderful flow.

So it is not that I do not see the perfection in the same way that SunSon does. But in a way that I experience as more immediate, I have been on Earth. I have been on Earth and I know what you are going through. I know what hurts, I feel what rubs. I remember the mental loops. And I am here to offer you my perspective if it will aid you. So simply take what resonates. I’m not going to sit here and say that something that feels shitty does not feel shitty—because I remember some things feeling shitty. I’m telling you how to transform it. And the main focus here today is on the release of separation.

Look at where you validate separation, whether that be through the idea of possessiveness or through the idea of pushing people away - the idea that they are not you. Collective consciousness is deeply intimate. Imagine the closest you have ever felt to anybody through great love. It is not exactly like that, but in terms of magnitude of the feeling it is bigger. It is not as defined, it is not as personal but it is that intimate. The bridging-consciousness is the collective-consciousness of Earth, often referred to as the Christ-Consciousness.

I am not wishing to put something religious on there but Christ is a figure; you have an idea of that so it is a helpful term when communicating. Well if you wish to live the example of the Christ inside of you; it is not an individual, it is the state of collective-consciousness that is present in all of you. It is to feel that for everybody. It is to feel that love for everybody. And that does not mean sacrificing for them. It does not mean sacrificing for them, it does not mean trying to help them when they don’t want help. That is not love.

Deep sovereignty respects everyone’s journey. So when you see these murderers, respect their journey but understand that they have, from your terms, a mental illness. I would quite like someone to explain to me the difference, the difference between someone harming themselves and harming another. How is killing and torturing not mental illness? Let me be up front, I do not understand that. How do you possibly not see that as mental illness—the desire to go out and kill other people? You can’t keep stuffing the prisons fuller and fuller. For ultimately when you release separation the understanding is that they are your experience at another level of reality. When I experience each of you through the living record that you are, it is all through my experience of self.

Ultimately you will see that all the joy on your planet has been your own and all the suffering has been your own. I do not wish to create any sense of mission here. You cannot possibly ever force, cajole, manipulate or control somebody into feeling the connection. Love is the answer. Don’t try and convert anybody, don’t preach, just love. You ask,how do I love this person? This person that is mentally ill; this unconscious person, this angry wounded person, this person that is doing a good job of coming across as a complete knuckle dragging imbecile. How do I love them? how do I love them without getting all in their business and trying to change them? how do I love them?”

Well when you are awake there is then no how‘—you just love them. That is what you have called the 5th dimension. It is the awakened world because when you see you are all one, you cannot possibly help but all love each other. So what does your world look like with you all loving each other? That’s where you are heading towards. If you want a blueprint for what you create, let it be that. If you want to create for the future that is coming, that is in the direction of the path, the momentum, the fierce momentum that you have created, then say, how will this look if we are all just loving each other? Let us create that version, the version where we share, where we honor.”

So the message is beautiful. It is to love.

But I hope you have embraced the slight boot that came with it. I do not do it to seek to change you. I just wish to share my perspective. This is me loving you. It is me saying, “If I was in your shoes (and I was and I am), what would I want me to say? What would I want myself to point at?”

It all starts with you. Release, release what you do not like about the world.

Let us start there. What do you not like about the world? Let us do a quick exercise. Answer that question … come up with quick descriptive words … don’t stop and think … just answer … what is wrong with humanity? What it is that humanity needs to change most? What is most f#@ked up about humanity?

Now look for that inside of yourself. You be free of it first before you demand the rest of the world be free of it. How do you apply love to that transformation inside of yourself? how do you start walking the talk? how do you start being an embodiment of what you believe, of what you choose? how do you release the ways in which you are connected to unconsciousness?

The world you desire is within you for this is one of the beautiful things—the beautiful things about multidimensionality—the way that from your vantage point it gives rise to infinite versions of reality. The reality you desirethe 5th dimensional world, the awakened world, the world full of love—it exists. It is Now. And no one is stopping you from getting there. No one. For there is nothing in any other that you cannot transform inside of yourself. And the route to that is through the mirror of this world and coming to love it. As you have come to love yourselves, now come to love this world as your self for it is your self. Transform this world by loving it and you will arrive in love.

With great love to you all.



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