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To be in allowance of your being is to enter the blossoming of your infinite-self. It is to be in clarity. Through the complete allowance of your being you enter the effortless flow of the unfolding of All-That-You-Are—the unfolding of the dream of yourself. The unfolding is the manifestation of your allowance of your heart’s dream. This is your spirit’s intention for this life, which is to say it is your intention for this life. It is that which flows from the realization that you are safe to be yourself which includes not only what you are now, but whatever you are becoming.

You are limited by nothing other than your imagination. Unleash your imagination into the creation of your reality. To be in allowance is to let your being expand without seeking to control its unfolding. Your spirit is the motion of the unfolding and that motion is the love of life. To feel this flow is to feel your beingness beyond the cloak of definition. The unfolding of reality is not separate from you; you are not outside of it. It is you. You are the unfolding. You are the creator of the unfolding and it perfectly reflects your infinite-self in harmony with all others.

beyond the excitement of willful, proactive creation is the realization of living within the creative flow of the unfolding as the expression of your choice. The unfolding is the will of your heart. To enter the unfolding through allowance is to stand in the unity of co-creation with all life as expressed through your own life. There is no separation between your personal unfolding and the unfolding of the world.

allowance is neither active nor passive. There is nothing active you need to do to allow—however, this does not mean that it is best to do nothing. Allowance encompasses non-attachment to outcome—but it is not about being detached from it either. To be in allowance is to be in the flow of life that runs beneath the separation and opposition of duality. Not only is being attached to an outcome to be within the illusion of separation, but so too is to be actively detached from that outcome. Allowance is beyond the polarity of attached-detached. It is simply to allow being to be as it is.

many believe that in order to be of impact they must act with force upon the world. To be without force is not to be without will or choice. To be in allowance is to be without effort, but without effort does not mean without action. It is to be in action that is effortless because it is in harmony with the natural flow of life / the unfolding.

Entering into a state of complete allowance takes a huge amount of courage as it involves letting go of the controls—which is to say fears—that you have used to feel safe or of worth. To allow your being to flow without interference is to have the courage to be who you are with complete transparency, openness and honesty. Someone in allowance radiates their spirit by allowing All That They Are to flow through the self-expression of their being. In this state they are far from passive—they are fearless. To be in complete allowance is to let your being flow without hindrance, and that means without the resistance of fear distorting it. It is the strength realized through being naked and vulnerable.

one of the most fundamental beliefs that separates us from the state of fearlessness that our spirit / infinite-self represents is the idea that without effort our world will disintegrate. Essentially this is to have no belief that there is a loving flow to life. It is to see life in purely physical terms, which is to only acknowledge the definitionand not the feeling—of the illusion. From this standpoint, to step into complete allowance and release control is seen as committing suicide (akin to letting go of the steering wheel of a fast moving vehicle). This view, that without effort things will fall apart, is at the heart of the struggle and competition in this world. It is a war—a war with life, a war with each other, and a war within us.

To come to the allowance of your being is to realize that life will support you if you will let go of fearing it. It is only your fear that tells you that this is not so and, while that fear is in operation, it always seek to reinforce itself. All consciousness seeks to validate itself, including your fear. Fear tells you that you must toil and struggle to survive. Fear tells you that the world is innately hostile and you are not safe without protection. Fear is that which holds the realization of ease and safety from you. But fear is not the enemy. It is that which points you to where you are not allowing. Fear can be used as a signpost to your freedom.

The journey to the complete allowance of All-That-You-Are is a journey through the release of your fears. To enter into complete allowance is a path that is only taken by the most fearless beings alive. Indeed, it is the path of fearlessness. In this it is important to understand that to be fearless does not mean to not feel fear; it is to face what you fear and take back the freedom that you locked within it. So freedom from fear is not to never feel fear, but it is to no longer act or choose from a state of fear. To be fearless is to be true to yourself, no matter where you fear that will lead you.

To step into the flow of allowance is to let go of fighting life. This takes far more bravery than making yourself stronger and tougher so that you can fight harder and better. To be without weapons takes far more courage than being in a state of permanent arms. Weapons are an expression of fear. Remember however that there are no absolutes. It is not wrong to be armed. It is only when you feel the needemotional need / attachment being an expression of fear—to be armed that you are acting from fear.

In your choice to not arm yourself do not fall into being judgmental of the choice of another to be armed. To be in allowance is to not only allow your own free expression of choice, it is to equally allow all others their free choice of expression. To be in allowance of all beings is to be in the recognition of the equality of all being. Allowance for self is only fully realized in allowance for all.

Through our fears we seek to act upon the world and change it. Through allowance we open ourselves to be changed by the world through experiencing our unity with it, rather than embodying our fear of it. Within you is both the ability for allowance and fear. Come to see how these have become manifested in the choices before you. To choose from allowance is to enter the ease of the unfolding through both non-action and effortless action. To choose from fear is to struggle to change yourself and your reality from a fearful denial that you are already beautiful in your unfolding.

To move into allowance from being in fear does not take effort, but it is a conscious choice and you are the only one that can make that choice. To allow your being is to love your being. To allow life to unfold as it will is to love life. To love is to respect and honor the right of all beingness to exist as it is. To be in allowance is to choose from love rather than fear. Fear is the freedom and love that you are denying yourself. To come to choose from love is to give yourself that love and that freedom. Allowance is to love yourself.

To lay down your fear is to face and release it through knowing that it cannot harm you. Your fears are illusions. They are that through which you have separated yourself from the realization of your infinite-nature. Fear is the cloak through which you have come to feel separate and alienated from the world. To release fear is to let in the realization of your unity with life.

You are not alone. The world does not want to harm you, it wants to love you. It can only do this through your realization of your unity with it, and through your allowance of love for yourself. To love yourself in isolation is a beautiful stepping stone in the unfolding realization of love. Beyond isolated love is the unity of love. You are the world. You are love. Love yourself through the world. Allow yourself to feel the love of the world. Love the world by allowing it. Love yourself by being yourself. Allow the world to love you.

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