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Know You Are Perfectly Abundant

Our level of abundance is one of the primary ways in which we express ourselves. To be abundant is to express your connection with the innate freedom of your being. The experience of lack is an expression of a feeling of limitation and isolation. Allowing your abundance is central to feeling your inner power, both to be free within the world and to affect the world. Money and abundance, though often linked, are not directly related. Money in itself is not freedom, and can even become a cage. Abundance refers to a bountiful flowing of energy that can be manifest in such ways as money, support, synchronicities, and love. When flowing from abundance, these aspects of being represent a great freedom to do whatever you want to do, and be who you want to be. As such they also represent the potential for great change.

A belief in lack, whether it is a lack of money, freedom, or love is a way in which we define our stories. We often talk of all the things we would do if only we were abundant. We use lack as a logical justification as to why we are not living our dream, why we are staying in a situation that is unfulfilling, or why we are not happy. A focus on lack can quickly become an extremely powerful part of a person’s definition. As miserable as we may feel that lack is, it also helps keep our life static and cozy. Lack keeps fear of the unknown (of uncontrolled change) at bay. Misery can be extremely comfortable.

opening the flow of your abundance, when it has been used to keep you in a safe space, is therefore extremely threatening to your story. It is to lift your foot from the brake and let in all the changes you have been resisting through a belief that your lack made them not possible. A belief in lack is resistance to those changes that an allowance of abundance will bring. The unfolding and abundance are inseparable; both symbols of flow and change. They are rivers whose currents cannot be controlled. To allow them into your life is to realize that they are safe, even though you cannot control them.

one common barrier to trusting yourself with abundance comes from previously using the empowerment of abundance in destructive ways. The freedom that abundance can bring into your life will empower you to do what you want; as such it will amplify the polarity of your story. Not only will areas where you create joy magnify, so too will areas where you create suffering. Lack of abundance is one way that people with addictions control this aspect of their being. With complete freedom of abundance, the ability to destroy your story becomes more immediate. What this highlights is that lack of abundance is not a mistake—it is meaningful. Your level of abundance is a message to you. If you will allow yourself to hear that message you will be letting in the change that it represents. Your abundance will be a carrier of the change you are resisting.

To hear the message is to realize the ways in which your lack of abundance has been serving you. To see this is to cease to reject your experiences of lack. It is to realize that even poverty is not a mistake; it has not been trying to hurt you; you have chosen it because it has been serving your story in some way. It may have been protecting you from your self-destructive tendencies, or from quitting a job and becoming isolated. Poverty may have been an excuse to keep you from having to face your fears, or face the reality of making your dream happen. It may have been artificially tying you to someone you are afraid to leave. It may have been keeping you working long hours because you do not want to face life at home. It may be a direct reflection of a feeling of worthlessness that leads you to see your worth. It may simply be showing you that you believe poverty is the natural state. Whatever the reason you have been creating it through the reflection of your beliefs.

Hear the message of your state of lack to release your reality into transformation, such that your abundance can come in. Know that it will change your reality in ways you cannot control. Often people ask for their reality to stay roughly the same, except with more money. Abundance is not a flow that can be controlled in this way. Control shuts down abundance. Abundance cannot come into your life in a controlled form. Abundance is freedom; control seeks to suppress freedom. To have a list of things you want to change and a list that you want to stay the same, will not work. Money will change your life in ways you do not expect. It is not an energy that you can predict or predetermine. It will bring new things into your life and it will cause others to leave. Abundance is uncontrollable change, pure and simple. Realize the difference between wanting change and needing change. If you desire abundance then open yourself to change without seeking to define how it will come or how it will affect you. Feel it as the energy of change, empowerment, and freedom. Feel this in your being to release your control and allow your innate abundance to manifest.

Like the unfolding, abundance is a state of letting go of how you define yourself and your reality. To feel abundance is to feel the bounty of the energy of your own being. Abundance is not an external state of wealth; it is an internal realization of your own limitlessness. To feel abundance in your being is to have it reflected externally in your reality. While having abundance flow through your reality, you cannot remain meek, unassuming, or unworthy. To allow abundance is to allow the realization of your own magnificence to flow through your being. All that you seek to be, comes from this flow within you. Reality cannot make you happy. Reality can only reflect your own happiness to you. Feel your own value internally to see yourself valued in the world. You assign your own worth.

To allow this realization of abundance into your being and have it flow out into manifestation, let go of your identification with lack. While you are in a rejection of poverty you hold yourself in it. To reject it is to deny that it has, on some level, been serving you. All lack points to the realization of abundance. Use the message of your lack to discover your abundance. Abundance is not a rejection of poverty. Poverty is a rejection of your natural state of abundance. You cannot control your way out of poverty.

Any wealth built with control has no foundation and requires constant effort in order to maintain it. It will always be surrounded by the fear of losing it. True abundance flows with such ease that there is no fear of losing it. The challenge of abundance is only how much will you let yourself have. How strong can you tolerate its flow of change in your life? how much transformation, freedom, and love can you allow? how much of your story are you willing to let go of?

To allow abundance into your life, allow the realization that your current level of abundance is meaningful. In seeing that it is meaningful you will be giving yourself the clarity of seeing why it is perfect. This will reveal to you the way in which you have been resisting abundance. If you are willing to face the fear that the resistance represents, you will open your reality to change. This is to release identification with lack and limitation. Allow the flow of abundance to come from within you. Feel the power and magnificence of your own being—the boundlessness of your energy. Allow this magnificence to be reflected in your reality without expectation or control. Release it to create freely in the unfolding of your being. You have the right to affect the world. You have the right to change the world. Allow the realization of your significance.

abundance is not something that is determined externally through your wealth. You are your abundance. Abundance is the realization of your freedom.

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