“An Empowering Exploration of Consciousness.”

Where Spirituality and Physical-Evolution Meet.

The unexpected connection between biology and consciousness.

I invite you to take a deep breath and open your mind

I want to share my understanding of how the belief that consciousness created physical reality is not incompatible with Darwinian evolution. You need an open mind to even consider this because it requires letting go of much of what you have been taught, and yet, it is unlikely to change how you approach life (which is curious when you think about it). This explanation also reveals a profound demonstration of what eternal-consciousness did to experience mortality.

The origins of all physical life on Earth can be traced back to the simplest microbe. The origin of that microbe can be traced back to when consciousness entered the experience of diversity through the creation of time and space (which are a single medium of separation).

science calls it the Big Bang. religion calls it creation. I call it the simultaneous conception and entering of diversity by eternal-consciousness.

This is how undivided-consciousness became the many forms of life. For consciousness (which is unified and eternal) to enter the diversity that is created by time and space was an expression of incredible security—a deep knowing of the self. It represented the creation of, and entering into, the first unknown. Through this act, consciousness allowed itself to irrevocably change the way in which it experienced.

It achieved this through entering the illusion that is created by unconsciousness. Unconsciousness is created by forgettingforgetting that everything is an equal expression of consciousness. All life on Earth, not just humanity, has evolved through the manifestation of a single intention to live. This first creative step into physical-form is reflected in a spiritual master choosing to forget everything they have learnt in order to be a student once more and experience learning their beloved art yet again.

There is a circularity in the evolution of consciousness that is experienced beneath the linearity of physical evolution; the most evolved of any particular quality will always choose to begin the cycle again to have a new experiences of that quality.

All dualistic scales are circles:

The great oak tree chooses to become the many acorns it seeds across its life. The microbe that birthed life on Earth is an acorn created by consciousness. It is the unevolved simplicity of that microbe that underpins much of science’s contention that physicality precedes consciousness. This is because it is hard to conceive that a microbe (something that is so simple, we believe it to be a chance configuration of chemicals) is the intentional manifestation of an evolved-consciousness creating all the biological forms of life on Earth in a single act.

This creative act was the translation of an intention to experience the illusion of other—which creates the experience of individuality. However, the perception of consciousness is not limited by time or space. What we see as the acorn is one end of a larger entity—a level of consciousness that includes the complete temporal journey from the acorn to the oak tree. The one unified-consciousness becoming the many forms of life is relived every time we step into the forgetting that births our individuality.

The Big Bang was not an event in a distant, disconnected past. Creation is happening now. We are each still a part of the first microbe evolving. In this way—at our root—we are the same.

To fully understand the mortal-experience you must view it from the perspective of immortality (as the forgetting of one creates the other). However, to create the mortal-experience we must not only forget our immortal-experience, we must create the reflection of reality in such a way that it hides us as its creator. To hide our true nature in a reality where everything is a reflection requires great intelligence in its design.

This intention to disguise our immortality is woven into the design of the physical and temporal laws that we created to govern our space-time experience. We purposefully designed this reality to hide what we are from ourselves—to keep it forgotten until it could be remembered at our physical death.

key Insight: To hide the intelligence of the design of every creature on Earth within a microbe is a superlative example of our determination to experience mortality as deeply as we could.

Without life starting with a microbe, science’s denial of the importance of consciousness could not exist.

science is doing exactly what we wanted it to do—just like religion. Both are mechanisms that, along with profound truths, mislead us to our unified heritage.

science and religion may seem to oppose each other, but they are one thing. They are belief-systems that blind us to wider, freer possibilities. Science tells us that spirituality is naïve nonsense. Religion tells us to be scared of death because we are going to be judged for our many inevitable “sins”. This entrenches the perspective required for us to forget (such that we can exist within the illusion that we are mortal).

All physical life is the choice of eternal-consciousness to experience mortality, linear-time, and physical matter. These qualities combine to create the experience of individuality we call self”.

consciousness not only created the first microbe—it created space-time for the microbe to exist within. This was the entering of physical-existence by eternal-consciousness.

Many Acorns

physically, the origins of all life on Earth can be traced back to the simplest microbe. The origin of that microbe—and by extension the physical universe—can be traced back to the one-consciousness entering into the experience of diversification and becoming the many. Science calls it the Big Bang, religion calls it creation, and it is the simultaneous conception and entering into of diversity (of which space-time realities are a part).

For the unity to enter diversity was an expression of incredible security as it represents the creation of, and entering into, the first unknown. It was the allowance of an irrevocable change to experience—a change created through entering the illusion and forgetting our wider nature. This creative step is reflected in the idea of a grand master choosing to forget so they can be a student and experience learning their beloved art once more.

