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The Earth Is An Idea

AKA Hektr - Welcome to your Snooze Button. 

This is a transcription of a spoken Gnostic message. It is notable for being the first overt appearance in my channeling of a being called Hektr. Like all first appearances, it then becomes clear how they have always been a part of the process; what is new is that they are stepping forward in a more individualized way such that they can offer a more defined perspective. Enjoy meeting Hektr.

Are you ready for change? Because today my friends is the decision day and that day does not have to be today. The day is whenever you read this message. And if it is not that day, you can read it again in the future and then it will be that day. So the day is whatever day you choose it to be—simply because it can only ever be in the-Now. It is a choice in the-Now.

Recently story has been conveying to you the realization of the degree of shift that awakening entails. If you have felt it then you will know that this is a realization full of potent energies. Most of you are in what I will call an ‘old version’ of the game. This is not because you are slow or anything, but because you are choosing to be a part of the transformation of the old game into the new game. And please understand that though it is still the ‘old game you are in a state of reality that is far clearer (less fearful) than the mass consciousness program; something ‘less’ old as it were. But when we speak of the new reality, we are speaking of a reality that is comparatively free from fear and that is a whole new level / dimension of experience.

So you are currently in this feeling of reality that has a certain density. In awakening you will bring your powers of reality creation into consciousness and you will be able to create your dream. But a part of that awakening is the shifting of your experience of reality, such that the whole game changes. You may need to put a little time, a little homework, a little focus into really feeling this. But there is this sense of how your reality will change, how your reality will be different. And that movement is to come to be without fear.

Now you have heard this from SunSon so many times that you have started to become numb to it—so let me try to wake you up to it. This is your homework, I am giving homework for those who wish to awaken. Imagine reality without fear; study it, think about it, seek to comprehend it. And through that comprehension, through that focus so you will draw that reality closer to you. Let me aid you.

Without fear you will do exactly what your heart wants. You will do exactly as your heart chooses. For it is to come to see fear clearly, which is to see how it is entwined in so many other energiessacrifice, loyalty, obligation, duty, mission, the higher good—these concepts all contain fear. Fear is weaved through your world.

fear has been the medium of separation. I cannot emphasis enough how radical being without fear is in your world. If it doesn’t sound radical to you then you are not even beginning to comprehend it. Or to be blunt, you cannot see how much fear you are carrying, for if you could you would know that it will be a radical shift of reality to release it.

To come to be without fear is the deepest level of the ‘it looks like the same but it is entirely differentexperience, also referred to as ‘on the surface it looks like nothing has changed, but underneath everything is different’. It is the clearest example of that kind of shift / experience; it is taking it to the nth degree. Nothing will change your reality more radically, and yet maintain the sense of it, than seeing without fear, being without fear, choosing without fear, acting without fear. It is to do what your heart chooses which is to live your dream.

No excuses, there can be no excuses when you see it and when you understand it. Because being without fear takes all excuses away. Excuses are fear-based so without fear there are no excuses and that means the end of victim energy Your life will change and this is what story was expressing in his sensing of, ‘I don’t know if people really want this’, his sense of, I am trying to tell people about this and they say they want to know about this, but when they actually get to it they don’t want to know because they don’t want their reality to change that much’.

So there is a kind of catch 22—what the majority of humans that are close to awakening, next to the ‘illusion exit’ as it were, are saying is, “I want to live my dream in my fearful reality, in my limited reality.” And the reason it is a catch 22 as opposed to just an illusion, a mistake or a denial, is that there is a complete validity in what they are saying.

What they are saying is that they wish to experience high contrast. They wish to experience the dream with the fear, with the limitations, with the smaller ‘less freereality. They want to experience a shining diamond of freedom within limitation. And that is because of the intensity created by the degree of contrast. Contrast is very intense and you will see in your reality that many people that get given that experience do not do so well. We are speaking here of lottery winners and those that become celebrities overnight as it were, especially when they are younger. That instant dream coming true while the day before it happened they were their old fearful self is quite an explosion of energies.

And this is why there is this journey, and why so much of the teaching that we have done to date is to clear yourselves to be able to make that step. We do not say this to deter anyone in any way or to make you think it is difficult, but we point you to the realization that story - someone as open to states of collectiveness as he is - went through this on the morning of his house move; this release of a heaviness, a darkness, a wounding at the blueprint level. And it was an intense experience. But through his own intuition and flow he knew it would pass, he knew what it was so he was not in fear of it and he just walked through it without fear. If fear had arisen, if he had fallen into fear from the negative feeling, that would be what others may consider one of your bad trips where someone falls into a negative cycle.

