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Fear is a repulsive force in an attractive universe that allows us to put our consciousness of connection into our unconsciousness through the creation of a fear-based meaning. In doing this, we end the experience of being fully unified with our sourceThe-One-Self—and instead experience ourselves as an individual.

To choose to experience fear is to suppress information about what you wish to fear, such that you experience at least one quality of it as unknown. A fear-based idea is then creatively projected onto this unconsciousness, such that a negative, prejudiced meaning is attached to it. The internal negative charge within this meaning is then experienced through the quality of external separation. The creation of fear is both meaningful and purposeful in the way it has expanded our experience of individuality.

Through the realization that your fears are an illusion you have created in order to form your individuality, see that your fears are based on your own negative feelings (rather than clear observation). As such, instead of treating them as lessons that protect you from harm—through a belief in their validitychoose to view them as your own self-chosen, self-limiting beliefs. As such, you are open to seeing that what you fear—as with all things in lifeis a reflection of a part of yourself you are currently resisting.

As satisfying as it is to transform a fear in this way, remain conscious that the primary flow of energy in your life comes from the passion you feel in your heart. Through the transformation of your fears, your passion will start to feel ever stronger. Through the catalytic flow of this joy-based feeling you can allow your fears to come to you to be effortlessly transformed. This allows you to remain focused on your unfolding passion rather than the resolution of your fears. Through this practice you will not become self-identified with the transformation of fears more than the following of your heart (and yet, though the following of your heart, you are sometimes led to transform your fears).

The Effortless Transformation of Fear

“I choose to move towards my fears such that I transform them and release their gifts of empowerment into my life.”

You are not living in freedom when you are in resistance to your own experience. The greatest fears come from the fear of realizing your dream into reality. Between you and the realization of your dream is nothing but the illusion of your fears.

facing your fears will empower, not harm you. Do this with a loving heart and open mind and know that your fears will have no choice but to transform. All fears reflect an aspect of your power that you have given away. When you face a fear you integrate the power you have given away back into your being, thereby moving you closer to the conscious realization and integration of your spirit.

fear of your dream is based on an idea that you are not worthy of it (not good, worthy, or deserving enough). The way out of fear is to realize that if you will embrace your fears—rather than resist themthey will act as signposts to your dream. This is to understand that we are the ones that created our fears in order to hide our spirit from our human self. Therefore, becoming conscious of your fear is the clearest path to lead you back to your dream.

Your fears are a trail of resistance that will lead you to the part of yourself that does not know fear (your spirit). Rejoice in the discovery of a new fear, because it means you are close to transforming it. Through every release of resistance, you will experience ever increasing freedom. Every fear is a limitation that, when undone, becomes a freedom.

All experiences of being ‘not-free’ arise from the fear of freedom. Your own freedom is always what you are ultimately moving toward in the facing of your fears. Some fears are so old that they only exist in the mind and can be let go through no more than the acknowledgement that they exist.

The letting go of fear does not need to be painful, but sometimes you will insist on pain because you want to feel you have worked hard to overcome your fear (a belief in the necessity of effort). Sometimes you will subconsciously ask for a fear-releasing experience to be difficultor even painful—in order to not judge yourself for carrying the fear for as long you have as well as to believe it has been released.

fears can be dissolved by no more than your conscious intent and resolve to integrate them. Do not struggle with your fears—merely turn your attention to them and watch them disperse in the clarity of awareness emanating from your heart.

Embrace What You Fear

“I choose to explore all aspects of whatever it is I fear.”

allow yourself to experience and explore whatever it is that you fear about yourselfwhich includes your fear for your futuresuch that you can work directly in reality—instead of with your mental idea of it. As long as you avoid meeting what you fearwhich is to be rejecting an aspect of yourself—then that fear will operate within you, leading you to unconsciously overlay your perception with a negatively charged, polarized perspective. This is to be wounded by an emotionally painful event in your past, such that you cannot stop it affecting your perception of your present.

free yourself from your wounding by turning and facing whatever it is that you have been running from. Do this through the knowing that it cannot harm you—because it is you. To meet your fears takes courage but, when that state of transformation is engaged, it is found to be an experience of walking into your freedom—rather than into the bottomless well of pain that it is often feared to be.

To meet and transform an inner fear is not simply to clear a wound. It is to meet an experience of change inside yourself. This change is not a reversion to who you were before you were wounded. It is a reflection of whatever positive aspect you had to focus inside of yourself to transform the wound. When the reality of this change is understood, you will become aware that the fear you transformed to heal yourself was always present and masking a fear of the change you have now gone through. At the heart of all feareven our primal fear of deathis the fear of how something will change us. To embrace change is to allow the release of our unconscious mental constraints.

To summon the courage to meet your fears is to realize that you both are and are not what you fear—because you are all things. You are weak and ineffectual, and you are also strong and effective. You are selfish and greedy, and you are also selfless and generous. You are all things and that is to say that you are no-thing in particular.

The potential of all qualities exists within you. This is what freedom is. All that can be experienced and expressed is available for you to choose—it is available for you to be. The limitless potential that is experienced by embracing the relativity of great awareness as well as profound unconsciousness, is yours. Do not fear this breadth of beingembrace it. It simply means that we use both love and fear to create our mortal experience.

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