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Be Happy for Others

“I choose to celebrate the presence of joy within all.”

To love where you find yourself is to love yourself, even though it appears to be external to you. Free yourself from the idea that the grass is always greener somewhere else. Realize how this kind of divisive belief continually drains your power, hindering you from fully realizing the wonders of your spirit.

To always see reality as being better elsewhere is to wish to be someone other than who and what you are. It is to believe that what you are is inferior to what you could be. And that is to denigrate your current manifestation of self. To love where you are, wherever that may be, you must love yourself.

realize that this archetypical energy of wanting what you do not have, or wanting to be where you are not, is the manifestation of a belief in lack. If you put energy into this belief, reality will always validate it by showing you that love and joy are everywhere except where you stand.

allow yourself to want. Allow yourself to want more. Do this from a feeling of joy and appreciation for what you want. It does not need to come from a point of disrespecting or diminishing what you have.

By following your feeling of joy, you always have access to the power to manifest your heart’s desire. Realize that you can accept and love what you have and still want more. Do this from living in the acceptance of yourself as you are, and not from a focus on what is yet to come.

Through this understanding of loving the self that is present, learn the power of being happy for others where they are, without it causing you to no longer want to be where you are. This does not mean that you are no longer inspired by others, but if perceiving another person does change you then it is from a point of being inspired to be more—rather than from seeing yourself as being less.

To envy others is only to harm yourself, as the joy of others will become a pain that surrounds you and disconnects you. To see joy in another and be angry that it is not your joy is the choice to live with anger as your companion—rather than joy.

The choice for joy is always present. The-Now moment is the point of choice / power. When you are truly happy for others then you will share in their happiness in ways you did not realize were possible. To be envious of another is to separate yourself from your own happiness. To be happy when good things happen to other people is to share in their happiness.

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