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The Heart of My Message & Where It Comes From

My name is Story Waters or StorySun and I am a Gnostic writer and speaker. Through developing my inner-guidance I have learnt to access a collective body of infinite consciousness (which everyone has access to). Over the last twenty years I have received a message. A message about understanding who, what, and why, we are as human beings. A message that offers a fascinating vantage point on just what the human experience is—as well as what it is to now awaken to the wider nature of consciousness.

how do I receive these messages?

how I receive the information is the thing that has most evolved. The information that has come through about what the human experience is has been entirely consistent—it has just broadened and deepened. But my personal understanding of what it is that I do has shifted. Whereas before I used to see my explanation as an evolving thing, I now understand that all the explanations I have given along the way all apply. How it works is best understood through them all because there is no easy way to pin it down.

Gnosis is simply intuition—that evolution of the gut instinct we all have.

I want to start by giving a really simple explanation and what I want you to remember is that this will probably be the clearest and most powerful explanation I will give you—so come back to this one, don’t just discount it because it is so simple.

To use an everyday example, most people experience intuition or a gut instinct when they are driving around looking for a parking space. So you’re looking, you come to a junction, and you can go left or right. Internally this is a place where we ask a question, “Which way shall I go?” Most people feel some form of response or nudge. Sometimes it works out and sometimes it doesn’t. But regardless, there is this feeling of “Ah! I’ll go that way.”

What I do is the extension of that inner nudge and it arises from the acknowledgment that something happens in that moment. There is some flow of information / of energy / of instinct. I have focused on evolving that intuitive response and it gets to a point where instead of answering basic questions like, “Should I go left or right?” I ask wider, broader questions and I receive wider, broader answers. And that is it—that is the basis of what I do.

As you begin to deepen the understanding of this process, most people then want to know where this nudge is coming from. It is coming from the unified, collective level of consciousness that we all sharethat we are each expressions of—and that is source consciousness (God), that is the ocean.

The Raindrop and ocean Analogy.
That which we all are expressions of is this ocean of unified, collective-consciousness. In being unified, consciousness is like a single body of water and from that central level of source consciousness, individuated realities are created. So you might imagine the one consciousnessthis ocean—decides to create a reality like humanity. And, as it is conceiving of it, you can picture this vapor coming off and this cloud forming as a representation of the ocean forming its intention. Next this cloud rains, and all these raindrops are produced. So this singular, unified body of water becomes many raindrops—“the one creates “the many”.

These raindrops are the individuals of that reality. They each experience themselves as not only separate from each other, but as separate from the ocean that has birthed them. But this is only temporary and, when your physical body dies, you step out of the experience of linear-time / out of the experience of physicality. And the raindrops—the individualsall return to the ocean.

We will all return to the ocean.

We will all return to the unified state. But individuality is constantly birthing out of it. From our life we each suggest more lives that the ocean can experience. So even though we will each dive back in when we die, we come back out again—there is a continuation. So there is this cycle of going through the ocean—coming out the ocean and then returning to the ocean. Coming out from the knowing of the unity and going into individuality, and then going back to the knowing of connection / going back to the knowing of how all separation is an illusion.

To call it an illusion is in no way to say it is not real. Raindrops are real. Our individuality is real. Part of what it is saying is that it is temporary. It is an illusion in that our physical form is temporary. It will be discovered to be an illusion because when we die this physicalityand this experience of timewill dissolve. It will disintegrate and the realization as you experience that is “Oh! It was an illusion. It was a dream. What I thought was solid and permanent isn’t.” So that is why the word illusion is used .

Your life is the ocean dreaming.

So our dreamlike nature is why we call it an illusion but this is in no way implying a lack of meaning or lack of reality, because the understanding is that everything is an illusion. All creation is an illusion. All creation is an experience that arises from this ocean and returns to it. So everything—including separationis discovered to be an illusion. We are each the oceanwhat religion calls God—in a temporary human form. We will all return to the ocean and rebirth from it.

We are the one consciousness / the one self / God exploring itself.

