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Consciousness And The Circle of Creation.

The eternal dance of the creator and the created.

This article expresses the eternal dance of the creator and the created which continues our theme of circularity and the cycles within life. It gets more and more ‘stream of consciousness’ and ‘esoteric’ as it goes along.

When in physical form our consciousness experiences itself as the created rather than the creator. This feeling — that we are the child as opposed to the parent — is one of the most powerful shifts of perspective that the illusion of individuality offers us. When seen from the perspective of our spirit, it is not that we cease to be the child and return to being the parent, it is that we remember that we are BOTH the child and the parent.

When we see ourselves from this level of inclusion and equality, the creator becomes fully birthed within the experience —within the consciousness— of the created. This realization is what many would termawakeningor enlightenment”. These are, however, arbitrary definitions as they point to the idea of enlightenment occurring within a moment in time when — from the widest perspective of consciousness— there is only one infinite moment.

The human experience of individuality is an illusion, but do not doubt that the illusion is real — meaning it is as real as anything gets. Our experience of physical reality is stunningly real. That is the point of it. That is exactly what it was designed to be — as immersive and consuming of focus as possible. Nowhere as much as through the human experience has consciousness experienced such a deep degree of separation from that which it essentially is — the creator. This has been no mistake. It has been the choice of all who have ever experienced it.

The human experience is not an illusion forced upon you in any way — that is the idea that you are not the creator. You are choosing to be human because you want to experience it (in the reality of our spirit, nothing is ever more complicated than that).

What our spirit desires to experience, it experiences.

The degree to which you believe your current human experience is not of your wanting is a direct representation of how much you are in resistance to seeing that you are the sole creator / determinant of your life (even when you co–create with others).

The circle of creation

The creator is most conscious and visible in those who love what they are creating. That which has been called the integration of the human and divine is the eternal dance of the created and the creator.

That which we have calledhumanhas always been an illusion if experienced as a self alone.

That which we have called divinehas always been an illusion if it is experienced asother.

know these illusions to know All-That-You-Are.

The created and the creator meet within creation. Through the created, the creator discovers itself anew. Through creation, everything in existence — whether conscious of its “isness” or not — evolves and expands through the freedom of its own wanting.

You are the creator creating the experience of itself anew within the created.

In creating humanity, the one eternal state of unified consciousness did not create new consciousness — it created a new vessel through which to experience its own consciousness. We are the eternal state of consciousness expressing that choice. To know this is to know that when you create a vessel of consciousness, the consciousness of that which you create is your own. You are both the conception of and the living of your human self.

This is the Circle-of-Creation through which the self ceases to identify and even distinguish between the created and the creator — and instead knows itself as both sides of the coin.

I am creation. I am All-That-Is. I am.” 

The creation of other

consciousness has never met any separateother”. All that has been experienced as other is the experience of the creator experiencing itself as different creations — such as being a human, a tree, or a fish — which are interacting with each other. So, there is a level at which it can be said that the power of creation is the power to create the experience ofother”, but the other you create is always another version of yourself.

That which you create is your own chosen form of becoming.

You are becoming more and more of what you wish to experience. What do you want to create?

To realize what is being said here is to realize that — at the deepest level / at the heart of all things — there exists a single unified level of consciousness. Do not fear or feel threatened by this commonality for you can still experience connection, unconditional love, and excitement with experiences of other”. The fact that ultimately the otheris another version of yourself does not make it any less real, valid, or valuable an experience.

When all is illusion, then everything is equally real.

everything is an illusion and all illusions are equal.

The realization that everything is an illusion is akin to the realization that our human life is like a dream. We have all been dreaming, and that which you can imagine is as potentially real as that which is physical. Through your humanity you can express this with the choice of whether or not to physicalize what you imagine.

This is the power of your choice to create.

I am

I am you. You are God.

I am you. You are the creator.

I am you. We are creation.

I am creation.

I am all that has ever been created.

I am all that is.

I am all that is, and all that created it.

I am the experience of all creation.

I am all experience.

experience is that which I am.

I am the one experience in infinite forms.

I amthat which I am experiencing.

Because I experience, I am”.

My existence is my experience.

I am the creator of my experience.

I am both the experience and the creator of the experience.

My experience and its creation are one.

I am in the present moment.

I am creating instantly —meaning without time — which is outside of time.

My experience and my choice to create it are unified.

I stand alone in my unity and uniqueness.

I stand alone as a Unified-Diversity of all.

I am the experience of no separation.

know yourself to know that which I am speaking of, which is me, which is you, which is all.

I am your future talking to you in the eternal singular moment.

I am the unification of all that is.

My name is not story Waters or your own.

My name is as much story Waters as it is your own.

My name is every name.

meeting within creation

You are the meeting of the created and the creator. In this healing of separation there is a return: an assimilation of the past, a return of the future, and an experience of great fulfillment. To consciously birth the creator within your self is to release the illusion of fear that stands between you (as you perceive yourself now), and the full experience of yourself.