I wish to choose my words carefully for I wish to be clear, but I do not wish to deflate or rain on your parade. But what I am pointing you towards is the realization of a layer of fear around you. And it is a buffer, it is a cushion. It is the same principle as somebody who is obese and who has put on layers of fat to cushion them from the world. That is a visual representation of what we are speaking to you of. But regardless of your physical weight, all human beings have this level of cushioning that is fear.

And it may sound odd to be using the word cushioning with fear, for you do not think of fear as cushioning, you think of fear as sharp. But it is cushioning you from the direct experience of the world, the full experience of the world. Your fear is acting as a filter to the world. It is a cushion and that layer of cushioning allows you to be satisfied with what you’ve got. “I’ve got this nice little setup. I’m doing okay. I don’t want to rock the boat. I don’t want to get greedy. I don’t want to be indulgent. There are so many people in suffering, I can’t have too much of my dream. But I can have a nice life. I can have a good life. I can have a comfortable life. I can have a nice home, a nice partner, a family, whatever it is. I can have this nice life.” And it is this bubble in the world. And to have that bubble you have the cushioning of fear.

Now some people’s bubbles are (along with being formed through fear) partially formed from their passion, and this passion does act as a magnetizing force. The love of their passion may cause them to turn away from the world in a way that does not seem fear-based. But I equally assure you that as unfearful as that person may seem, if you then examined their beliefs you would find that they are not interested in contact with the world. It is not just their passion holding them in this bubble of focus; underneath that there is also a belief that holds them from the world and from the powerful experience of meeting the world through their self.

And there has been nothing inappropriate about this. It has been entirely appropriate for beings to birth on Earth with blueprints that have fears that keep them in bubbles within the shared reality. This is to understand that the Earth is a multidimensional reality and every being is their own reality. The miracle of Earth is that it is a medium of communication. Do you understand that? The Earth is a bridge; the Earth is a conceptual bridge. That is what it is. It is not a physical thing at all. It is a conceptual bridge. It is an idea through which you are all communicating. And ultimately there is the level at which everyone on Earth is experienced as one being.

On Earth you are all one being running the Earth program that turns one into many. This is a basis of all creation since the beginning; this kind of diffusion or radiance of self. Imagine it as a spectrum of infinite colors emerging from a singular white light as it passes through a prism. And then all these colors (/ beings) get to communicate through an idea, in this case, the Earth.

So understand that the Earth is an idea. You are all sharing an idea from different vantage points and all your different vantage points give you your own distinct reality. But because you are all looking at the idea of the Earth, that is what is shared. Do you see? You are your own spiritual being; you are your own self within All-That-Is. You are each beings within All-That-Is, just like I am a being within All-That-Is. Equally, everyone on Earth is one being as a collective, and within that collective you are experiencing a focused vantage point. From a certain level you are all completely different beings and this is to say you are unique; there is something unique to you, there is a one to you. You are on one level truly one of many. It is not just that it is an illusion.

You see, this is another way in which you get confused on Earth: you think that it is an illusion that you are many and that in fact you are one. Well that is not actually true. Equally it could be said that you are one of many. There are many. Many exist but ultimately they are all one, and that has come from the idea of a linear-timeline. It is you who have taken the idea that it was one and it broke into many, so therefore it is that linearity that then makes you go back in time to say the original source state was ‘more fundamentally’ one.

Yes, you are one being but you are equally many beings. It can be expressed in the reverse way when it is seen that there is no linearity to time. Without an arrow to time it goes in either direction; so you are your own unique beings. There is then this collective level, which is everyone that is experiencing the idea of Earth. This is the Earth bridging consciousness and it exists as an experience of self within all that are a part of it, even though you are all incredibly diverse beings. The spectrum of the beings running this Earth program is incredible—that is what makes it so powerful.

So you focus on the Earth and that is then what is shared. Do you see? The state of collective-consciousness is created just by focusing on it. If everybody thinks the same thought, looks at the same thing, then they share something. They are sharing a point within the infinite matrix that is a point in the-Now. It is like these broadcasts, these messages; these are a point you are all focusing on and you become a collective in focusing on it.

