Collective Consciousness


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Earth’s Bridging Consciousness

The-One-Self is called a self because collective-consciousness is experienced through a sense of self that is not as dissimilar to being an individual as you may suppose. To experience collective-consciousness is not to stop being a self; it is to be a self with multiple perceptual inputs—a multi-dimensional self.

The fundamental building block of the collective self is the individual. An individual is the whole unified self with a pattern of unconsciousness applied to it. Individuals are states of collective-consciousness that are within the experience of being unconsciousness of their collective nature. Through every individual, The-One-Self adds a new dimension of perception.

There are many levels of consciousness between individuality and The-One-Self. Any combination of individuals can be seen to form a state of collective-consciousness. All humans, as well as being a part of the collective-consciousness of humanity, are each a collective on multiple other levels (including within the aspects of themselves). You are a member of many collectives. For example: your gender, sexuality, race, and many circles of personal relationship. Each of these have their own states of collective-consciousness which are available to be perceived within you.

The collective-consciousness of the Earth can be thought of as a bridging consciousness. It is that which connects all consciousness on the planet by being common to it. By containing the full 360-degree spectrum, the bridging consciousness both sees through and understands the choice for all human unconsciousness.

The human bridging consciousness powerfully reflects our state of consciousness prior to entering human form because to be humanity not-in-unconsciousness is to be the state of perception that chose to enter into the unconsciousness of humanity. Being present in all, it has a powerful collective presence—often called enlightenment or Christ-Consciousnessthat shines out from within us. The feeling of the bridging consciousness calls out to each of us from within our collective heart.

humanity is a collective-consciousness where the individuals that comprise it are unaware of their connection. Even though it is usually not experienced, this shared collective level of bridging consciousness (which is often called enlightenment) is available to be experienced within every human being.

A staircase of self exists between the extreme human depth of individuality and the complete experience of the human collective-consciousness—the bridging consciousness. You are free to leave the depth of separation that you currently experience such that you explore this staircase through which you will meet more expansive experiences of self that draw from the wider pool of perception that is available. This wider experience of self does not destroy your sense of individuality, it just makes you aware that our depth of individuality is a quality of life that is chosen.

Understanding Collective Consciousness

collective-consciousness is an experience of self that fluidly combines multiple, individualized vantage points into a singular state of multi-dimensional perception.

Even though it is an experience of self, it is a much wider state of perception than being an individual as it is to simultaneously operate from many perspectives (rather than one). It is however misleading to think of collective-consciousness as only being the sum of all its vantage points. While that is certainly a state of perception available to it, collective-consciousness is best thought of as a territory of perception.

Just as human beings innately focus all available sensory input down to that which is pertinent, so too does collective-consciousness fluidly and seamlessly draw from all that it is in order to form and explore the experiences it finds most resonant and meaningful.

The Earth bridging consciousness is a state of perception that exists within every human being. A staircase of self exists within you (with extreme individuality at one end and the complete collective experience at the other). Through the experience of this staircase, the individual and collective-consciousness can be experienced as not being separate, but as two differentiated—but connectedqualities of consciousness that become polarized when we wish to experience our individuality. In this the individual’s deep unconsciousness of All That They Are (the mortal self) becomes polarized from their conscious perception of themselves as a complete expression of The-One-Self.

All individuals are a part of an infinite number of states of collective-consciousness because everything is ultimately one connected whole. This connection is denied or accepted (made unconscious or conscious) in order to traverse the territory of experiences of self that exist between extreme individuality and the complete collective experience of All-That-Is / source-consciousness / The-One-Self.

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