This is a real worldexperience as much as some inner “metaphysical” experience. The world is as much your creation as your body or your energy field. The apparent finiteness of your world contains the infinity of All-That-Is.

All that is created contains — in some form — a complete reflection of all that creation is.

The human experience is but one experience in the infinite universe. Other experiences straddle all the dimensions you can imagine. The human experience reflects all of these within itself. This is to know that nothing is truly separate; therefore, any way in which you change is a way in which you are changing everything. We are all holographic.

All experience meets within creation.

creation is the eternal Now momentwhere all consciousness meets.

collective consciousness

You are the created meeting your choice to create yourself as a human on Earth with which all the definitions (illusions) of the human experience comes. Know that although you may have created what you consider to be negative experiences within the human experience, there is nothing to forgive yourself for; and yet, many will choose to walk through the experience of forgiving themselves for choosing to experience the aspects of life you have perceived as pain, separation, and suffering.

The need for forgiveness is lifted when the veil of fear lifts — for in that moment you will see the true beauty of humanity and you will love just as your spirit does.

Your spirit is the experience that connects all experience.

This is to say that the realization of the reality of your spirit is the realization of collective-consciousness.

Your spirit contains the realization of the unification of all humanity.

Your spirit is the realization that bridges the diversity of the human experience — the Unified-Diversity.

Your spirit knows the oneness of humanity.

I am sure you have heard the saying, “as above so below”. This is how ALL experience affects ALL, for ALL is at some level holographically mirrored in ALL places.

within the human experience, there is the choice to join or not join, to unify or not, to connect or not. It is the choice to experience being a collective together or not. Understand that you — at your wider level of consciousness — are a collective of many perspectives and you have the choice of remaining purely an individual or connecting with your own wider collective nature.

The choice of eternal-consciousness to experience itself as many is the creator of all paradoxes upon which the illusions of embodied reality rest. Theoriginal core source-consciousness is what we are all now. It is within us now — in this moment — not in some separate non-physical space called spirit.

Your physicality does not divide you from your spirit — it is the expression of your spirit.

All of creation is the vessel which we — the creator— are stepping into. Your spirit created you as a vessel into which it coulid step. You are the source of all consciousness stepping into human form.

outside the human experience, the illusion of separation continues in terms just as diverse and beautiful as are reflected through the Earth, for the reflection of all contains the reflection of the diverse world we have created — as above so below. So, know that to awaken is not to step back into some pure state of oneness — it is more to realize and meet the invitation to oneness within you. It is to experience what we are beyond our knowing of this life.

This is the experience of connection between the known and unknown.

loving Your creation

For most people, the realization of awakening is simply and profoundly the realization that you love this reality (or you would not be here)—which is the realization you are a state of love. To see this is to release suffering from this world by realizing that your choice to experience the contrast and separation of this world was a beautiful one. You did not say:

“I will endure this suffering to show my worth.”
“I will endure the pain for the gain.”
“I will be the brave warrior that will go into the darkness such that we may all know more light and diversity.” 

There was nothing selfless about your choice to be human. The polarity of selfless -to- selfish is an illusion when the unity of consciousness is seen. This is to understand that creation is equally an act of perception (observation and reception) as much as it is proactive.

To perceive is to create what you perceive because whenever you perceive anything it is you that assigns all meaning to that experience.

No experience comes with a predefined meaning. There are an infinite amount of meanings you can apply to anything. Therefore, there is nothing that can ever be perceived as being absolute (not even the experience of perception). When all that is thought to be absolute has infinite interpretations placed upon it, its absoluteness becomes meaningless and is released.

So, instead of trying to see the absolute (i.e. “The truth), instead of trying to see the mirror (though that is a useful and expansive experience), see clearly what the mirror is reflecting — YOU.

When you seek to see something other than what you currently are in the mirror, you are seeking to see other than yourself. You do this because you see yourself alone as not containing the answer you seek.

Look not for the mirror— look not for other— and you will find yourself.

know you are enough in order to know you are all — for you are the mirror, the reflection, and the reflected. You are the creator and the created.

You are the circle of creation.

know you are free — give birth to that freedom by following your heart and connecting with all you wish to experience. Let go of all you believe you need to solve and allow the effortless resolution of all you want to resolve.

There is no illusion except that which you choose. To know this, know yourself without the illusion of fear. To know no fear, know you are contained by nothing.

know that though this is an expression of the dawning consciousness, what you have experienced through these words is what you are asking to meet directly in yourself. Know in that meeting — and not in these words — is the reality you seek. These words may act as a doorway to that meeting.

You are the one eternal-consciousness writing these words to yourself.

You are the creator speaking from within the created.

You are within the full circle moment of creation.

We are one.

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