There is the collective of the live audience as a core pearl and then there are those who listen to the recording and read the text that add to that family, that collective-consciousness that meet in hearing, in focusing in this moment on my voice. That creates a collective state of consciousness. So all these diverse beings have come together. They are all focusing on this idea called the Earth, which is how you would describe the Earth. However you wish to describe the Earth is the idea of Earth. And by all focusing on the same thing you have this shared origin point and that then becomes what you communicate through; you communicate with each other through the Earth, which is to say on Earth—you go to Earth to communicate.

On Earth you use the idea of a language instead of communicating directly, by which I mean the way that you would imagine I would communicate with other beings here in my reality. I am what you would consider physical—though semi-physical to how you would view it. And although we have some degree of language, music and art, our communication is what you would consider direct, empathic and telepathic. We don’t communicate through an idea of a language.

You are communicating through this idea of Earth. So even though you too are spiritual beings that could communicate in the way that I communicate (directly and telepathically), you are choosing not to do that. You are running a blueprint that says that it is not possible. What you do is partially blind your self to that direction stream, although the fascinating thing is that it still runs through you; it is all still present within you, you never stop it, it is just that you push it into unconsciousness. So as you are running this blueprint that tells you that direct communication is not possible, your only option is through this Earth idea that you share and that is how the Earth is a powerful bridge of experience between a diverse range of beings.

You communicate through the Earth and that used to be only physically in-person, but now your technology has opened this up. Do you see how much technology has changed communication on your planet? Do you see the levels of technology and consciousness and how they are connected? Before you used to have to go and talk face to face. That was how you talked on Earth. That was the idea on Earth; you both have a body and you face each other and talk to each other.

And then it began to evolve with technology. Then you got things like your letters, your postal system and telegrams. Then, moving on to the modern era, you get telephones, texting and then video chat - all of these new ways that you communicate. As a collective you have been expanding the options of communicating through the idea of Earth. This has all been the Earth upgrading to shift to where you are going. This is all the shift of consciousness—what many are calling ‘The Great awakening’. From my perspective it is simply (yet profoundly) the move to a new cycle for the Earth.

It may look like technology but it is a shift of consciousness. It is shifting communication and perception. This technology is also shifting your perception of each other; it is blurring your cultures and allowing you to see your shared sense, what you have come to share. There’s another eye opener for you. Though we are all connected through being expressions of source consciousness, you have shared this experience for many many lifetimes with these other beings on Earth. You share that now. And that is a level that you would consider being in between this realization of all as one being and the realization of your self. It is sensing this family of experience and what you have been through together.

When you truly come to see how separate and contrasted things got on Earth, you will see you are all beings that have shared a very unique and intense experience. So it is interesting to us that you all look at each other with such scepticism or mistrust. Because from where we are stood, you are all incredibly close, for you have shared this incredible thing.

So getting back to the point: It is such a shift of the game to make this step to not having fear; to seeing the unity, to letting go of possessiveness, to letting go of competition, of separation, of hierarchy. And this shift reduces the contrast. So there is a way in which, if we use story as an example here—his dream, this arrival in California is less because he is more awake. If he had written a script that pulled him here overnight instead of having this buffer of around two months to transition; if he had just been pulled directly here one day, that would have been a very sharp transition and it would have resulted in a heightened emotional response.

For it would have been as if all the emotions that story had experienced over this two months, from the day he saw the house and first came to Laguna Beach, all the thoughts he has had, all the experiences, all the ideas tapping into it, feeling it; it would have been as if all those energies were met in that one day. See that these last two months are a journey that he was going through. He was taking a journey, going from A to B. He wasn’t just doing random things. He wasn’t doing anything unnecessary. He was travelling the whole time. He was processing the shift.

So if that had been taken away and condensed into one day and he had flown directly into Laguna Beach and walked straight into this house, he would have literally had to experience the last two months in that one day. And he didn’t want to do that and I do not blame him - it would not have been a good day! It would have been intensely amazing and intensely overwhelming and it would have been to experience the birth of his dream arriving simultaneously with the ripping away of his fears. The point being that the experience of this shift for him was elongated into a journey. But also that if it had been done in that day it would have been much more intense and that would have included the pleasurable end as well as the fearful end. So there is a way in which the experience is slightly less through his awakened state and this is the catch 22 I was talking to you about.