Although we can enter into this individuated “raindrop” form and while in that form we experience ourselves as separate from the whole, there is ultimately only one consciousness and that—in this analogy—is water itself. Even in our individualized form we are water and water is what is the ocean (God) is made of. There is nothing else in the ocean. It is entirely unified. It is a oneness. So there is only water. So in being this water—this rain drop of consciousnessyou are everything that water is.

It does not matter if you are the ocean or a rain drop—you are everything that water is. We are each a complete expression of what religion calls God.

When it comes to consciousness, there is no concept of quantity or hierarchy (more or less). Those qualities can only occur within the perceptual illusion of individuality. So there is no concept of a greater quantity of consciousness can do more than a little bit of consciousness. All consciousness is what consciousness is.

consciousness is holographic. Each raindrop contains the potential of the whole ocean.

Now that potential gets greatly narrowed when we are in human form because in entering individuality we choose to enter a limited view of ourselves. But we do this precisely because we want that mortal / limited view. We want to experience being a focused individual. This what we have done through humanity and we have explored it to a deep level.

So there is this unitythis unified wholeness—to what we are, even though experience ourselves as being separate. Ultimately we are not separate because all experiences of separation are a perceptual illusion. Our mortality is a temporary state of perceptual illusion. And, if you choose to see through that illusion, you will discover that you are still fundamentally everything that the ocean is.

consciousness being unified is the basis of the understanding that all separation is an illusion.

Even if you are not within individuality, to be experiencing anything is to be experiencing a reflection. A reality is a reflection of the self, because there is only one consciousness. There is nothing else to look at. So all realities are consciousness experiencing reflections of itself. And that is why reality is a mirror. Because if all you can experience is yourself then everything you experience is a reflection. So it is not that our reality was created to be a mirror. It has to be a mirror because there is nothing else to look at. All experience is the one consciousness in existence experiencing itself.

experience is reflections of the ocean that we are.

So the separation we are experiencing is entirely meaningful, and we entered into it in order to experience it. It is not something we endure in order to get something else. A part of the joy of experiencing separation / individuality is then in transforming it / playing with it. We are each constantly transforming our experience of separation and that is amplified through realizing the way in which it is an illusion. The tightness of our individuality falls away not only at our death, but through entering awakening states where we open ourselves to all that we are.

This reality has gone so deep, so far, so expansive, but it is now returning. All the raindrops—the storm of humanity—are starting to return to the ocean and we are each a part of that. In this we are gradually returning to what the ocean is inside of ourselves. And yet we are still in human form, so we still experience some level of individuality.

We are awakening to where we came from because we are returning to it.

As we return, so we awaken to the state of consciousness that we are not only returning to, but also that which we birthed from. In doing this we begin to assimilate its attributes, which include our infinite nature and the knowing of yourself as a creator. Awakening is the meeting of the mortal and immortal. We are the meeting of those two qualities. All that we are limited by is our beliefs which are overlaid with millennia of thinking of ourselves in a limited form.

awakening to our wider nature is coming to feel the ocean within us. It is to start to act from that wider state of consciousness / to start to choose from that level of awareness / to start to choose from the knowing of unity and connection rather than fear, distrust, competition, and hierarchy. To awaken is to start creating our lives from the knowing of connection. This is how awakening births. And in this, what is important to understand is that there is no chance of failure.

You cannot fail to awaken. You are awakening in every moment.

So much spiritual teaching is based on ideas of how we are fallen or how we must correct some mistake or “original sin” in order to try to get back to this ocean / God. This is all based on the idea that humanity itself has been a mistake. It is not. Just as the rain cloud comes over from the ocean, goes over to the mountain, rains, and that water inevitably returns to the ocean, so it is with us. We cannot not return.

returning to our source is as inevitable as the sun rising in the morning.

So it is going to happen, the only choice you have is whether you want to resist it—which makes it a more painful experience—or if you are going to focus on allowing it. The message I convey represents the allowance of our natural spiritual unfolding. I teach the allowance of the journey into the wonders of consciousness.

In this I am not saying to everyone “Come and experience exactly what I have experienced. I am not saying come to believe exactly what I believe. I am saying, “Go and explore your consciousness like I have explored mine because inside of you—this individual self that has been taught it is small and limited—is infinite potential, is God, is the ocean, is all consciousness, is the source of all creation.”