There is a circularity in the evolution of consciousness that is experienced beneath the linearity of physical evolution. The most evolved consciousness of any quality will always choose to begin the cycle again in order to have a new experience of—and thereby relationship with—that quality.

The great oak tree chooses to become the many acorns that it has seeded across its life. The microbe that birthed life on Earth is one such seed. The unevolved simplicity of that microbe underpins much of science’s contention that physicality precedes consciousness because it is hard to conceive that a microbe—something that is so simple that science imagines it to be a chance configuration of chemicals—is the intentional manifestation of a highly evolved consciousness creating all the biological forms of life on Earth. However, consciousness is not limited by time in its perception and what we see as an acorn is but one end of a larger entity—an entity that when fully perceived is seen to include the complete journey of the oak tree.

‘The one becoming ‘the many is relived every time we step into the forgetting that births our individuality. The Big Bang was not an event in a distant, disconnected past. Creation is happening now. You who are reading these words now are the microbe still unfolding.

Intelligent Design

To understand what the mortal experience is you must view it from the perspective of immortality (because the forgetting of one creates the other). To create the mortal experience we must not only forget our immortal experience, we must also create the reflection of reality in such a way as to hide ourselves as the creator of this experience.

To hide our true nature in a reality where everything is a reflection requires great intelligence be put into the design. This intention to disguise our immortality is woven into the design of the physical and temporal laws we chose to govern our space-time experience. We purposefully designed this reality to hide what we are from ourselves—to keep it forgotten until it could be remembered at the point of death of our mortal vehicle (our physical body).

To hide the intelligence of the design of every creature on Earth within a microbe is a superlative example of our intention to experience mortality as deeply as we could. Without it, the scientific mentality’s denial of consciousness could not exist.

Instinctual Existence

The human tendency to project is most evident when we imagine what the experience of consciousness outside of physicality is like. perceiving it to be more ‘god-like’ than ourselves, we tend to imagine it as an all-knowing, all-loving, all-beautiful, hyper-intelligent version of our own consciousness (an idealized version). However, because consciousness is reflected through all life on Earthand not just humanityit makes more sense to use the microbe as our primary reference.

Because we consider complex language to be an indicator of intelligence, we have projected our own linear thinking processes onto how we imagine consciousness outside of physical form to be. This is despite it being well understood that human languages are—from a certain perspectivea direct description of our limited perspective (because of how they have relatively few words to describe an infinitely complex experience).

Our language tends to entrench many concepts—such as the linearity of cause and effect—as well as our sense of separation from each other. When consciousness began to explore diversity, it had no language. Language is a mental quality that emerged after consciousness entered into the experience of separation. Before the symbolic description of language—that is held in the mindthere was only direct—but ephemeralmanifestation of intention.

To be without language is to be without the verbal constraints of thought. Our early physical forms were expressions of an instinct, driven by the non-verbal intention to explore physicality. Humanity is a branch of consciousness that found itself to be joyfully mesmerized by a focus upon physical exploration in relation to a polarized experience of self (namely individuality).

In becoming all biological life, The-One-Self expressed all that it was into an instinct—which is a non-verbal intentionto explore diversity. Every individual in existence is the desire to be a living embodiment within this exploration—an instinctual space-time navigator (like a microbe drawn to light). Neither the universe nor humanity was ever a thought on a drawing board—they are the manifestation of a feeling for a new form of life.


The one becoming the many was consciousness stepping into diversity. All life on Earthnot just humanityhas evolved through the manifestation of a single multi-dimensional intention that was expressed as the beginning of life.

Although we are each an embodiment of the one-consciousness and can know it through ourselves, we cannot know the experience of consciousness prior to it becoming the many. This reflects how bold it was to cross that Rubicon.

The-One-Self stepping into diversification is not only reflected in every birth, it is also reflected in our acceptance of death which is experienced at point of death—when that step into what feels unknown is no longer resisted.

When we think of the first microbe, we project our experience of physicality onto it. However, this early state would be more meaningfully described as located deep within the shift from a dream-like experience to one of consistency and persistence.

To increasingly identify with physicality over consciousness is a process of focus being determined by a shifting perception of value. Value here is not a mentally constructed evaluation—it is better likened to the microbe experiencing a shift in the frequency of the light that it feels instinctually attracted to.

To know yourself as all creation is to desire to be the seed—or microbe—that births the next realm of experience.

The Evolution of Polarization

The initial experience of physicality was dreamlike and akin to possessing image rather than form. The experience of solidity, immovability, and persistence is something that has increased in accord with our depth of separation. Our early experience was inconsistent, dreamlike, and free from the physical laws we now experience. Simple, ephemeral forms became complex and persistent over time through the experience of outward processes such as biological evolution.

space-time was a playground that consciousness explored without hardship or effortexperiencing itself as physically expressed through whatever forms it imagined. Humanity is an evolution of one of these forms. It represents the exploration of many exciting, creative qualities. At their core is a specialization in our divided naturecreated through a fear-based focusand the exploration of the territory of experience it creates.

