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Being Human—The Juxtaposition Of Attraction & Repulsion

An Advanced perspective on the law Of attraction

In the law-of-attraction text we explored the understanding that the law-of-attraction is — more than anything — pointing us toward the reality of our spirit where we experience the instant manifestation / experience of whatever we focus upon.

The law-of-attraction isn’t something you need to learn how to use because you are already using it.

In this way, the law-of-attraction is like gravity because it is something you are constantly operating within — whether or not you comprehend what it is. However, by coming to understand the effects of gravity you can learn to better use it to your advantage. In this article I want to go deeper into the realization that the feeling ofI am learning how to use the law-of-attractionis actually more about learning how to release the ways in which you get in your own way and end up blocking yourself.

You don’t need to start practicing the law-of-attraction, you need to stop practicing the art of allowing your fears to both block and blind you.

Without our polarized human experience, the opposite of the law-of-attraction is the repulsion of fear.

The evolution of thinking I want to explore in this article is that by seeing fear in a non-resistant, non-polarized way, we will see the law-of-attraction in a clearer way than ever before.

A Brief Recap on fear.

To be human is to enter into diversity through separation. Spirit / consciousness achieves this by polarizing its own perception of its inherent unity. This allows our human self to perceive an infinite number of dualistic qualities (qualities defined by two opposing points on a scale such as hot-cold, kind-cruel, and inside-outside) and — at the deepest level — this becomes the perception of self and other.

If yourspiritis the word that describes your state of consciousness when it is infinite, connected, and free, then the fearyou experience while embodied is the core polarizing force upon which ALL the diverse, dualistic qualities that make up the human experience are founded.

The human experience is created by our spirit taking on the illusion of fear.

This basically means that — even though we may feel a little uneasy when we realize it — the human experience is as much the exploration of fear as it is the exploration of freedom and diversity. This is because the human experience is the exploration of freedom and diversity as understood in relation to the experience of limitation and fear.

The understanding of fear leads to an advanced understanding of the law-of-attraction because, without seeing that fear is something we are choosing to explore, the teaching of the law-of-attraction can easily lead us to believe that negative feelings — which are all fear-based— are a mistake that causes all our ills and the learning of the law-of-attraction is the solution to that mistake.

Coming to see your fears as the resistant force in your life is one of the key realizations in awakening. In fact, I would say “coming to be without fear is the best description of awakening there is. This is because to be without fear is to experience the reality of your spirit (and that is what it means to be spiritually awake). Seeing that there isn’t “some dark force out there” stopping you is incredibly empowering and liberating; it is therefore easy to see how people come to transpose their old, conditioned, dualistic thinking onto the law-of-attraction by saying, “I have discovered what the real devil in this world is. It is my fear!”

SIDENOTE: This is what I call church energyand it is amazing how prevalent it is in “New Age” spirituality. For myself, any belief-system that has any force of darkness, devil”, or punishment for you to avoid is based upon old religious fear no matter how much it is dressed up in new words.

seeing fear as the enemy is an entirely normal and appropriate reaction when you see how reality is a reflection of your consciousness. This is not a stage in the awakening process that can be skipped. However, what I want you to see is that as liberating as this realization about fear being a polarizing force is, it does not — in itself — represent the release of being a victim of your fear. You cannot fully awaken to the reality of your spirit if you are still seeing fear as a mistake you need to eradicate (because your spirit sees the experience of fear as a choice it is making to explore a specific type of reality).

To make this point clear let us further explore the analogy between gravity and fear. Gravity is a physical force that acts upon our physical body but does not act upon our consciousness / spirit (because it is non-physical). As human beings, we choose to forget the reality of our spirit and enter a space-time experience of reality that feels radically different.

When we birth into the physical weight of our body, the experience of feeling gravity acting upon us is simply how it is”. By observing birds soaring through the sky, we then imagine what it would be like to fly and experience a feeling of freedom which we intuitively know reflects a quality of freedom that exists within the reality of our spirit.

To come to realize the truth within this — that your spirit does indeed exist in a far freer experience of reality — is a part of spiritual awakening. However, unless you recognize the freedom of your own choice to experience limitations— such as gravity — then spiritual awakening is seen as an escape from something negative (and to perceive something as negative is to be within a state of polarized perception).

