Equality of Being


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The Equality of Being

The realization of your wider, spiritual nature is not about transcending the illusion; it is not about leaving physicality. You did not come to this reality in order to discover it as flawed and then leave. Here is where the most adventurous explorers of consciousness come. The illusion is flawless and amazing. It is perfectly imperfect. It is beautiful; it is ugly. That is what duality is—the ability to see opposites and assign meaning to their opposition.

The idea that beautiful is better than ugly is not an absolute truth; it is a chosen perspective / standpoint. Nothing in duality is absolute; it is all relative. The meaning we assign to any polarity is freely chosen. To see this is to let go of the idea of absolute truth. The desire for some transcendent, universal, ultimate level of truth is a desire to find something reliable and consistent to identify with. In a reality where everything is in a constant state of change, it is the desire to find something that does not change. It is to deny the unfolding.

To embody the realization of your unity with All-That-Is is to see through the separation of duality, while staying within the illusion. To see the nature of the illusion while remaining an embodied human is a choice to evolve this particular game of life. To choose it is to both open a whole new level of experience, as well as close off certain other experiences. Most of the experiences you close off are ones that you are happy to be without, such as fear and jeopardy. However, the vibrancy of fear and jeopardy are a valid choice—just as valid as the freedom that opens up from seeing through duality. One is not better than the other, they are simply different. Those that see through the illusion are not spiritually superior. They are simply those who are ready to evolve their experience.

To awaken to your wider spiritual nature is a state of freedom, but even the idea that freedom is better than limitation is not an absolute truth. To see freedom in this way can be challenging. It is to realize that even something this precious to us is still a polarity. When you see beyond duality you see with the eyes of your infinite-self / spirit, and that is to see the equality of all being.

What you choose to believe is not “the truth;” it is simply your personal truth in the moment. This realization of the subjective nature of truth only diminishes your experience if you have been using the idea of knowing “the truth to either feel of worth to yourself or superior to others. By letting go of the need for the existence of absolutes, you release yourself from the cage of perceiving your being in a hierarchical way. You cease to compete with others through no longer finding either them or yourself lacking. This release of judgment is the birthing, into your conscious being, of the freedom of the unified perception of your spirit. To release judgment is to see the equality of being. It is that which reveals the perfection of all life.

As long as you believe that any state of being is “the truth”—including these words—then you are a slave to that belief. A belief that either end of a polarity is superior to the other—such as the belief that spiritual is better than unspiritual—is to be caged within that polarity. The competition of duality has become so ingrained in us that we have even turned the realization of our eternal-nature into a hierarchy. Many religions are based on the idea that they possess “the truth—a singular path to God. Such a belief-system is essentially dualistic, and from within it people are viewed through a judgment of how much they understand this ultimate, transcendent level of truth. People at the top of the religion then sell themselves as gatekeepers to “the truth and assign themselves status based upon the hierarchy.

No matter how much it may be cloaked, any belief that your truth is “the truth is a statement of superiority—a statement of separatism. It is a denial of the equality of the love of God / All-That-Is / the one consciousness. There is nothing you can say, do, or believe that makes you closer to God than anyone else. You are God.

To see through duality is to see that what anyone chooses is simply their choice of expression. No state of being is in inherently superior or inferior to any other—that idea is only ever personal, subjective mental judgment. There is nothing that anyone needs to become. There is no ultimate truth governing how you should be. You are an unfolding state of truth that you are freely choosing to explore. To fully understand this realization of equality is to apply it to itself—seeing through duality is not superior to not seeing through duality. To consciously embody your spirit—such that you are no longer contained in the hierarchy of dualitydoes not make you superior to those still choosing to explore duality.

To embrace the realization of the equality of all being is to step into the freedom and limitlessness of your being. Without this realization, though your will is still in essence free, much of it becomes predetermined by your beliefs. If you believe that there is an ultimate truth that we are here to reveal, then you naturally become tied to discovering that truth and the journey from not knowing “the truth to knowing “the truth becomes a hierarchical scale. In this state of mind your choices, instead of being made from your heart, are made from the idea of moving up this hierarchy.

To realize the equality of being is to be free from a type of separatist thinking which defines certain choices as being superior to others. In the realization of the equality, all choices of how to be” are equally valid and, as such, are freely available to you because you are not trapped within a judgment of them. This is to choose from the awareness of your infinite-self. It is to choose from the limitlessness of your spirit, rather than the limitations of your beliefs / thinking. Even our most personal and profound truths­—those that we hold so dear—are simply beliefs that we are choosing with our free-will in the creation of our experience.

The choice to experience superioritywhich is a denial of equality—is the choice to live within the perception of that complete polarity. This creates a personal reality which reflects the polarity of both qualitiessuperiority and inferiority. This means that to choose to experience superiority is to equally invite the experience of inferiority into your life.

With all duality / dualistic-scales being relative, you cannot have one end of a polarity without the other. To judge one end of a polarity to be “the best” is to be contained within that judgment. That judgment, whether positive or negative, is a statement of self-identification. The judgment creates the experience of duality through a belief that the ends of a polarity are separate. The strength of your belief in that separationconveyed in the absoluteness by which you believe one end is superior to the otherdetermines how tangibly that polarity is manifest in your reality. Your dualistic beliefs are the creators, not the result, of the duality you experience. You are not trapped within duality. You are the creator of duality.

This sense of being contained in a polarity comes from being identified with it through your beliefs about it. When you see the equality of all points on the spectrum of a polarity, you encompass it with your perception (as opposed to being contained within it). By not identifying yourself with a polarity, you are not restricted in your perception of it. For example, if you have a strong belief that people are of greater value if they are intelligent, your perception is then limited by your judgment of the polarity of intelligent—stupid. Everyone you meet is perceived through this judgment and you experience a sense of separation between yourself and those that you perceive to be of significantly different intelligence than yourself. This experience of separation is created from within your own being—its boundary is an aspect of the definition of your story. You are the one who chooses whether your beliefs separate you from the world or unify you with it. There is no right or wrong to this; it is simply to live within your own beliefs.

When you release the charge of a particular polarity from your perception it is not that you will never experience it again; it is that you will perceive the polarity only when you consciously choose to focus upon it (rather than having it inextricably overlaid on your perception like a tint). In the freedom of seeing beyond duality comes the ability to see the beauty in all states of being. This is a form of clarity that is not possible when your perception is colored with judgment. With the realization of the equality of all being, the co-existence of unity and diversity within you ceases to be paradoxical. The freedom to be both unifiedboth within yourself and with the world—and yet separateexpressing your own unique and diverse individuality—is birthed. Diversity is not contrary to unity.

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