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everything we experience is a form of perceptual illusion. All illusions are circular because consciousness does not leave what it is by entering into the perceptual illusion of a reality. That which consciousness is prior to entering into the illusion of space-time persists. The consciousness that creates the illusion is present at both the initiation of the illusionthe forgetting—and the resolution of it—the remembering. It represents the single point that breaks the circle and makes it appear to be a linear line—a human life. This state of consciousness is what you birthed from and what you will return to at death (or through awakening within the life).

We do not stop being non-physical when we enter into physicality. Physicality is like putting on a cloak and we return to who we are without the cloak at the end of experience. Putting on the cloak and taking it off is a circular journey of coming to forget who we are without the cloak and then remembering.

Everything is Circular

Although through our current experience it is clear that humanity is a divided experience, when viewed from a wider vantage point that includes its creation, it is seen that this depth of polarization was not where humanity began.

The separation between our inner and outer experience is something that we have progressively traveled into from the connected state. The creation of the human experience was not a leap into deep separationcreation does not leap, it unfolds. Every human quality is a dimension of experience that has been traveled into through an experience of its gradual evolution over the linear passage of time.

The basic building block of reality is circularity—not linearity. Any reality that is traveled into, is returned from. To imagine entering into a reality is to meet yourself returning because, from the wider state of consciousness, a human life is instantaneous and multi-dimensional—rather than linear and time consuming. Even though we always return to the starting point, the circular journeys we take are deeply meaningful and represent an evolution in our self-awareness.

Although from within human form it can appear that we have chosen to foster our division, this fostering is only the translation of our journey into division. After eons of human experience, we are now embarking on the return journey where this inner division / separation will be seen to be a perceptual illusion. We are deeply engaging in this return to connection, but humanity is not driving it. The entering into and return from extreme duality is an underlying cyclical process that is a part of the human design.

humanity originated in connection and embarked on a circular journey through disconnection. Although there is nothing we need to do to drive this unfolding, it is something we can choose to either resist or allow. You are here to experience and participate in the return to connection—not to make it happen. For those who fuel their passion through a sense of jeopardy around the need for everyone to awaken, there is a savior or mission energy that must be resolved before the realization of our collective awakening being inevitable can be accepted.


Our dual nature is something that we traveled into as a part of a circular journey that we created to explore division.

illusions are created by entering into unconsciousness. With consciousness being the originating state that is left through forgetting, it is what is returned to through remembering. The journey of forgetting and then remembering is circular.

The entering into and leaving of division by humanity is like fish feeling the rise and fall of the ocean. This motion strongly affects the fish suspended within it, but they are not driving that motion.

All dualistic scales are in fact circles. Genius connects with madness. Extreme intelligence becomes stupidity through blindness. Belief in ‘the greatest good’ soon becomes the greatest evil. What births must die. What is forgotten is available to be remembered. To possess all knowledge is to eventually desire pure ignorance.

The completion of humanity’s journey is as inevitable as the sun rising. We are free to experience this as we wish through the meanings we assign to our observations.

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