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Discernment is the clarity of choosing from your heart. All choices that flow with clarity from the heart are in harmony with not only your personal unfolding, but also the unfolding of the world. The mind tells us that this is not possible, that we as individuals must at times want things that the world does not. This is logic, and is founded on the idea that we are separate from each other. A Unified-Diversity is the realization of the intimate fusion of the unity of the whole with its expression of diversity. It is the realization into being of each individual choice fitting perfectly with the whole.

To choose from your heart is not to consciously choose for the all. It is to purely feel what your heart desires to experience in your personal reality. To make choices where you are thinking of what is best for all is not allowance; it is to control. It is the idea that you could possibly know what is better for other people than themselves. At the core of allowance is respect for all things to be as they are, including their chosen path of unfolding. To think you could know better is, through judgment, to see yourself as separate and superior. See the difference between trying to control people and experiencing the joys of co-creating with others to catalyze the unfolding of all involved. The harmony of a Unified-Diversity flows from all beings choosing from their hearts for themselves.

love and respect the world by letting it choose for itself. To do this is to free yourself from your own control, as when you are trying to control others that energy is reflected back and experienced in your own reality. To control others is to live within a personal reality that is defined by control. To love and respect the world is to live within the energy of love and respect within your own personal reality.

Coming to choose from your heart, according to what feels best for you, can at first feel selfish. The idea of being selfish is a barrier we have used in our separation from our divinity. The idea of selfishness is the association of shame and guilt with loving yourself. To be controlled by the idea of selfishness is to sacrifice your own joy. It is to be contained by the idea that it is self-indulgent to be joyful. The paradox being that there is no greater service you can do for the world than putting your self first, such that you experience the joy of your being. To live in joy is to ground your divinity and make the whole world more joyful.

The foundation of bringing love to the world starts with loving yourself. Choosing what feels best for you, from your heart, is simultaneously the most selfish and selfless thing you can do. It is to see the illusion of the polarity of selfish-selfless as being a mechanism of control and limitation. To release it is to see through the judgment of self-indulgence. To be selfless is selfish, and to be selfish is selfless. To aid all is to aid yourself. To aid yourself is to aid all.

beliefs are rarely clear cut. They usually reflect many fragments of experience that may conflict with each other. The motion of the unfolding is to clarify this fragmentation. This clarification occurs through the choices that unfold before you. Many of your choices are symbolic representations of your fragmented beliefs. For example, one experience may have told you that being in love is wonderful, while another told you that love was the route to pain. This creates a fragmented belief about being in love. Eventually this will manifest as a choice, with one option symbolizing the choice to see being in love as pleasurable, and the other choice as painful. Whatever perspective you then choose represents the clarification of your belief about being in love. Regardless of how you choose, the fragmentation is resolved.

What is seen here is that clarity does not mean to see through to some transcendent, universal truth; it means to see clearly what you believe. There is no right or wrong to what you believe. The existence of right and wrong itself is simply a belief. To awaken is to come to clearly know what your beliefs are. This is to be consciously aware of the stage from which you create. Your perception of reality can be used as a gauge of this. You are seeing clearly when you experience your reality as a reflection of your beliefs. Clarity is to see reality without judgment or preconception. Your vision may be clouded, but if you see it is clouded then you are seeing clearly. Clarity is not a definition of truth; it is to see yourself clearly as you are—without the distortion of fear. It flows from allowance, as it is only when you look without trying to control what you see that you see clearly.

The practice of discernment is the unfolding choice for clarity, as it is to feel, and thereby choose, from the heartfree from fear and attachment. When you choose from love for your being, and respect for the options that you are not choosing, then you are choosing clearly. Your choices then reflect your inner identity, and you experience with clarity what it is you are choosing to be. When we choose from a fearful belief, our reality alters so that the fear becomes more clearly visible. This creates the potential for us to see our fear with clarity. In this way it can be seen that if we are open to change, then instead of being self-reinforcing, the action of fear becomes to clear itself. The more we choose from fear the more pronounced it will become in our reality until we eventually see through the illusion of jeopardy that it represents, and free ourselves from its limits. This is a representation of how the motion of the unfolding is always towards the resolution of resistance, even though you may go deeper into resistance to get there.

To discern is to take the energy of each option of a choice before you into your heart and feel it. To choose from the heart is to choose what feels pleasurable to you. This can be done without attachment to that specific pleasure when you realize there is no shortage of pleasures to be had. Do not push away the options which do not feel pleasurable; instead, simply acknowledge that they do not feel right to you and let them move on through their own volition. As such they are not rejected, they are simply no longer focused upon.

Bring clarity into your life by looking at your choices as statements of belief. Look at what your actions convey about what you believe. Look at any judgments you may have about what you are not choosing. When you let go of seeing choices as right and wrong, you will come to see that all options are equally valid; they simply represent different flavors that you can choose to taste. This is to be choosing with complete freedom.

In clarity you will come to experience paradox—where you see two ends of a polarity as being equal. To see paradox in reality is to see beyond the illusion of duality to the inner freedom of your being. For example, you may believe that independence is superior to dependence, until one day you see that in your effort to remain independent, you have become dependent on independence—your refusal to allow the love of others to help you has come to cage you (predetermine your choices). In this moment of paradoxical clarity you see how the two ends of the scale meet—to reject dependence is to become dependent on being independent.

When you feel your heart leading you to move in a particular direction you are feeling your infinite-self. As you come to allow yourself to live by this feeling of inner guidance your growing trust in it will make it ever clearer. The more you come to live by your heart the easier it becomes. You are birthing the realization of your unity with your infinite-self. Living by your heart will take you through your unfolding in the most joyful of ways. Coming to live by this feeling is the realization of joy. To follow your heart is to love yourself.

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