The basis of what I teach is for you to be yourself—the “you” that you discover through exploring your consciousness. It is not to be any this, that, or the otherseeing things as absolute is what we are stepping away from. Where humanity has become so monocular is through competition and hierarchy which then manifest as ideals—the ideal, good, perfect person versus the bad, fallen, evil person. That is polarization and it is the basis of the separation that we are now starting to let go of. As we return to the ocean our individuality is softening because we are starting to realize we are not so separate—we are connected.

You are not a rain drop that is separate from the ocean. You are the ocean pretending it is a raindrop.

You may wonder where my information comes from. What I do is allow the raindrop of myself to be in communication with the ocean such that I experience it inside myself. This process of asking questions and receiving answers is no more and no less than a fulfillment of that. It is for the raindrop to realize it has access to the ocean through itself, through going inside of itself and feeling. Through the opening of the heartwhich is a metaphor for the allowance of feeling—we open ourselves to understand we have access to this shared unified collective level of consciousness—the ocean that we each birthed from. And within that is all knowing.

If we open ourselves and hold a question, then we can feel in our heart there is movement, there is this flow, and Gnosis is the choice to develop that. There is not a set process. Intuition / instinct / Gnosis can occur in so many ways. It can be memories coming up or even moments from movies you’ve seen.

In Gnosis the whole of your life’s experience is your vocabulary / palette.

Through evolving this inner sense you can bring through dictation or personalities, but before you get there, it is much more a sense of simply “coming to knowwhich arises out of All-That-You-Are. It is aspects of yourself coming forward—memories, feelings, images, symbols. And as you begin to piece them together, you learn how to verbalize them into an answer.

So my process is learning to become a translator of how that emerges from within me because it appears in very subtle ways. But, the more you will focus on it, the more that ability will grow, and the louder and clearer it will get. So this is why—like anything in life—to become a master at something it is not about conquering it in some way; it is about maintaining a focus upon it—practicing it.

If you will focus on evolving this inner sense, then you too can reach your own evolved level of it. Like all things in life it is something you can have a predisposition for. I feel like this is something I was born to do. I feel myself to be a messenger in that regard. So I’m sure I have brought in a strong predisposition for it. But I have also felt very deeply alienated, separate, and anxious through all my life. So there was also a whole turning inward as well, and I believe that helped connect me with my ability—helped focus it. It was a turning inward and wanting to know the answers to, “Why? Why am I here? Why do feel so separate? What is this reality? Why do I feel so alienated?”

So all these things combined and there was this evolving of my intuitive sense—the opening of my heart—and this connected me into this shared, collective level of knowingness. Different people manifest the ability in different ways. You can experience it through any art form. But, for myself, I have evolved it through speaking and writing.

My teacher was Jane Roberts (who channeled many books from Seth). It was through reading her books that I came to understand what I do. I began with that model and then I got into the channeling scene and experienced what I do through that lens. But now I have come full circle back to this idea of Gnosis and Gnosticism which is the accessing of this wider consciousness.

So I’ll talk a bit in a minute about accessing personalities (which is the more traditional channeling of non-physical beings”). I see that as almost a subset of Gnosis. But what I have come to understand is that I am accessing this ocean and what you realize is that the experience is like accessing a library (often referred to as the Akashic Records).

I experience this ocean of consciousness as a living library of selves.

But, although I called it living, at the same time it is static because it is everything. But I call it living because when you interact with it, your own energy animates it. So the understanding is that all the knowing that we as human beings are interested in, is the knowing of individuality / the understanding of diversity. And that is all contained within the knowing of selves within this infinite consciousness / library.

selves are the primary unit of this reality / consciousness. So when we access this library it is often selves that come forward. So, to begin with, I had the more traditional view of channeling where I was channeling states of collective-consciousness or the universal teacher. But then this evolution occurred when I started channeling Seth and I started channeling personalities more, but what I have come to understand is that this is my own energy animating selves within this universal collective-consciousnessthe ocean—to interact with / learn from.

The whole experience and my understanding of it has gotten deeper and deeper.

Let me just explain this idea that the library is static and must therefore be animated by our own energy. The understanding is that we are in linear-timewhich is highly focusedand the ocean is all time. And because the ocean is all time, it is static (as it already includes all moments of time so there can be no sensation of moving through time). This is because moving through time requires a revealing of new moments.