REFERENCE: This relates to our exploration of seeing both sides of the cycle of lack and abundance with equality (instead of seeing the lack side as being negative or a mistake).

We can only fully understand and appreciate what the law-of-attraction is when we do not see fear as being a mistake to be eradicated.

Our gravity analogy can neatly show this point because just as to awaken does not mean you start seeing gravity as mistake — because of how it limits us — so too you will not see fear as a mistake. So, although when in human form we may fantasize about being able to fly, we birthed into this mortal experience from a non-physical experience in which we are not affected by gravity (and therefore could be seen as being— metaphorically speaking — always being in flight).

Our spirit cannot walk, run, sky dive, glide, trampoline, swim, or moonwalk in the way we can within human form. To see a reality where we exist in a shared space on the surface of an enormous physical globe — instead of across infinite space— is both incredible, strange, and exciting. In spiritual awakening, our spirit is not seeking for us to awaken to “the horror of gravitythat cruelly clips our wings and pins us down to an extremely limited plane of movement. Your spirit does not want you to spiritually awaken so you can spend the rest of life as a scientist trying to work out how we can eradicate the cruel menace of gravity from our lives.

gravity is as limiting to our physical bodies as fear is to our feeling of spiritual freedom.

In seeing how your spirit could want to experience gravity, I hope you can begin to feel how your spirit could want a mortal life where you explore profound archetypal fears from your own unique vantage point. In just the same way that gravity gives meaning to our physicality, so the navigation of fear gives a profound level of meaning to our experience of self.

gravity is not your enemy; it is a tool you are using to sculpt an experience.

fear is not your enemy; it is a tool you are using to sculpt an experience.

ELABORATION: Much of what we are exploring here rests on the understanding that our spirit births into the temporary, mortal, embodied experience through a forgetting of its eternal, immortal experience. This means we have each forgotten the eternal reality of our spirit and do not — prior to awakening— have access to understanding the basis from which it would choose to experience the kinds of limitations we do in human form.
Because all experience is relative, this means that our spirit’s interest in being mortal is not to just keep experiencing a slightly different version of what it is already eternally experiencing. So even though we naturally crave the harmony, bliss, connection, and knowing of “all is well” that the experience of our spirit rests within, that is not why your spirit birthed into form as you.
This does not mean you cannot or should not want those qualities in your life. It means you want to experience them within the temporary, human experience instead of within your eternal experience. Because to be human is to enter a state of polarized perception, this means it is a choice to experience your spirit in relation to what we mentally perceive to be its opposites.
Why would we choose this? Because consciousness has discovered that one of the best ways to understand what something like freedom is, is to experience the loss of it.

What I find particularly interesting about this realization is that if you now go back and re-read the law-of-attraction article, you will still come away with the same thoughts about how you are no longer going to let your fears contain you. Therefore, the realization in this article is not about changing the direction you will move in; it is about walking in that direction without there being a sense that you are walking out of victimhood or away from a mistake (as that is to continue to live in a relationship with victimhood).

You cannot walk out of victimhood because the wider realization of spirit is that you have never been a victim (because you are the creator of your own experience). Victimhood is therefore something that dissolves as the illusion of it is seen through —meaning it ceases to exist to you — whereas to feel you are “walking away from it” contains the idea that it continues to exist.

This is akin to making a choice from a standpoint of confidence versus making the same outward choice while full of doubts — the realization being that to choose an option with confidence is not the same as choosing that same option with doubt. Likewise, to see your fears as a choice of experience you are willingly making creates a very different reality than seeing your fears as a mistake to be undone.

You will know you have fully resolved a fear when you appreciate the journey it has taken you on. At this point, you will feel no sense of regret and you would not — even if you could — undo that experience.

