“Let your intuition guide you through the texts.”

Embrace Your Ever-Changing Self.

change Is the Only Constant — learn To love It.

In the realization of what change is lies the deeper understanding of both yourself and reality. The definition of words can only begin to point at the multitude of sensations that erupt from the experience of change. Change is not some component of reality — meaning it is not a defined quality or separate “thing” that you may or may not possess

change is a part of everything you experience.
You are an experience of change.
reality is an experience of change.

change is therefore as indefinable as the experience of life — of beingness— itself. By broadening your understanding of what change is, you open yourself to change; you open yourself to more of All-That-You-Are.

You are changing, always changing, forever-changing.
You are change.
You are changing the world. You are the world changing.

change is like an energetic current. The flow of change is a state of motion; it is the natural unfolding / movement that permeates all life. And, if you can come to better sense its blossoming nature, so you will come to embrace and love it. Are you ready to not fear the presence of change in your life?

Any aspect of change you may point to as warranting your fear is an aspect of change created by your fear of change. This is like the saying, “There is nothing to fear except fear itself.”

When you do not fear change, it will not present you with experiences that appear to validate your fear. This is to understand that negative experiences of change are not a result of reality telling you that change is negative; they are the result of reality reflecting your fear-based beliefs.

By feeling the presence and opportunity for change, you can consciously choose to step into its flow of transformation, evolution, and revolution.

To see change clearly is to see — with incredible clarity — just how much of the difficulty and struggle that can occur in life, directly comes from resistance to change. In many ways it could be said that all struggle is resistance to change. Whenever you feel yourself struggling, ask yourself what you are trying to stop from changing?

What change are you resisting in your life?

TIP: To answer this question, look at the events that are currently unfolding in your life and then feel where you are attached to that change unfolding in a particular direction. This attachment to something happening in a certain way is resistance to it happening the opposite way. Feel into this resistance and identify the archetypal fear within it.

All fear of change comes from not understanding what change is. All fear is fear of the unknown. Within change is the unknown.

change is the unfolding of the unknown into the known.
change is the revealing of the evolution of beingness.
change is the future emerging into the present.
change is inevitable, and if resisted, it is felt to be relentless.

To release fear of the unknown, release fear of yourself, for you are the creator of your experience — you are the creator of all this change. Let go of fearing what you may create for yourself. Let go of fearing yourself. Let go of fearing change.

What you fear in the unfolding change before you is a wonderful tool, a mirror of what you fear in yourself. See change as a mirror. See change as a mirror of yourself to see with clarity what change is.

Let change be a mirror.

To be human is to birth with a dualistic state of perception in which we see things as either right or wrong / better or worse. We therefore tend to have a dualistic view of change.

Most people think of the passing of time when they think of change; the idea of things changing over time— what was, what is, what will be. When we speak of change in this way, we break it down from the wider realization of the unfolding of life into something dualistic and linear. In this, there is the constant — that which remains the same / static — and then there is change.

The idea of something being constant versus something changing is a duality — a polarized scale that is used to perceive, categorize, and compare experience. This is a part of what forms meaning within the human experience; it is not, however, how our spirit perceives reality.

It is interesting to look at the question “what is a self?” through this particular lens. The self is most often seen to be the elements of you that are not changing — those aspects that are constant. This is the belief that you are the part of yourself that is consistent.

This makes sense in terms of trying to communicate to others who you are. It feels logical to describe what is consistent about you if you wish to have someone get an idea of what their experience of you may be. This does however lead to the idea that anything that changes within you is not really who you are. The shadow-side of this lies in how it implies that what is transient or impermanent is not real or valuable.

Through this polarized idea we therefore come to not only define ourselves by what is constant, we actually tie ourselves to these kinds of limiting definitions. In this, we have set up our very nature to be something that resists changing so that we may both experience and present a consistent self. This is done through a belief that it is a “better” way of being.

Consistency has been given value in a way that for many people means it is perceived as being superior in terms of stability and psychological health. In short, being consistent tends to be rewarded, and being inconsistent, or changing, tends to be judged.

When you think about it, it really doesn’t make a lot of sense to view ourselves as the part of our experience that is consistent because, when you look back at your “sense of self over time, how consistent is it? With the rise of technology and communication, the changing nature of our sense of self has never been so fast.

At a time of change, how useful is it to try and be unchanging?

