Enjoy the Journey


“Take What Resonates and Leave the Rest”

Enjoy the Journey

“I choose to create space and time in which to experience the gifts and rewards that are present in my life.”

fears are cages that you have used to limit yourself and thereby focus your individuality. As you face each of your fears you will go through a continual process of freeing yourself from cages—cages that you previously could not name, but have always felt. Fears are cages within cages—mazes within mazes—and must be faced to experience your spirit in ever expanding and potentially joyful ways.

Do not be concerned that as you exit one cage, you are likely to find yourself within another. Realize this to be your progress through the accumulated baggage of many lifetimes. Know that for each fear you face and overcome, you will reap rewards. With each shackle released, you will become ever more fulfilled through better meeting the infinite potential within you.

Celebrate each issue you resolve—rather than quickly plowing into the next challenge before you have had time to rest or experience the joy of your success. The rewards of this life are not forced upon you—you must pause and focus on them to experience them. To focus in this way is an act of loving yourself.

Do not become discouraged by the number of cages from which you must free yourself. To do so is to focus on the destination instead of embracing the journey. Learning to enjoy the journey is essential for a sustained experience of happiness. The more you love your life, the faster its magic will unfold.

As you learn to move with the changes that the resolution of fear brings, you will lower your resistance to your journey. You are here to enjoy this experience not suffer through it. The only proof of this can come through the living of it.

Although it is true that we have created exciting and challenging experiences for ourselves, this is not to say that happiness is the necessary result of their resolution. Even though immense joy may be felt with the completion of a goal, joy is not a reward for achievement. Having joy as your basis requires a joy-based focus in the present moment. This is an ability that requires the deepest level of clarity, as it is to not be in fear in the moment (as opposed to being calm after mental maneuvering).

To come to truly enjoy the journey of your life represents the sum of all your challenges. It is to be the self that every experience you designed for yourself is pointing you towards. It is the self that is no longer limited by its fears.

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