“An Empowering Exploration of Consciousness.”

An Introduction to Non-Physical Communication AKA Channeling

It is difficult to put non-physical experiences into language. After channeling for many years, this process of translating energies and inner experiences into words has not only become my chosen art form, but it is the primary creative frontier that I continue to explore in my practice of the spiritual principle of ‘know thyself’.

speaking from the non-physical (spirit) is something that I tend to do in partnership with the collective energy and intention of an audience, either in person at a seminar or more typically through a live Internet broadcast. There is something powerful about the collective focus of an audience that allows subtle, multi-dimensional concepts to be translated into a verbally expressed idea that can be grasped with an open mind and an open heart.

multi-dimensionality refers to the experience of reality outside of the third dimension (the physically expressed dimension we have now left). For example, the clearest multi-dimensional concept is the realization that time is not linear. This means that cause and effect do not exist as we conceive of them and the future and past are in fact all concurrently present and can be navigated in any sequence or simultaneously. So it could be said that we are leaving linearity and entering into multi-dimensionality.

The reason it is difficult to express multi-dimensional principles is that our very language is built around linearity. The tenses of our language do not easily allow for multi-dimensional time bending talk. The key point to understand here is that this means that our very thought processes are resistant to such ideas.

The mind does not like multi-dimensional concepts simply because it cannot express them in its own language. The mind does not like things it cannot explain and tends to label them as being illogical, irrational, impossible, or nonsense. This is a self-perpetuating trap that science has fallen into, where it simply ignores experiences as profound and fundamental as consciousness purely because it has no formula with which to describe or express it.

In this vein, there are two things I would like you to understand as you read my work:

1) Describing a multi-dimensional experience is like describing a surreal dream or a feeling. I therefore use simplification, poetic license and compositing experiences to best convey the feeling / realization of the experience. In short, I write more as a poet than a scientist. I want you to feel what I felt, more than I want you to think what I thought.

2) When channeling, I receive information in blocks of “intelligent” energy that unfold within me into multi-dimensional perceptions. These blocks of energy are usually translated instantaneously into spoken language. However, there are times where the concept is too alien and this is where I really find myself stepping up as a conscious, participatory translator. This is very much the case with much of the material in The awakening Codes Amplification. There was a lot more going on inside of me than was able to come out of my mouth in the moment. The text where I expand upon the spoken material is therefore not some later reflection of my own, but is my attempt to more deeply translate the inner experience I was having.

What I hope you are beginning to feel is that all channelings, through all channelers, are always no more than “best translations” with the most pioneering material being reliant on the openness of the channeler to receive information that challenges their world view, as well as the strength of the connection between the channeler and what is channeled (which is something that builds by being exercised).

It is true that deep trance channeling is less open to distortion than more participatory channeling such as my own, where the channeler is more conscious. But even when delivered in deep trance, channeling is still a translation that relies on the mental / psychological / energetic make-up of the channeler.

This is shown by the fact that it uses their native language, which if the channel was speaking the actual words of the being then it could speak in any and all languages. Here, I do not mean speaking a word or two of another language which is currently possible. I am saying that if a deep trance channeler was having their vocal cords directly accessed (instead of it being through the filter of their mind) then they would be able to speak many languages completely fluently from within channel.

So even the deep trance channeler is acting as a mental filter in just the same way the participatory channeler is. Who knows what the future holds for channeling as we come to believe more is possible, but this is where it currently stands from my perspective and I believe it is purposeful in pointing us back to our power and the idea that we must participate in our own expansion.

The other thing to understand about deep trance channeling is that it is not the best way to birth new concepts onto the planet. The best analogy I can give here is that the deep trance channeler is a bit like a translation dictionary that includes mainly single words and some common phrases. They are very good therefore at accuracy (low distortion) in translating specific words, but they are not good at translating wider concepts, especially ones that are alien to human thinking. Such concepts require a translator (channeler) that is fluent in both languages, meaning it requires fluency more than literal accuracy.

The desire for this fluency is why there has been a move in channeling over the last few decades, from being more trance based to being more participatory. It is only with our (that includes you) active participation that new cutting edge ideas can be translated into this world. This is because the ideas communicated through a channel are not being sent here as something already known. This is another key concept to understand about the channeling process.

Let us use an analogy of an alien being channeled (rather than spirit) as it is easier to imagine a physical alien having a different language. Imagine an alien is transmitting a sonnet about the nature of time in its own language. Clearly that sonnet already exists and is therefore not new in itself. However, in translating that sonnet into English, a channeler may literally birth into human history a new idea of how time can be conceived and thereby perceived. The translation could literally be the collective unlocking of a potential within humanity.

