“Take What Resonates and Leave the Rest.”

The Path of Fearlessness

To jump off the cliff of fear-based doubt and choose what you are is to jump into the experience of meeting your wider self. You have all been afraid to meet the wider nature of reality—to meet the consciousness that chose this, to meet the level of consciousness from which we, as one, are choosing this.

It can be dressed up in so many ways, but it all comes back to a dilemma in the choice (which is to say fear existing within the choice of who you are). This is expressed as fearing what you are, fearing what you will create, fearing what you will meet, fearing that you have done something wrong, fear that you are “less than”, fear of original sin”.

In this moment, now, allow yourself to feel your fear as a cloak / mask that is falling away. Feel that what is revealed needs no name. Step out of the limitation / dilemma of needing to name what you are. Know that the experience of self is beyond any naming.

The human experience is an experiential journey—no more and no less. In human form many question the rightness of the choice to experience the human form. They are uncertain of the very rightness of the choice to come to Earth, to be embodied, to be creating what humanity is creating, to be experiencing what you are experiencing.

Withing human form many question the rightness of the human form to exist. They doubt that humanity is a “good” thing.

The Earth is a wondrous place. That is unequivocally evidenced by the fact that you are choosing it from within an infinite state of choice / freedom. THAT alone says everything. The human experience is the choice of source consciousness / God. Your choice is not separate from the choice of source consciousness because we are each source consciousness.

When you see the bigger picture you will see that you are a being in infinite freedom picking the Earth experience from the infinite menu of creation. You may be in the illusion of dilemmas existing in this moment, but there is no dilemma in the space where you chose to be human. There is no fear of wrongness or questioning of rightness because all are one. It is a clear choice made in full knowing.

You are a creator in infinite freedom selecting and living within their experience.

The reason you choose to enter a reality such as the Earth is because you are expanding your experience of self through the dilemmas that are created in human form. Within the human experience there is this dilemma, this rift between what you are experiencing and what you feel you want. This is the space that is creatively filled in through your imagination. So you come to the Earth and forget the wider picture of who we are, and then, in imagining answers you extend / evolve / explore the experience of what a self can be.

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