As individuals we focus—in a limited way—upon the ocean and we move that focus (and this creates the experience of the unfolding of linear-time). The whole of creation was created when the one became the many—like a big mandala or bloom—and we are navigating this infinite array of possibility and turning it into experiences and lives (that are experienced by moving across all time with a defined focus).

We each are carving a path through the ocean with our individuality.

But, because there is this way it all exists at once—which does not allow for movement or change—in relation to us it is static. This is how the ocean is like a library of books / selves. And when we access it, we animate it with our energy (which is in fact the movement of our focus). So, even though it happens as an automatic process, you are choosing / guiding what comes forward. It is a reflection of you and what comes forward is what best presents the answer you seek. The face of the answer is a part of the answer. There is nothing extraneous—the entire experience is complete / whole.

You could say that the imagination is a space within you that bridges the heart and the mind. Within that space you are open to infinite possibility. But, as human beings, we are trained to believe that what comes into your imagination is fantasy / is subconscious / is made-up. What you do as a Gnostic is you learn to not write off the imagination as nonsense. A Gnostic lets go of that limiting idea and opens themselves to the idea that we can open ourself to infinite consciousness and receive ideas from it through your imagination.

It is shifting to the idea that you can receive meaning—you can receive knowingthrough your imagination.

And why this is such a big step is not only because you are releasing the conditioning that it is all fantasy, but you have to allow the feeling that you are “just making it up”. The reason that it will feel like you are making it up is because that is how we have learnt to label anything that emerges from our imagination. We can’t just switch off that association.

When you start receiving messages through your imagination it is going to feel like you are making it up.

It is quite a process to let that association go, such that you feel you are not making up the information you receive. This process is highly confronting in a way that is unexpected and hard to explain. You face your fears in a way that is surprising. When you come to channelwhether it is stream of consciousness writing or stream of consciousness speakingwhen you try to let go of control and let ideas flow freely through you this intense fear comes up of “What might I say? Might I somehow expose myself? Might I somehow say something bad? Might I say something that is going to put me into fear or that I don’t want to hear?”

There is a lot of in-built fear that comes to the surface to be faced and that is one reason why I think channeling is a such a powerful thing for people to learn to do. Even if you aren’t going to take it to a deep level, to experience what I am describing is one of the most direct processes I have come across to face your fears. So, whether or not you become a Gnostic / channeler, you will find great personal benefit from trying the process because of how you will face your fears.

A significant part of Gnosis is facing a mirror of our fears.

And if instead of letting your fears / resistance knock you back, you face and process your fear, and look for meaning in the fears that arise, then learning to do this is an incredibly valuable tool in clearing through the baggage you are carrying. It is to stand inside of yourself and—despite what most people thinksay, I am not making this up. This has value.” That is a great step towards personal sovereignty because it is to consciously stand apart from the crowd—because the mass belief is so strong that imagination is just creative stuff. It cannot be real or meaningful information about the nature of reality or consciousness”.

Because we live within the reflection of our beliefs, the process of becoming a Gnostic is really about coming to believecoming to believe it is possible, allowing that belief, and overcoming the fears inside of you that stand in the way of that unfolding of self. It is coming to know the value of meeting All-That-You-Are. Because that is what I feel it is; it is to stand in your heart / in an openness of mind / in an openness of feeling. That is what is required to really get into the profound stuff. There is an inner alignment that has to occur.

The reason it is so beneficial is that in accessing the ocean, what you are tapping into is unpolarized perception. There is not some other consciousness within the library that is answering you. Other”—which is separationis an illusion; there is only one consciousness. What you receive through the Gnostic process is your own energy being reflected. It is your energy animating the library, and that is what you receive back when you communicate with it.

Just as reality is a mirror, so too the library acts a mirror and shows us our self.

But what a Gnostic learns is that they can direct the stream of information—the responsethrough their own questioning. It is through questioning that this process occurs. You have to ask questions. To just sit there and say to the library, “What do you want to tell me?” doesn’t get you very far. I am not saying that the question has no value, but there is an understanding that the more you focus your questions the deeper the answers you will receive.

