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You Are Everything

“I choose to love myself through loving the world.”

To share yourself with the world is to freely allow yourself to be as you are. For many, this is a journey of releasing shame, guilt, and an identification with feeling unworthy or undeserving. These aspects of fear each create their own unique fear of looking in the mirror of the world through the negative idea of being exposed to its judgment and condemnation. A part of releasing these fears is therefore about facing your fear of the worldand how it may treat you if you are transparentby allowing yourself to be as you instinctively feel to be.

Through the understanding that the world is a reflection, realize that this fear of how you may be treated stems from beliefs that either you do not deserve to be treated well, or that ‘the worldis a cruel place. Begin the transformation of these negative beliefs with the choice to treat yourself with love and respect. This is the choice to know and act from a basis that you are deserving of positive experiences—not because you have ‘achieved worthiness’, but because you know that positive experiences are reflective of what you innately are.

Become clear and conscious of how you treat yourself such that you can integrate that clarity of self-perception into your present-moment awareness that operates when you are interacting with the world.

When in freedom, there is no perception of a better or worse self. There is just the unfolding clarity of your experience of self. This clarity is the bigger picture by which you—from the level of spirit—are guiding your life. In this light, to see your own judgments is to gain clarity, because to see them is to instantly transform them (and that is to see your spirit in a clearer way than ever before).

releasing judgment of yourself is a stepping stone to releasing judgment of the world. This is the journey of coming to meet yourself in the world, which is to unify with the whole—rather than judge or reject it. It is the release of the boundary of isolation / separation which has mentally evolved within the human-psyche.

meet your fears to meet more of your self. Meet more of your self to meet more of the world. Meet more worlds to meet the universe. Meet more universes to meet the one unified consciousness (God). Meet the experience of one self to meet your self unfiltered. Know there is nothing in existence that The-One-Self is not. Know that all that you fear will be experienced within the seeing of how it is that you are everything.

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