NOTE ON abuse: This is also the deepest realization about abuse, because to come to fully love who you are in the present, you must appreciate everything that made you the way you are (which includes any experiences of abuse). As long as you see your own abuse as a mistake— that you would undo the experience of it if you could — then you have not finished processing / integrating it. This is not something you “have” to do within this lifetime, but when you die and return to spirit, you will come to see your choice for that experience.
This realization can make people uncomfortable as, if you are still processing anger at your experience of being abused, then you can mistakenly interpret it to mean that you do not have a right to feel angry, wounded, and hurt. You not only have the right to feel those emotions, but if you wish to successfully process your experiences then you have to allow and feel all the emotions that your life has created within you.
However, once you have processed your painful, reactive emotions, it is to then see that victim and abuser are two ends of a polarity that plays out in a cycle which can never end until you step out of BOTH roles (which can only come by no longer only identifying with one side of the cycle)

The law-of-attraction is one of the most powerful spiritual teachings because of how it gets people to become focused on their own state of feeling through the understanding it is at the foundation of how our experience of reality unfolds.

This is SO powerful to understand. It is WONDERFUL to understand. It is extremely healing to understand. It is truly a MAGNIFICENT teaching.

The law-of-attraction is really very simple: feel good feelings and think empowered thoughts — THAT’S IT.

What I hope to have shown in this article is that mastery of the law-of-attraction is all about coming to understand how and why it works the way it does — such that you can use that awareness to more effectively create the potential realities that speak to you from your heart / imagination / love for life. In this I want you to feel this magnificent, incredible tool from a standpoint of how it empowers you to create with love, live from love, and perceive from love.

What I hope you feel in these words is your potential to engage with the law-of-attraction from a place of passion, love, joy, and fun, rather than from a place of mentally mastering it, knowing the most about it, or seeing it as something to be won or conquered. While it is true that so much of the law-of-attraction is about seeing how it exists in relation to our fears, the mastery-of-fear cannot be about keeping you hyper-focused on your fears.

Don’t let your understanding of fear and the law-of-attraction make you focus on your fears more than your joys.

For everyone on the spiritual journey, there is always the process of facing and transforming our fears; do not let this become what your spiritual path is. Yes, I want you to enjoy-the-journey of transforming your fears. Yes, I want you to be aware when fear is operating within you. Yes, I want you to be a master of your fears. But what is a master?

Like most human qualities, being a master is best understood as an opposite. To be a master is to NOT be a slave. So, while it is true that to become a master of fear you must focus on it long enough to see it clearly, you will know you are a master of fear when fear becomes an experience you choose (instead of experiencing yourself as an unwilling slave of it).

Someone who is being “constantly vigilant of falling into fear may be someone on their way to mastering fear, but they are not there yet because their idea of mastery effectively keeps them trapped within a focus on fear. To be a master of fear is not to have conquered and defeated it; it is not to have the corpse of fear dead at your feet.

To be a master of fear is to know that all fear is an illusion.

To be a master of feeling is to be able to traverse the diversity of feelings we experience with conscious awareness. This means that the reality of your feelings, and the outward conditions of your reality, are not felt to be separate because you feel the clear relationship between what you are feeling and what you are experiencing. Therefore, to be a master of feeling is not to only experience a limited range of positive feelings; it is to understand the nature and origin of your own feelings—regardless of whether they are positive or negative.

To understand the law-of-attraction is to recognize that the human experience is a juxtaposition between the infinite freedom of our spirit to attract any experience to itself  and   the fear we feel in human form through which we can resist any experience. To be a master of the law-of-attraction is not therefore to be a master of attraction only.

To be a master of the law-of-attraction is to master the juxtaposition between attraction and repulsion that exists within you.

Or, more accurately…

To be a master of the law-of-attraction is to see that what you are — while in human form — is a juxtaposition between attraction and repulsion of infinite possibility.

You want to experience BOTH attraction and repulsion because that is what gives you the most incredible exploration of what freedom is. As human beings, we are each a chosen mix of consciousness and unconsciousness and this is what gives us our experience of attraction and repulsion through which we understand freedom in the most exquisite way.

This is the realization that we are each both the energy of creation and the energy of destruction, as both must exist in order to unfold eternally (instead of being static). To see ourselves clearly, we must therefore embrace the existence of our fears with the understanding that we are still free to transform them because, in doing so, we create new experiences of understanding the juxtaposition of creation—destruction, attractionrepulsion, and lovefear that our mortality is founded upon.

To master your state of attraction, you must master your state of repulsion. Know BOTH to know yourself.

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