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“I choose to open my heart to feel acceptance for all things.”

The route to joy lies within the opening of the heart to feel without restriction. Accept the gifts of your heart such that you may realize the joy that is present within acceptance. Acceptance is not just about having an open mind, it is about having an open heart.

To accept another person is always to accept a gift—because every person, when met, is a gift. To fully accept and experience the joy of a gift is to stop resisting something that is also part of yourself and let it into your heart—because everything is a holographic reflection of The-One-Self.

many people feel guilty when they receive because they do not deem themselves to be worthy of it. Often when we receive a gift, our reaction is to instantly think of what we can give in return that will be of equal or greater value. This is not ‘to accept a gift. Until you come to value yourself, you will not be able to receive into your heart and will find yourself separated from the love and joy that is both within and around you. Coming to value yourself is the same as coming to accept yourself. To value yourself is to experience a deep appreciation of the enormity of the gift of your being.

feel how acceptance is a state of love in how it is through love that we are open and willing to receive the fully conscious experience of life. As such, acceptance leads to the joy of feeling your unity / connection with all life.

You cannot love and accept another person more than you love and accept yourself. To value another more than you value yourself is to love yourself in the guise of another. What you love about the other person is the reflection of a quality in you that you are not feeling inside of yourself. Conversely, know that what you hate in someone else is a reflection of a quality of yourself you are not accepting.

All hate stems from a lack of acceptance. Support the rights of others, even if they do not seem to be applicable to you (because in the knowing of connection you will see this to be the illusion of separation). To accept something does not mean you have to want to be it. You can fully accept something that you are not choosing to be. A positive choice does not need to infer the existence of a negative choice. Accept through the allowance of love in your heart. To accept is the choice to allow more of the love that you are to flow through your heart. To accept all is to meet yourself.

Accept Your Choices

“I choose to experience every aspect of my reality as being something that I have chosen.”

To change your reality, you must become awareat the level from which you are choosing—of the element within your reality that you wish to change. This is to become aware of the original choice that you made for that element. Come to know why you initially chose what you now do not want in order to change it. To know why you made any particular choice can best be approached by first taking responsibility for—and ownership of—that choice. Do this by accepting that it was you who made the choice.

You cannot change a choice that you do not take responsibility for. This is because the act of rejecting it separates you from that power. As long as you refuse to believe you could have chosen a particular element of your reality then you are the one, through the focus of that refusal, who is separating yourself from the understanding of why you chose it. In this condition you are living in a state of denial and have little hope of changing the choice, except to change its form (which you must then still deal with it in its new form).

To not accept an aspect of your reality is to not accept one of your choices and that is to be in rejection of that aspect within yourself. It is not that you must feel joy for everything of your reality, but that you must accept that it was you who created it. This is necessary if you wish to awaken to yourself as the creator of your reality (which is to awaken to the level of perception of your spirit).

Through the power of acceptance comes the power to change. This could be described as a Catch 22 because it means you must accept what you do not want in order to change it into something you do want. Lack of acceptance is to separate yourself from your power to choose. To not be accepting of your creation is to deny your choice of reality. All rejection is a form of denial. In this remember that denial is not wrong—it is a choice.

There is no aspect, quality, or thing that does not seek validation through acceptance. Transform yourself through the acceptance and allowance of All-That-You-Are. create the potential for transformation in others through your acceptance of them. You have the power to transform the world that you experience through your acceptance and honoring of all that it contains.

know that the foundation of acceptance is love. Know that all seek love. Recognize your own seeking of love and find it through the allowance of love in and of yourself.

Unconditional Acceptance

For an embodied self who has learnt to associate their feeling of self with the physical disconnection of their body, the idea of acceptance seems to relate to the acceptance of some ‘thing’ that is seen to be separate and external. As such, that acceptance feels optional in how there is not any sense that a lack of acceptance could be detrimental to the self. Furthermore, the idea of acceptance is felt to be the idea of accepting something into your lifemeaning it does not feel like expelling something out of your life.

There is nothing wrong with this perspective. It is a part of the design of the human experiencemeaning that, as an individual, it is desirable to perceive non-acceptance as not being detrimental to the self. This is necessary so that the individual can experience defining themselves from positive acceptancein which consciousness is promoted—rather than negative rejectionin which unconsciousness is promoted—when they are in fact doing both. Individuality is a state of positive and negative focusexpressed as the separation between consciousness and unconsciousness—which defines a human self within that which is spirit.

Put another way, we do not feel limited by our own lack of acceptance because—by design—we are unconscious of that which we reject as being ‘of our self. However, to begin to awaken to your spirit is to wake up from the perceptual containment of individuality. This is to see how all that you have rejected in the external world as ‘not being of you’, is in fact equally the denial and suppression of the parts of yourself that they are a reflection of.

For a person who has not first accepted themselves, there is relatively little joy to be derived from the world. This is to see that your acceptance of the external is a direct reflection of your acceptance of yourself—the internal. To not accept yourself is to not love yourself, and that is to live a life you do not accept, in a reality you do not accept, from a state of being you do not accept.

To awaken is to see that unconditional love cannot be for one thing over another because love does not divide. Unconditional love is love for everyone everywhere. To feel unconditional love for yourself is therefore to have become all that love is. Hence, “All you need is love.

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