We may each crave the comfort of that which is consistent and not changing, but is that really a useful strategy, or just the manifestation of our fear and resistance? In an ever-transforming world is it not appropriate that “the self should be ever-changing in order to thrive? Are not the world and the self but mirrors of each other — mirrors of the one and the many? Is it not simply their nature to change together in unison — in harmony?

What is being spoken of here is the letting go of the comfortable idea of being one thing — one nature, one face, one voice, one perspective, one love, one choice.

The one is the many — you are the one expressed as many.

You are free to experience yourself as singular — that is your freedom — but it is not All-That-You-Are.

The acceleration of life in this world results from the illusion of separation lifting. When we were deep in the exploration of separation, it was entirely appropriate (and intended) for us to experience a deep singularity of self (because to be human is to explore the experience individuality). But now, at this time of global transformation, we are coming to experience the diversity we have created within ourselves.

We are each coming to experience the quality of having many sides to our nature.

within each of us is the potential to be anything, and that equally means many things. This is to realize that — as a human being— you do not have only one set of clothes. You have many outfits that you can mix and match as you please — wearing whateveridentity is best suited for the situation you find yourself in. This is to embrace the multi-faceted nature of your spirit.

within each of us is the potential for ALL archetypes.

In awakening to the reality of our spirit, we open ourselves to experience the full nature of our multi-dimensionality. We have each lived many lives and, as the illusion of separation lifts, so all the qualities of those lives are available to us within this life. We are each many things / aspects / archetypes in one.

within this life is the potential to be the bridge that connects all that you have ever been.

To become this bridge of beingness is to change the fundamental nature of your experience of reality. It is to step from the singularity of a consistent identity into the fluidity of your wider being. Attachment to consistency and sameness is no longer helpful or appropriate if it is your desire to integrate All-That-You-Are.

In the embracing of change is the embracing of your many aspects. In the embracing of change is a new experience of the freedom that you are. You chose to birth at this time in history in order to experience the gifts of this change. All who are here have something to give and something to draw from the current state of the world.

All life emerges with an intention to be.

how much are you the same person as a year ago?
how do you feel about that?
how do you feel about this rate of change?
how do you feel about the loss of consistency?
What if you are to become a radically different person each and every year?
What if you no longer have a core experience of self, but will be forever-changing clothes, changing faces, changing goals, changing ideas?
What if what excites you keeps changing?
Are you ready to experience more fluidity of beingness

This world is such a vital, rich, meaningful, and potentially intense place. There is so much on offer, such experiences to be had. This time of change is the emergence of incredible diversity — a never ending unfolding of new richness.

There is no end to the diversity that will continue to emerge; it is like falling into a fractal.

This explosion of diversity is an explosion of change, where one thing becomes more — taking on more faces, more aspects, different flavors in infinite combinations.

Even though most see that diversity is to be celebrated, there is still this pull towards the idea of unification. Realize that unification can occur while diversity is still increasing in order to step out of seeing them as qualities that oppose each other. When you can connect across ever unfolding diversity, then you are free.

The release of self-judgment is a key part of granting yourself the freedom to be diverse / to be different / to be anything / to be happy.

how do you feel about letting go of consistency? how do you feel about letting go of the need to see things in a particular way? If you are someone who enjoys my writing then you are someone who is stepping out of polarized perception, which is to say that you are someone who is awakening — with awakeningmeaning you are remembering how your spirit perceives reality.

A big part of this awakening is that your spirit is able to perceive all your lives — not just your current one. Your spirit knows itself as All You Have Ever Been.

Your spirit sees each and every life as a journey of change.

By opening yourself to perceive as your spirit does, you open yourself to integrate the gifts of each and every life it has lived. You are integrating the many different aspects / lives of your spirit. The more you allow diversity and change inside yourself, the more you will be in this flow of awakening to your wider self / spirit (because to integrate your spirit is to integrate its diversity of lives).

The more you will allow yourself to be a reflection and embodiment of change, the easier it will be to integrate with your spirit. This is to release fear of change such that you know yourself to be a vessel of change.

To try to be singular in a flow of change is to try to cling onto the rock in a rising river. It is time to let go of the rocks — that represent static definition— and enter a new experience of reality through the direct experience of becoming the flow of the river — the flow of change. Everything that you are is in motion.

As human beings, we are each in free fall.
We are each falling into freedom.

Fall in love with your ever-changing self and you will fall in love with this incredible world and its incredible explosion of diversity.

You are falling into the love that you essentially are.

Fall in love with change.

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