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Conscious Creation

A part of becoming a conscious creator is coming to see that it is the way you feel about yourself and not how anyone else or society feels about you—that ultimately determines the level of worth you are willing to assign to yourself. Feeling badly about yourself is to consistently feel bad and that masks the positive feelings of guidance through which you can most joyfully navigate the human experience. You will not find what you seek as long as you either punish or berate yourself. Only through loving yourself will you find freedom.

The Art of Creation

In the realization that you are the creator of your reality it is seen that even though your reality flows from you, this does not mean that you control it. Creation is not an act of control. The energy of seeking to control something is a rejection of creation. No element of your reality requires your control. To believe in the need for control is to be blind to the beauty of the unfolding. It is to believe that without your effort reality will be inferior. What you create has its own form of consciousness; to seek to control it is no different than seeking to control another human being.

When you first step into your power of creation there is little doubt that there will be much you will want to change about your reality. It is our nature to look to remove what we do not want, before we start to create what we do want. To desire new things in your reality is not in itself a desire to control. It is through your implementation of this desire that control can arise. What distinguishes creation from control is whether the expression of your desire is founded on the allowance, or the rejection, of your reality. Control is an act of rejection. Creation flows from allowance.

When you express your desire as control, you effectively want to destroy an aspect of your reality. The energy of that rejection is one of judgment; a judgment that states your desire to separate from that aspect of ‘what is’. In essence you are seeking to reject it even though, as a part of your reality that you are responding to, it is a reflection of your being. To reject something in this way is to judge that there is something ‘wrong’ with it. It is to deny that it, in some way, represents you. Control, in its energy of rejection, is a mechanism of separation.

What you are rejecting is either seen as something external to be pushed away, or as something that is deficient within you that it is best to suppress. This is a denial that it is of your own creation—of you. Whatever you seek to reject has not hurt you; it has only ever been an expression of your pain, and that pain has only ever been from your rejection of that part of yourself. It is circular. There is no cause and effect in choosing from the heart. To reject something is to believe that you will feel better by destroying its existence in your reality, but what you are rejecting is not your pain. The act of rejection is the pain.

Do not reject what you want to change in your life. Acknowledge that it is an aspect of you which has served you in coming to see yourself, even if this experience was painful. It has been a gift because it has led you to see an aspect of your being that you were rejecting. Pain is a mechanism that causes you to focus on an aspect of your being that you are separating from, such that the energy of your focus can potentially bring about its reintegration (healing). When you reject your pain, and refuse to see its message, then it becomes suffering. Pain does not need to make you suffer; when pain is seen with clarity it becomes a signpost to your freedom.

To create is to express the energy of love in your being. It is to focus what you do want, rather than focus on what you do not want. To focus on what you do want is to feel the joy of it in your being. It is to love what you want, thereby attracting it to you. To focus on rejecting what you do not want is to create ties of identification that hold it to you. Your focus on it only brings it closer. The statements “I am and I am not” are both statements of identification; in this context the ‘not’ is irrelevant. Whatever you focus upon you pull into your reality, whether your focus is one of love or rejection. This is how we come to create what we fear. Our fear acts as a focus that causes what we fear to manifest. So rather than trying to control ‘what is’, simply allow it to be, and focus on what you do want. To allow your reality is to release your attempts to control it. When you do this, the loving, attractive energies of your desire will bring about what you do want.

Letting go of the energy of rejection is a gradual journey. It is to release an ingrained way of being. Years of living with something you hate creates many bonds with that thing. anger, hate, and rejection are strong forces of identification. Any emotion is a force of attraction. To feel emotion about something is to draw it to you. The fact that it is stimulating emotion in you means that it carries a message for you. The very emotion is the message. Only in allowing yourself to feel the emotion will you hear the message. When you have heard and integrated the message, and therefore the emotion, you will have released your focus on it from your reality.

The opposite of love is the opposite of anger; it is indifference. True indifference to something is an absence of emotional response. As such it represents an absence of desire to control that thing. This is the complete allowance of it to be as it is. To be indifferent to something is to release that thing from your reality because you are no longer associating your identity with it, or acting to dissociate your identity from it. This is to allow it to be as it is—to go on its way. Indifference is to neither pull something towards you, nor push it away. This makes indifference an effortless state. You cannot force yourself to be indifferent. You cannot work towards being indifferent about something you are trying to release from your life. You cannot force yourself to feel nothing—to do so is to go into a form of self-numbing which is to suppress (reject) your emotions. Indifference for something cannot be manufactured; it only arises from coming to accept it as it is. This is to come into balance and integration with it.

To release something from your life that you have been trying to reject, open yourself up to accept it. This does not mean you have to enjoy its presence. It is to accept its existence in your reality such that you are ceasing to reject it. This is to realize and acknowledge that it has been a valid part of the expression of your being. It is to allow the idea that it can remain in your reality, and however long it remains will be meaningful. It is to know that when it leaves your reality will be when it has served its purpose and delivered its message to you. If you release the control of rejecting what you do not want, and focus positively on what you do want, you will be allowing the harmony of the unfolding into your reality.

creation is an act of lovelove for your being, love of life, and love of love. It is a journey of exploration through birthing new and exciting experiences into your reality, rather than seeking to manipulate and control what is already there. It is to realize that what is before you is beautiful because it is reflecting you to yourself, and you are beautiful; even when you are exploring aspects of being such as separation, pain, or control. Rejecting an aspect of your reality will intensify rather than release it. To accept your reality is to allow it to flow—to change. To be in the flow of life is neither to seek to hold an experience to you, nor push it away. It is simply to be in the experience. This is to be in the Now.

The reality before you is the most meaningful experience you could be having in this moment. It is never a mistake. To become aware of its message of love, you must allow the experience of your reality into yourself. This is to be one with it, rather than to reject, resist, or judge it. This is to experience it with clarity. It is to hear its message, which is to allow it to transform into the next experience. Hear the message of your current reality in order to release its rigidity, such that your fluid dreams can unfold.

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