In terms of space-timeand thereby the experience of individualityhumanity has gone from a shallow to a deep experience. In the beginning we joyfully focused upon the physical and then, from that state of identification, we chose to experience resistance to our own consciousness / nature.

Our focus on physicality did not evolve the physical solely through a positive, joyful focus. Our fear-based focus is polarizing because it represents a focus in two seemingly opposing—which we have labeled as positive and negative. Through a polarizing focus both sides evolve equallybut in opposing ways—thereby creating separation. By travelling into a divided experience of physicality and consciousness, humanity has focused and evolved the experience of both physicality and consciousness.

The polarization into our dual nature was the cause of our evolutionary branching from the animal realm. Our focus on outer definition was reflected inwardly through the evolution of thought and language. This was the birth of what we now experience as the mind.

The human mind became the face of our consciousness—an additional, separatebut concurrent—platform for experience that acts as a self-created inner vantage-point that relates to—but feels independent of—physical reality.

Through its polarized focus, humanity created a perceptual divide between the experiences of physicality and of consciousness, creating a new territory to be explored. As consciousness is not an outer thing’ that we can distance ourselves from physically, the primary medium of separation between physicality and consciousness is created through the polarization of time.

When the outer and inner are not perceptually divided, they move as one. What is imagined inside is physically projected outside. We are each constantly creating realities from our imaginations. A form of temporal separation causes us to not consciously experience most of these creations (leading us to conclude that our inner and outer reality are fundamentally separate). Temporal separation is not about pushing things into the past or future; it is about pushing them into the ‘not-now’.

The Polarization of Guidance

The exploration of diversity birthed choice. This allowed for the experience of receiving guidance within choosing. Prior to its polarization through fear, choosing through guidance was entirely joyful and instantaneous, with every choice being met as an unfolding of our intention leading to the further discovery of our chosen form.

When a person without fear approaches a choice of three doors they say, how wonderful, three exciting potentials! I will joyfully stride through the door that I feel most excited by.” In this there is no experience of an opposing force, no delay for doubt, and not even a feeling of a need to stop and contemplate the choice. However, when we are within the experience of polarization, choices stop being purely exciting, and instead come to feel like tests in which we can either win or lose.

In forgetting that we generate physicality, we have come to feel more contained by our choices than creatively expressed by them. A fearful person approaching the doors thinks, “Damn, another test! I need to be extremely careful as, depending on my choice, things will either get better or worse. I am scared I will make a mistake. I must pick the right door or I will regret it. My happiness depends on making the right choice.”

In this scenario three equal—but diversepotentials have become a fearful test, and the least feared option is selected. The fear is then carried forward into the experience. This means that even if the most exciting option is selected—just because it is also the least feared—it is still negatively altered because it was approached through fear-based reasoning—rather than excitement-based guidance.

fear alters perception by polarizing positive-guidance—the feeling of ‘I want—to include negative-preference—the feeling of ‘I do not want. This then become the basis of prejudice as what is and isn’t wanted becomes what is loved and what is hated.

Through understanding how your perception has been polarized, it is possible to return to living and loving through joy-based guidance. However, having been through the overcoming of fear, you will now create within an environment that has a far wider palette of potentials. This is to live in a world created through polarization having mastered the relationship with the polarizing force. This is the next circle in human consciousnesshumanity’s golden era, our next realm of experience.

How Guidance Created Preference

The polarization of guidance created the experience of preference. Guidance is preference based purely on the feeling of excitement. However, along with following what excites us, our preference is also fed by avoiding what we fear.

Preferring one thing over another comes from the totality of our chosen form responding to the choice before us. With there ultimately being only one will, our varying preferences result from a combination of our unique intention to be human and the emotional fear-based charges we have accumulated during our embodiment.

The polarization of guidance into the duality of positive and negative preference is so significant because it is the mechanism through which we have come to create what we most fear as well as what most excites us. This is how polarization throws open the potential for the human experience to go beyond species that have not polarized the meanings they live within.

fear does not have to be seen as negative—it can also be experienced as expansive to, and catalyzing of, the selfFollowing polarization, instead of a purely joyful feeling of guidance leading us playfully forward, there became a fear of ‘making the wrong choicethat pushes us back and causes us to pause when we meet a choice.

