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The dual nature of humanity is reflected by its feeling of separation between self and other, and by the many polarized meanings through which the outer world of definition is understood. However, its primary manifestation is seen in the divide between our inner non-physical experience of consciousness (that is not contained by space or time) and our outer experience of existing within a physical body contained within a physical world (space / matter) of unfolding linear events (time).

A significant part of what it is to be human is a fascinating exploration of an existence which spans the territory created by the separation of the inner and the outer. It is remarkable to experience these as being polarized to the degree that they appear to be unconnected. The dual nature that arises through this separation creates a whole new type of experience—a self that can experience itself as contained by—rather than generating—its outer reality.

within human form it is not only possible to feel that we are not creating our reality, but we can even experience events that feel as though they directly oppose our will. To experience something that is not wanted is a rare experience within creationone that humanity has strongly focused upon.

The Divide Within Humanity

The human experience is one of the most extreme experiences of separation in existence. The level of separation from our wider, unified state of consciousness is reflected in how we can often feel isolated from the wider whole of humanity—encapsulated by our feeling of difference. However, this reflection of separation from source as the distance between yourself and the rest of humanity is not the primary divide. The greatest separation is not the void that can be felt to exist between self and other—it is the divide between your inner experience of consciousness and your outer experience of physicality.

human individuality is not the state of isolated singularity it is often perceived to be. We take it for granted that the extreme difference we feel between the experience of the physical and the non-physical is simply what it is like to be in a space-time reality. We believe it is normal that what we think and feel inside is experienced as being distinctly separate from what happens outside of us.

An integral part of being human is our choice to experience this profound separation between our inner experience of consciousness and our outer experience of physicality. This is something that has become acutely developed within the human experience. We say that we are a single self, and yet there are two experiences of self within us that have become intensely polarized to the point of seeming to be completely separate. To be human is to have two highly distinct interfaces through which you experience. It is to have a dual nature.

Despite religion telling us that physicality is there to tempt ‘the spirit and science telling us consciousness is a by-product of biological evolution, you are not one or other of these experiences. You are not either one—you are that which straddles both physicality and consciousness. Their perceptual reunification within you is a form of enlightenment. It is an extraordinary experiential journey within the human experience.


The human experience contains two connected but polarized experiences of selfconsciousness and physicality. You are that which connects them. You are both physical and non-physical.

The polarization of inner and outer creates a territory of beingness that the human experience is an exploration of. The separation between inner and outer is an illusion—your outer and inner selves are two ends of the same self.

Your feeling of separation from humanity is a reflection of the feeling of separation between your human self and your knowing of your self as source-consciousness. The desire to return to fuller consciousness can only be fulfilled through loving humanity—rather than by judging it (which is often expressed as the desire to evolve beyond it as if it were distasteful and not connected to what you are).

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