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The Evolution of Complexity

within human form we marvel at the complex diversity of what we are as a species and the magnitude of life expressed through the Earth. Our personalities are so different and varied that—despite there being billions of us—we still feel unique in what we are. This is because layers upon layers—and layers within layers—of definition have built up and evolved through the human experience.

It can be hard to imagine how this infinite complexity arose out of what is seen to be a state of infinite simplicity (unity). In this, it is seen how the diverse complexity of the human experience allows for a greater feeling of separation and, by extension, the individuality we so treasure.

The height of this complexity correlates to the depth of individuality / separation we have created through the human experience from which we are now perceptively returning. Although this return is represented by an outward experience—at its heart—it is a perceptual journey—a journey through the curtain of definition we live within to the state of perception of our spirit. Therefore you—through knowing your spirit—are capable of seeing how every single human being is The-One-Self (God) experiencing itself through many diverse aspects (states of definition).

Moving towards your spirit’s state of perception can initially feel like seeing yourself in a reduced way (partly because of how the individuality you have been identified with is seen to be but a temporary form). Much of the complexity of you human experience arises through relatively simple patterns. Because of how something this complex can be accurately described through repeating patterns, this can feel like having something taken away from you. However, if you do not go into resistance, the next step—that automatically arises from seeing these patternsis to intuitively see how to step beyond the aspects of these patterns with which you feel the least resonance.

This is because to see through the illusion of separation is to lose some of the depth of your individuality. This happens because you are becoming more conscious of your wider nature and therefore less focused on your mortality. This is to meet yourself as the creator of all the patterns you have known yourself through as an individual.

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