My personal process involves feeding what I am receiving back into the question that I am asking. So there is a refining of my question which leads me into ever deeper answers. This is the process I most enjoy and what I am trying to point out is that going deeper isn’t just about mining ever further into more refined definitions, it is about accessing unpolarized perception.

Where you get to full clarity is when you completely unpolarize your question such that you are open to all possibilities.

This is why I would very much call Gnosticism “the lost art of knowing, but I would equally call it “the lost art of asking questions. When you look at channelers around the world there is a powerful, shared core to their messages, but there is also a lot of variation. What that variation is about is all the different questions that are being asked. In this you realize just how important the questionsand the intention behind themare.

If you ask a preloaded question, you will get a preloaded answer. If you are looking to find something—if you are coming in with a strong agenda—then you will influence the answer you receive. This is because the answer you receive—in being a reflectionwill reflect your agenda back to you. It will reflect your denial to you.

Gnosis will reflect your personal blindness to you but you have to want to see it / transform it.

So where I feel the deepening in my work has come from, is through my journey of seeking to unpolarize my perception—which is to unpolarize myself. This is what has led to these deeper and wider answers until I went all the way through to how the human experience came to be created (which is where you really have to step all the way back to everything being included).

This results in the message that all must be loved—all must be included.

So, if you are open to it, practicing Gnosis has this action of unpolarizing you. It is not that this makes Gnosis a cure-all because you have to meet it inside of yourself for it to have that effect. If you don’t meet it through an open heart, it will knock you back. If you don’t want to see the love and inclusion of all that the library energy is showing you, you will automatically find a reason to reject it.

feeling that rejection has been a big part of my life because people come into my work with messages like this and they say they are interested, but the body of work that I have channeled is so extensive—750 hours approximately—that there is usually a point where any person is going to come across something that hits an emotional button within them. So I have very much had an experience of people coming towards me saying how much they like what I am doing, and then something hits them and they get knocked back. It is because of how powerful it is to meet this state of unpolarized perception.

Channeled materials are highly challenging to the shared, polarized belief-system we all birth into.

And let’s be clear. It took me until gone 40 before I really began to see clearly the polarizations that I was lost in—even when I was teaching about stepping out of polarization. It is a long process to unravel everything that we are, but it is rewarding. There is discovery at every step of the journey. All the polarizations we have chosen are deeply meaningful and the journey to unravel them—to unpolarize themis to have the experience that we wanted.

Anyone best expresses what they are here to experience—what they are here to share. I feel like I am learning to be a librarian because I have had so much interaction with this library and the personalities that have come forward. Now that I am going back into the writing process again, I feel like I am becoming a librarian in directly accessing the library myself.

That is the big difference between the writing and the speaking. When I write, I go to this very wide, collective space and it is much more the Gnostic experience where I directly experience revelatory ideas / concepts. My own symbology is all mixed in, but it is direct access.

When I am in front of an audience speaking or doing a broadcast, personalities often begin to emerge. There is something about speaking the flow of energy. When you get into a strong bit informationa strong idea that you want to expressthen it is almost like you tap into some speech in history—like the best it has ever been expressed—and it is a very powerful stream of energy and it contains some of the personality of the being that expressed it. So even when you are expressing universal ideas, when it is done through speaking, I access this level of self / personality that the information is connected to.

That said, it is possible for me to keep the voice in a more universal energy space and a lot of people find that to be the most accessible energy. I used this kind of voice mainly in my early channeling where I called it SunSon or We Are 9 (which were similar to Abraham as channeled by Esther Hicks). It was this wide, loving, collective energy.

But then I got interested in going into the personalities because I somewhat felt in my early channeling that I missed out on doing that (because of how the voice of my message was so universal). But then Seth explained to me how channeling personalities is a bit of an illusion because it is your own energy animating it. But even knowing that I wanted to experience it (because knowing that doesn’t change how real it feels).

You become these beings. You become these personalities. You are them.

I used to call it I am channeling because it is stepping into a state of I am. So, when I channel Seth I experience myself as I am Seth. When I channel Jane, I experience myself as I am Jane”. And there are lots of different energies that have stepped forward, such as John, Michael, Hektr, and Hermes. I don’t know how much people sense the difference between these different voices / personalities but for myself, they are distinct—but also connected. There is a smooth graduation between them and I can step between them often within a single message when I speak.