The next understanding is that this human revelation” is reflected back to the alien that transmitted the sonnet. Though it knows of the time concept it communicated in its own language, it has never experienced it before, reflected in the framework of human conception. The human framework could be imagined as being like a new range of colors, and these new colors reflect the concept to the alien in a unique way, causing it to understand the concept in a new and deeper way.

imagine here the idea that a writer goes through the process of adapting a novel they wrote into a screenplay. The medium of the written word is very different from the medium (language) of film. Though the basic story may be the same, in being forced to reconceive the story into something more visual and dialogue based, the original idea cannot help but be evolved. It is also clear that if the author then had to write the story out as a book again, the novel itself would have evolved through the screenwriting process.

Or more simply put: hands-down, the biggest thing I would like to convey to this world about channeling is THEY ARE learning TOO!

I know that many people who love channeling have heard this many times before; I don’t however, from what I have observed, believe that too many people fully understand it. The broad perspective of channeled messages can make them seem so incredibly wise that it is easier to put them on a pedestal and see them as our eternal teachers. The thing to understand is that what makes them seem so wise isn’t from any level of knowledge they carry, but is simply the reflection of their vantage point.

For example, imagine you and a friend are watching the first showing of a brand new film and your friend keeps telling you what is about to happen. If you did not believe it was possible for them to have seen the film (or read the plot) previously, then you would think that they were psychic and were somehow seeing into the future. If however, you knew they had seen a press preview of the movie then there is no magic, they just have access to a different vantage point (i.e. the vantage point of press previews).

In just the same way, what the “other-side” are telling us in channeled messages is not some level of wisdom that makes them better than us. It is just what is obvious / evident to them from where they are stood. And here is the key thing to understand.

If you were stood where they are stood then you would be saying all the same wise things.

meaning that if you were to go there, and I was to channel you from here on Earth, then you would sound just as amazing as the channels you love to listen to. So “they” (that which is channeled) are not something other. They are that which we all are. THEY ARE US.

That which is channeled on this planet is US in other forms of reality.

So what is this inability to see that we are equal to all beings that are channeled? I could be charitable and say, “I guess it just seems too much to believe.” Or I could relate it to the pervasive lack of self-worth in this world. Both of these ideas contain some level of truth, but my deeper feeling is that the issue is that we don’t want to grow up. We don’t want to become entirely responsible for ourselves. We don’t want to have to generate our own actions and choices. We don’t want to give up the comfort blanket of blame, excuses, and following others. We want to put the channeled beings on a pedestal such that they feel like a wise, parental figure. We don’t want to have to stand up on our own; we are afraid of that sovereign self - the self that is free of the many faces of dependency.

In short, we just don’t want to grow up. It is as if we always want there to be a parent’s hand to hold. What I encourage you to see is that understanding that ‘they are us’ does not take away their hand. To see that it is you holding your own hand does not lessen the feeling of support unless you don’t trust what you perceive yourself to be.

The ultimate stage of growing up is sovereignty. This is when you know you are the King / Queen of your being. You know you are infinitely abundant. You know you create your own reality. You know that no other can do anything to you that you do not give permission for. You know you are free to birth your dreams into reality. Now on the surface this all seems some pretty fantastic thing to know, but I can tell you that the typical human response to such sovereignty is to run a mile. This is something I directly experienced after Seth first appeared in my life and gave me a ‘my dream arriving’ meltdown.

This moment of fear is met inside of yourself only when you actually see and believe that your dream is about to manifest before you. Only when the dream in your heart is manifest on the other side of a door that you simply have to open, will you realize how much the deepest dream in your heart actually scares the living shit out of you. Because trust me when I tell you that your deepest dream not only pushes on, but it destroys every fearful or limiting belief within you.

So, to return to my point, I believe that seeing that these beings / entities / collectives that are channeled are in fact US is another way of taking this step into the sovereignty of our being. For those who have followed channeling for a long time, it is to see that the love you have received from it has been given to you by you. This is the realization that nothing external has ever saved you. It has only ever been a reflection of what you already are.

I think it is fairly clear to most people that what these channeled beings are most wanting is for us to realize All That We Are. This can be seen in terms of our full power, abilities, knowing, etc. In terms of my own teaching, this has most come through the realization of the equality of all being. So here’s the thing, here’s the heart of it…

We are currently in a perceived state of separation here on Earth, and the ending of that separation firstly arises through meeting and communicating with the beings we entered into separation from, through processes such as channeling. The final end to that separation, being experienced as The Great awakening, will be when we come to this realization that they are us; just in a reality that has a different make-up to Earth. This is where we meet. We meet in the realization of not only that equality, but also the realization that all life is the expression of the same one source consciousness.