So many of you are in this state where you are saying, “I want my dream and I want it in the way I am picturing it which is in my old smaller limited world.” It is the smaller limited view of your dream that you are insisting on. But a part of that is to do with the idea of the intensity. In the awakened state it will be less intense, including your dream. But it is still an incredible reality and that is story’s message to you. “Do it, do it - it’s really good!” But you do have to take the brake off; you have to let go of control, a creator does not need to ‘insist’. So much of the beauty of creation is being open to seeing how it arrives within definitionbirthing the feeling and then getting to experience the reality of it.

Trust in the process, which is to say trust in your self. Trust in what you will create. Trust in what will happen if you allow uncontrolled change, if you allow your self to jump. I am sat here in another reality and I just seek to give you a perspective on where you are. There are no right or wrong choices in this but, at the same time, there is a path that is highlighted if you want the things you say you want. You see you don’t have to want the things you say you want. But if you want those things, then I, story, Sunson are pointing you towards them.

And it is simple: do your homework and conceive of your being without fear. You will quickly see that you will then do what your heart chooses without any excuse. The journey to that reality is the journey through your fear. The journey of awakening, the journey to freedom is in the release of your fear because the fear creates the separation which created the experience. The experience wouldn’t have happened without the fear. The fear wasn’t a mistake. Fear is not evil. Fear is not the enemy. Fear is the acorn of the Earth.

The fact that you are present on Earth and that you are listening to me now, these are both factors that strongly indicate to me that you wish to awaken. Neither myself nor story wish to be peddling you anything. You are the one that chose to come to Earth at this time—you came here, you chose this. You could have gone anywhere in time, you are in many other places in Earth’s history in time now. I can see you there—you are spread across time. But your focus is here at the time of awakening so that is why I speak to you of that process. Simply meaning, I am not telling you what you need to do because you are free to do anything—I am telling you to fulfil the intention that you are presenting to me. I am not attached to the course of your focus.

But I am talking to ‘the You’ on Earth, ‘the You’ listening to this. And I can see in your blueprint that you are saying, “I want to awaken. I want to go into this illusion and awaken to it from within it.” And then story comes along and says, face all your fear, jump off the cliff!” And you say, “Oh, that sounds a bit much. I don’t think I want it quite that much. No, I just want some nice things and to be comfortable. I just want a nice life.” Well there are lots of yous having nice lives along the timeline at times in Earth history where the planet wasn’t awakening.

Just as there is this choice to focus on the idea of the Earth, see that when you take away the idea of linear-time, all the different stages in history are different modifications of the same Earth idea. Indeed, this is another way of viewing there being many versions of Earth. You can view it as the linear-timeline with all the different points in history being the different versions of Earth. In this you can begin to see that even linear-time is just an idea that gives a certain shape to the experience of a reality.

So you asked yourself before birthing, “Do I want the age of technology? Do I want pre-technology? What state of awakening do I want to exist in?” It is all part of the choice to be human. And, regardless of how you feel about it, I can tell you my dear friend that you are focusing on the time of awakening. So I ask, “What do you want me to tell you?” Because I am telling you how to awaken. It is all documented in the material delivered over the last decade. Let me be very clear about that.

This is one of the advantages of us coming through as an individual. There is a way in which story gives us more leeway, but we can allow more individual perspectives that are closer to Earth perspectives. But to some people they might sound a little less spiritual, because I for one do not have much of an interest in this Kumbaya happy-clappy stuff; that is just lulling people out of fear. That’s what that’s about. It is very useful but it is not what I am interested in. I am interested in telling you how it is. And what I am telling you is that I want you to question whether or not you seriously do want to awaken or whether or not it just sounds like something you are ‘supposed to do’.

The stage it has been in up till now has very much been the ‘snooze button’ stage which is, I am going to get up but I’d like another ten minutes.” I guess the thing that I am telling you is that you have had quite a lot of ten-minute snoozes. I am not trying to push you but I am telling you what you are asking me to tell you. And I am doing it in a very direct way. And you asked me to tell you that it is time to get up. I do not think that you actually want to hit the snooze button again. I am your friend and I am telling you with love that I do not think you want to press the snooze button again.

