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The Power of Belief

Although you are the only one who chooses what you believe, this does not mean you necessarily know the unconscious beliefs from which you create. Everything you experience is a mass of information that is constantly being integrated into your belief-system. This happens predominantly through a cumulative translation of feelings into beliefs, but also through mental ideas you choose to directly adopt as your own personal truth.

reality is a mirror and its response to all beliefs is the same. With the impartiality of a mirror, it simply says, “This is what is.” In doing this, it reflects back to us what we believe. We have created this reality to be our constant teacher through the way in which it shows us what we believe through the experience of self that results from those belief.

Your body, the human species, and the planet Earth are not objective things that are separate from you. They are best understood as ideas because, experientially, they are what you believe them to be. They are ideas that arise from your beliefs and, in human form, you live in relation to them. Therefore, if you alter what you believe yourself, the planet, or humanity to be, you will alter the reality you are living within. This is how creation through belief works.

In realizing that your negative thoughts are all reflections of your pain, you will reframe your own judgments as not being hateful of others, but as being hateful of yourself. What may have initially felt like personal shame around your judgmental thoughts, will then be seen as a form of grief because of your acknowledgment of the hurt and anger within you—pain that is connected to past events you have not fully come to terms with. You will then work directly on these unresolved wounds / events / relationships—rather than on their manifestation as anger, righteousness, and judgment.

recognize your negative thoughts as a further opportunity to clear yourself of any remaining emotional wounding you are carrying. In doing this your experience of them will no longer be negative.

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