There are an infinite number of ways you could personally use to define being successful at the game we play on Earth. For me personally, as my primary chosen art form is channeling, I would define it as more and more clearly meeting these beings, which is more and more successfully bridging the states of realities that we each occupy. The result of this is not only that we can more clearly conceive of ‘there’ from here, but that “they” can also more clearly conceive of here from “there”.

This realization, that they too are coming to see us more clearly, opens up an amazing new conceptualization of reality, for it conveys that ‘they’ cannot clearly see us. This is not generally something that people into channeling want to believe. On the other-side they do have a very good level of insight, but I would analogize it to watching a reality TV show such as Survivor or Big Brother. From watching such shows you get a very clear view, shot from many angles, using narratives from multiple individuals, and yet, what every person will tell you who has been on such a TV show is that the actual experience is very different from what you see on TV.

In saying this, they are not meaning that what you see on TV is not real or is an illusion; they are meaning that though what is shown on TV is true, there are far deeper depths to the experience than can be conveyed by TV cameras and the best possible editing. Experiences such as claustrophobia, boredom, cold, wet, paranoia and inner mental endurance cannot be fully conveyed through television

In just the same way, when we are in spirit form we see so much of what the Earth is, but we do not see all that it is.

When the game was first conceived / played, the level of transference of knowing between the other-side and here was high, meaning that the experience ‘on the ground’ was not dramatically different from what was expected. This good two-way communication between the embodied-self and its spirit made playing the Earth game much easier. But as a result, only shallow levels of duality / contrast were explored (relative to what we experience now, though it was the leading edge of contrast at the time).

As the Earth game evolved, we came to particularly focus on the depth of the individuality that was experienced. This was done through the thickening of the veil of forgetting we pass through when we enter this world (that which causes the perceived separation) which also has the effect of limiting the two-way communication with spirit. As individuality is the primary way in which we as humans know ourselves to be, it can be hard to imagine that it is not our natural state. We are, however, all ultimately from the same source, from the same one consciousness. This is best referred to as All-That-Is, as it is the collective state of consciousness of everything in existence.

Our natural state is therefore one of collective-consciousness and the level of individuality that has been so evolved and prized here on Earth is actually something quite unique.

Indeed, it is rather the oddity to not know you are a part of the one consciousness. In fact it is a decidedly freaky affair! (In saying that I do not want to convey anything negative). I want to convey with humor that the idea of a life form that does not know what it is, is somewhat absurd. This could be imagined as being a bit like meeting someone you know is a stage actor, and when you speak with them they are convinced that a stage play they are in is the only reality. So an alien may say, “I don’t understand how someone could become convinced of something so divorced from what is. That couldn’t happen. It’s absurd!”

So the Earth game (and the infinite variations which have birthed from it) became something quite particular in that it became the forgetting game - the game where you forget that we all are one and instead believe that you are alone with limited resources. So I can imagine you may at this point be asking yourself, “Why would I want to do that?!? It sounds kind of unpleasant; are we masochists or something?”

The answer to this question can only be arrived at by seeing the Earth game clearly, which is to see that it is a prize only taken on with a great level of awareness. It is a game only played by great masters seeking new levels of experience. This is to see that every aspect of your reality, every element of your game, is perfect and is chosen with divine wisdom in order to create the experience your spirit / heart desires.

seeing the beauty of the Earth game is an ever unfolding journey. As a theme in my work I have spoken extensively on it, always seeking to find new ways to convey the sense of wonder through which the game of life can be viewed. The closest to putting it into a nutshell I can do is to encourage you to watch my 15 minute YouTube video ‘The Bringer of light which is one of my best attempts to convey the wonder of life on Earth.

At the heart of seeing the perfection of your reality is the realization that you came here not only willingly, but with great excitement. Perhaps think of yourself as a passionate skydiver and living a life on Earth is like doing a record-breaking jump.

What I hope to have conveyed here is that the heart of channeling is not about meeting other. It is about meeting more of what we already are, but in a different experience of reality. These two different experiences of reality are made different by passing through the veil of forgetting when we birth into the human experience / Earth game. In then reaching across this divide / illusionary separation and coming to perceive across these two different states we are creating a new third state of reality that is beyond either of the two and, in fact, represents one face of the evolution of both of them.

If that is a little mind-bending, then the heart of it is simply to understand that in order to truly meet any being that you connect with, you must come to know your shared origin such that you know you are meeting another aspect of the one consciousness and, as such, is equally valid and of equal worth.

life is about meeting more of yourself, because there is only one self.

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