When I write, that personality energy is not usually there in the same way; it is to do with the outward speaking causing me to access that level of personality. When I am accessing through the heart and the crown—through aligning and opening myself to receive through the focus of my question—then I become like a funnel and it is a state of inspiration. It is very hard to put into words. It is accessing a state of revelation. I sit there and words come out on the paper and sometimes they completely blow me away.

I have been doing this for so long now that I do not tend to be surprised by a new message. What delights me is when something I have been talking about for years that always felt complicated, I can suddenly write a paragraph and put it more simply than ever before. And to see that encapsulated in a paragraph is so satisfying to me. There are also times where different subjects meet in an unexpected way that helps explain both of them that can be deeply validating.

I have found people can access writing better than the speaking because the speakingespecially when personalities are involved—can have an energy that knocks people back. When you read writing you are much more energetically in control of the distance between you and the concepts—much more in control of how much you are meeting the message.

You can approach / assimilate writing in a much softer way.

When I am writing I get into these states where I am having this feeling of delight as to what is coming through. What is so powerful is that this delight feeds into the message and it can become deeper and more powerful. This happens to a degree with the speaking, but there is a limit to it. When I am speaking in front of an audience, a lot of human stuff kicks in when I am getting more and more animated / more and more free—especially when I know that the more animated I get the more it tends to push some people back.

So when personalities come through the speaking, there is somewhat a walking of a tightrope, but when I write that is not there. It is a much safer environment and I can just fall into a positive experience as there isn’t a resistive force. I can go very deep. Sometimes when my husband comes home and I have been in a deep writing space, I suddenly realize how disconnected I have become.

It is almost like I go somewhere else that it outside of time.

This is something I experience now—in my mid-forties—in a far more profound way than when I wrote my first two books in my early thirties. At that time there was more anxiety in my writing experience, with me wondering, “Is this good or bad writing?” I was still finding my confidence as a writer back then. But that side of things isn’t an issue anymore. I don’t have that inner doubt / resistive force in the writing anymore and that allows me to really fall into the flow of it. It is such a delicious experience.

I guess the only downside is how the experience is so “off somewhere else. For example, I can spend the best part of a day there and when I come back, it is like awakening from a dream—so there is a way in which it almost feels like it didn’t happen. So because the writing space is so dreamlike, there is a lot of compression of time. But the beauty is that when I read that text I go back to that space—I remember it. The text is like a time-stamp or marker for an experience within the library that I can use to easily re-access the experience.

I love to continually polish the text from within this altered space. The books I am writing at the moment are produced on double-page spreads. They are like a vessel that I fill with words and I don’t go beyond the two pages because I can’t hold it in my head. Whichever sentence I focus on when editing, the more and more stuff that comes through. So by creating these double-page spreads—which is working on it as it will be printed in a physical book—I have a fixed vessel and I fill that vessel to the best of my ability.

So a concept will come through and quickly fill the two pages, but then it just evolves and evolves. The beauty is that because I have created this boundary of how big it can get, it gets polished rather than continually sprawling (which is what would happen otherwise). The revelatory state of conscious is incredibly verbose. Ideas just flow from your focus. So I set this limit and then its like coloring it in—improving it and polishing it. This is a really joyful and rewarding experience.

I am getting such a thrilling experience from writing, but there is a time when that might shift and I will suddenly get that thrilling experience more from doing the speaking again. Everything occurs in cycles. I wrote to begin with, and then I spoke, and now I am writing again—so I understand I will return to the speaking at some point.

When I do broadcasts, I feel the audience. I feel people’s reaction to the things I am saying. I feel if there is something not being understood and sometimes I come back around a concept several times because there is a sense that people aren’t understanding it. What is particularly fascinating is that even when I privately record a message without an audience, I can feel the future audience receiving it. I can still pick up where I need to re-circle around something. I understand how strange that sounds, but when you understand timelessness it makes sense. The first time I channeled publicly, I was invited to speak at an event and I heard the audience ahead of time saying, “Come and say this to us”.