If you do, it is fine. There is no big negative consequence; it’s just that this thing you are waiting for isn’t going to arrive. There is a thing that you’ve been waiting for, yes? You wish this would happen and you’ve been waiting for this thing. And I am telling you that it will not happen anytime soon if you hit the snooze button again. It simply will not. It happens when you stop hitting the snooze button. But when you do this, not only will you get your thing, you will wake up and your whole reality will change. It will become fearless and that is a completely different reality. Therefore the game that you are playing will end. Life as you have known it will end.

Though in saying that, understand that at any point you can focus back because ultimately the whole timeline is available to you; you can go anywhere; nothing is actually ever lost because you can always focus back there. But if you do go forwards that cocoon, that bubble, pops and that changes pretty much everything. And with that comes your dream. A part of that change is your dream but that is only a tiny part of that new reality. When you are ready a whole new reality will awaken within you. And I encourage you to feel all of it.

So to be clear: whatever you choose is perfectly okay. When you are ready for the thing you say you want, ready for that feeling that you have been waiting for, stop hitting the snooze button. Some of you are asking now, “Well, what is the snooze button?” To answer this I will now demonstrate a bit more of this individuality of mine. I will be a little tougher on you than maybe SunSon would normally - but I wish you to feel this difference and I wish story to experience it.

You all know your snooze button. Give me a break! You know your snooze button. Let’s not play that game. You know the area where you give your power away, where you are not authentic, where you give into fear, where you give into sacrifice, mission, whatever it is. If you don’t know your snooze button yet then you are not ready to stop hitting it. And I am left slightly confused as to how you have even been able to bring yourself to read these words.

You all know your snooze button. You all know the thing that you do that creates a loop; something you don’t want to change, something you don’t want to let go of. It has various faces; for some people you might access it through the idea of the thing you don’t want to do but know you ‘should’. Like story, I am not a fan of the word ‘should’ but it serves as a clear pointer to your snooze button. So …

Welcome to your snooze button! Now what do you want to do with it? And it is perfectly fine whatever you choose. I cannot be too clear on this. You will arrive when you arrive and whenever you arrive will be perfect. Or put another way… you will awaken when you awaken and whenever you awaken will be perfect.

I do not want to create any idea here that you are getting later and later by continually pressing this snooze button. That is an idea created by the constraints of linear-time. I understand some sense of that might be helpful, especially because you want me to tell you to stop hitting the button, but I am not here to tell you what to do. I am here to make the options clearer to you. So I’m happy to tell you about your snooze button, but I will not be quite so pushy on what you do with it. It is your self that is being pushy if you are feeling a push in these words. The push, if you are feeling it, is coming from you. Please do not be offended when I tell you that I am not attached either way. Indeed, I am telling you that you will arrive at the right time whenever it is that you stop hitting the snooze button. It can be no other way. Any sense of pressure here is your own.

It is only an idea of linear-time that creates the idea that you wouldn’t arrive on time. This arrival is actually best thought of as a place rather than a time. There is a place that you will arrive at when you stop hitting your snooze button. You will arrive at this place when you stop hitting the button and that place exists in the eternal Now - so it doesn’t matter how many more times you hit your snooze button.

In some spiritual teachings, the idea of stopping pressing the button creates a pressure. Those teachings tell you what to do and I will not be party to that pressure. You can hit your snooze button for as many times as you like and you will arrive with everyone else at the place ( / time) of arrival. Let me explain: everyone will arrive together and that is a space / point in the eternal Now. And when you arrive at that space you will be meeting the time of arrival in your self. There are not lots of different spaces of arrival, there is only one.

So it doesn’t matter if you press your snooze button another fifty times or if you don’t press it again. When you arrive you will arrive, and you will be at the one time of arrival. You will not be late. You cannot be late. There will not even be the idea of people getting there before you or after you. There is no negative consequence to you continuing to push the snooze button in any way that you would imagine it or think of it. You are free to keep pushing the snooze button as much as you like because no matter when you stop pressing the button it will do that same thing; it will cause you to arrive; it will cause you to arrive at the time of arrival. To understand this is to begin to grasp what multi-dimensionality is.

The best place to start with this idea is to be honest with yourself that you are pressing it in the first place. The one part that I am willing to give you the push on and say, “Give me a break!” is if you say you don’t know what your snooze button is. What do you struggle with? That is your snooze button. I will not pressure you into not pushing it. But I am telling you that your spirit, as you would think of it, is sat here with me now saying, “Stop pushing it.” And the reason your spirit is saying that is because it knows that the thing that you want will arrive when you stop pushing it. And that is how I started—by saying to you that if you want your dream, stop pushing the button, take the leap and allow the change.