In this, our natural flow is hindered through a fear-based focus on avoiding negative consequences. This hindrance is experienced emotionally as resistance (non-allowance). The slowing caused by the push-back of resistance can be seen as generating the time in which it is experienced. Without resistance, we arrive. When in resistance we generate time between ourselves and arrival, thereby extending our experience of ‘not arriving’ (with the understanding that ‘not-arriving’ is still an experience of the quality / polarity of arriving).

Becoming Conscious of Polarity

To be human is to choose to exist across two natures. No matter how much you may idealize one over the otherthe divine spiritual versus the profane physical or the intelligence of following the rational, predictability of physicality versus the stupidity of believing in the irrationality of consciousness—you cannot stop being both. The same is true for all qualities.

It is not wrong to perceptually divide the world. Experiencing separation is integral to the human experience. However, just as we entered into this separation, we are now leaving it. This is the process of coming to love both ends of all polarities—rather than idealizing one and demonizing the other. It is the opening of the heart and coming to love what you once feared.

The path out of feeling separate, less than, judged, persecuted or lonely is to come to know, through love, what you feel most different from. To begin with, this is a process of releasing your fear-based judgments. Once the feeling of prejudice within you has been recognized—which includes owning it—it is a relatively straightforward process of progressively ceasing to label others as wrong or inferior.

The bigger challenge that then follows is to no longer idealize the qualities you have become positively identified with. This is harder than not denigrating others because feeling good about ourselves—which is what we feel when fulfilling ideals—is closer to how we feel when we are free of fear (because feeling judgmental is only felt through the fearful, wounded-self).

ideals are less divisive and limiting than prejudices. However, an ideal is still a judgment of its opposite. If we desire to experience this world through the freedom, love, and connection inherent in the non-polarized vantage point, we must release the mental ideals that have arisen in reflection to our prejudices.

The Charge of Polarization

We exist within many polarized meanings. These are like ladders we traverse within us. We know the rungs we have existed on best and are mostly ignorant of the rungs we have not yet focused upon. To feel prejudice is to project negative feeling, fear-based ideas onto what is not understood such that it is seen to be towards—what is perceived to be—the inferior end of the ladder. With an equal charge, there is then an idealization of the other end of the ladder—which is judged to be superior.

The strength of disparity across this polarized charge acts as a powerful feeling of direction in life, such as “I will be more loving, powerful, liberal, authentic, pure, healthy, educated, respected, strong”. This direction is perceptually merged with the direction we feel through our inner-guidance. This masks the clarity with which we feel our heart.

The negative effects of prejudice are readily evident. However, the feeling of direction and purpose that ideals can give masks the ways in which ideals limit perception. This limitation is mostly hidden when we feel we are living the ideal. For example, if you value physical beauty and feel you are beautiful, then it can be difficult to see how your perception of beauty is limiting you. To live within ideals is, at times, to taste the most elevated states of a quality, but it is to equally taste those that most repulse you. The choice to elevate an ideal is the choice to be resistant to its opposite.

We exist within many polarities. It is not possible to be top of them all, because to be at the top of just one requires great focus and, in human form, we have chosen to limit our focus. This means that although we may feel good about certain qualities of our self through idealizing them, we equally feel bad about the qualities where we do not see ourselves achieving the ideal state.

The choice to live through polarization is a choice to feel good about one direction at the expense of the other (within each quality). And, unless you are the best, there is always someone seen to be better than you. Even if you are the best, you then live with a constant, relentless, competitive challenge to that identification.

The path through the processing of fear is:

  1. to move through living through prejudice.
  2. to move through living through ideals.
  3. to loving all equally (in which preference-in-the-moment continues to exist).


We have seen how the human experience arose from within the Earth experience, making itself distinct through the use of fear to create an experience of perceptual containment through polarization. This state exists eternally in an un-resolving cyclical state that is the basis of our current form.

We typically leave the perceptual containment that creates the human experience through the death of our physical vehicle. However, it is possible from within the illusion to become aware of the polarizing nature within our perception, such that we can come to see through the containment while still alive. This is achieved through the release of prejudice and ideals, and no longer seeing the past and future as separate from what we are.

To release the polarization of perception is to step out of the experience of containment and into the experience of unconditional love for all. Even when understood through ideas like diversification and temporal-separation, the process of awakening is best understood as coming to love without fear. What most defines this book’s ideas of that eternal message is the way in which it takes this call out of polarization all the way through to being a call to step out of the linear perception of time. This is rarely attempted in spiritual teachings as it requires such a fundamental rewiring in how we think.

To step out of the linear perception of time is not about being clever. It is about being open minded and being willing to stand in the knowing of all as oneequality. To unravel a lifetime of thinking in terms of cause and effect is an ongoing process. Do not worry if you have not fully grasped what is being said yet as the idea will keep appearing in many variations in the next arc. It is through seeing how these variations all begin to link together that leads you beyond the perceptual containment.

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