This information was the origin of my book “You Are God. Get Over It!”

So in Gnosis / awakening there is this opening to a cross-time experience that is particularly fascinating. In channeling you open up to the sea of probabilities that surround you and you can begin to sense these emotions across time. The whole relationship with past and future completely changes when you understand that past and future are interactive symbols that we most often use to express our fear. The more you step out of fear—the more you step out of polarizationthe more you step out of the acuteness of linear-time.

Instead of having a pervasive sense of past and future, you come to live more in the now moment. You are more in the present, as opposed to dwelling on the past or being anxious about the future. You come to the realization that the only place you can stand in this flow of eternal, unlimited energy is in the present. And this is what it is ultimately about, it is the meeting of the inner and the outer; it is merging the inner-senses with the outer senses; it is experiencing the inner experience and the outer experience as one.

In awakening the past and future collapse into the now moment.

We are here to meet and unify all that we are. This includes everything from our humanity, from our emotions, from our desires, from our physicality, to all that we put on a pedestal as being our divinity, our light. It is to embrace all of this and meet it inside of ourselves. This is the bridge to whole other levels of experiencethis state of Unified-Diversity—where you embrace both of these territories. This is to meet a whole new level of possibility.

This Earth is like this cosmic juncture and we come here to experience this depth of individuality—to explore it and evolve our understanding of it. There really is no end to the understanding that can be had. There is no end to the questioning that can be had. There is no end to this process.

There is nothing to fear in eternity because we are always in a state of becoming.

So it is not that I am saying that everyone should learn to channel because everyone is unique, everyone has their own path, so this is not appropriate for everyone. But, at the same time, I want to extend the idea of it, the invitation of it.

What I teach is about opening yourself to a wider experience of consciousness. What I do is an overt form of it, but I believe everyone has some version of it that they can easily experience. However you flow energy, whatever you creative outlet is, whatever your favored form of expression is, that is where you will discover your most powerful connection to your spirit.

However it is that you most enjoy expressing yourself, I encourage you to take it to a deeper level.

open yourself to meet more of yourself. Open yourself to the idea that there is this infinite flow of knowing, of understanding, of creativity, of love, of energy, that you can tap into and express through yourself—that is what this is about. It is not just about tapping into this library of knowledge.

The flow of revelatory energy within you is unpolarized consciousness. It is all knowing. It is that which exists in a timeless state—the timeless state from which we all birthed. It is the immortality from which our mortality birthed. And when you tap into it, it is not about becoming a Gnostic. It is about becoming what you are in your deepest heart.

I have become a Gnostic in tapping into it because that is what I came to be. And when you tap into it, it will lead you to become what you are. No matter what it is that you are going to be, you will benefit from opening your intuition and your belief in what your imagination can do. Open your inner-sensesnot so that they take over, but such that you unify them with your outer senses.

awakening is the bringing together of All-That-You-Are.

Whatever it is that you are doing in life, use your ability to stand in this flow, in this allowance, and step out of the illusion of your fear. I want to encourage everyone to see the possibility of experiencing more through their consciousness. Opening your consciousness is an avenue to more—to more creativity, more life, more energy, more happiness, more value, more ideas, more creation. It is all within you and you access it through the opening of your heart.

And then, if you will work at transforming your limited, fear-based beliefs, if you will challenge your own skepticism and doubts, if you will use these ideas as a mirror to open yourself to wider possibilities, you will open a door in yourself to a new experience of how flowing reality can be.

The message I felt all my life is—BE yourself.

“Be yourself is the core of what the infinite consciousness / the one self / God has said to me all my life and it what I say to you. Be yourself. And that means following your heart, and understanding that fear and separation are an illusion. In seeking to remove fear from your perception you will unpolarize your view of the world, and in that you will meet more of yourself, more of your potential.

You do this through the allowance of love for all.

And that is the beauty, to come to love your individuated self is the same as coming to love all—because you will come to understand that everything is a reflection. The inner and the outer, the selfless and the selfish, self and other, thought and feeling, it all becomes one. And that is the meeting of the heart, and that is love for all, which includes your individuated self and the ocean that we birthed from.

awakening is to love all equally—the ocean and the raindrop.

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