I hope I am not being too raw for some of you, but I am purposefully standing on this point in order to best point at it. Because I at least just wish you to be conscious of it; conscious of the choice. That is the intervening reality. There is ‘unconsciously pushing the snooze button’ and there is consciously pushing the snooze button’, and I would encourage you, if you are not ready to stop pressing it, to at least move to pressing it consciously.

So continue to press the button if you wish, but do it consciously by saying, “I know I am choosing to push my snooze button again, but this is a conscious choice to give myself more time. I am giving myself more time between now and this awakening arrival point. I will create more time to continue this experience.” This is a completely legitimate choice if there’s something else in your current experience that you want to finish exploring before changing the game through awakening. But if the reason you’re hanging about is to get your dream, then stop pressing the snooze button, because your dream is in the next stage of reality, not the cycle that is now ending.

There is a subtle distinction here; if you press the snooze button, do it consciously and know that in pressing it your big dream will not arrive, but that you get to experience all the other deliciousness while you are still in this bubble, in this fear cloak. So that is the perfectly healthy (non-fear-based) reason if you want to keep hitting your snooze button. Do it consciously, do it knowing your dream won’t arrive but do it from a choice that there are lots of other delicious things you’re experiencing that you want to experience before your dream arrives. So there will be an idea of, “Well, there are certain other things I want to get done so I am going to go and do these things and give myself more time. And when I am done with that I will then stop hitting the snooze button and I will arrive in my dream.”

So I am pointing you towards the legitimate way to hit the snooze button and I am asking you to do it consciously. If you want to be unconscious of your snooze button, then I probably will have already irritated the f#ck out of you and I am surprised if you’re still reading. If you are very irritated then please just stop reading. But for those of you that are ready; it is going to be a wild amazing ride! And if you can find a way to ease off it, allow your self that. But you each have your own individual creation of it. Feel into it; feel into the way to do it with grace. And then you just allow.

It is possible. Only a few months ago story had no idea he would be living in California. He was planning it for a year or two’s time. And he just stepped into this flow of allowance: I am ready!” And just like in his vision, because he said he would only ever do it when it was easy, he found himself transported across the world, transported to a new reality. And it was a mind-bending couple of months of integrating huge change, of integrating new streams of energy, of awakening, of arriving in new perspectives and new ideas. Armed with the tools we have taught you, he navigated that transition by allowing it. It was far more a process of allowance than forging. And that is how it can be for you.

Go where welcomes you. Go where the flow takes you. Do it! Stop pressing the snooze button, allow the shit to hit the fan (which is the facing of your fears) and live your dream. If you want things to kind of stay the same, then don’t hit the snooze button, but at least do that consciously, knowing your dream won’t arrive and be okay with that.

It is time for me to depart. It has been a joy to speak with you. This has been in the birthing process for some time as we start to allow in more individual personalities to speak with you and offer you new perspectives - new perspectives on the reality you are experiencing, giving you different flavors to show you that there is not just one answer. I hope that you have enjoyed my perspective. I hope I have not been too hard on you. I just wanted to tell you what I see and make the choice that stands before you as clear as possible.

I have much love and respect for you all. To me, what you are doing is fascinating. And that is the best word for it. SunSon sometimes blows a bit of ‘sun-sun’ up your arses with how ‘honored’ you are and how you are ‘masters’ and all this business. It is not that this is not true, but I wish to convey to you that the main word for how I respond to you is a feeling of ‘it is fascinating what you are doing, really fascinating’. I want to talk to you about it. I want to communicate with you, I want to feel this. I am delighted that we are having this chat.

That is my feeling of you, of the Earth. There is such a diversity of beingness out there and yet there’s equally a way in which they are all the same. Because of course ultimately they are. From a certain perspective you have been in this bubble for so long and it will continue to be there in all forms. Nothing will be lost.

So if you are ready, take my hand and see yourselves stepping forward, stepping away from your snooze button. If you wish, see your self energetically holding my hand and walking away from your snooze button, into clarity, into the world, into your dream.

It has been delicious to talk to you my friends. I look forward to speaking to you again later in the year.

Much love to you all.

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